‘We are paying by our taxes for NHS dentistry’ – More places must be available

MORE should be done to provide dentist places to residents after a woman has been invited to join Lancaster.

Eleanor Fisher has been trying to find a new dentist for six months in the Ulverston area, being informed by a number of practices that they “are not accepting new patients”.

The 77-year-old said she could try some practices in Lancaster but at 77 she doesn’t want to travel an hour to get treatment each time.

Caroline Shaw said: “We moved to Ulverston a year and a half ago. We weren’t able to do any screening at all for our family of 6! No one is taking anyone on board so no appointments for us. Absolute joke. ”

Brian Phillips Kt said: “It’s the same at Barrow, I have been waiting for over 12 months and have started losing teeth now.”

Moyra Lindsay said: “I was offered Blackpool; they said it was the closest.”

Lara999 said: “We pay our taxes for NHS dentistry, but it’s not available to many. Not good enough.”

Duncan Mills said: “I’m willing to trade in my dentist appointment for a tank of diesel, apply inside.”

Helena Handcart said: “I tried to find a dentist earlier this year after recently returning to the area and ended up calling the emergency dentist number. were no longer doing emergency treatment and had no chance at all of finding a dentist in Cumbria, Lancashire or Yorkshire. When I asked what they suggested I do I was told “Go private”.

“Fortunately, my former dentist in Scotland agreed to keep me there. All I have to do now is spend a fortune on gasoline to get to Glasgow and back and a hotel for the night. parking lot etc, it should only cost me around £ 250. ”

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