Troubleshooting Tool: Should Employees Get Paid During Dentist’s Time Off?

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QUESTION: The dentist I work for owns his practice. The office has four clinical staff and an office manager. The dentist leaves town every year for continuing education, which means our practice is closed and we are not working. Is he legally supposed to pay us during the week he is away, or would it be at our discretion to use the vacation?

REBECCA BOARTFIELD RESPONSE, HR expert at Bent Ericsen & Associates:
Your employer is not required by law to pay non-exempt employees when they are not working. This includes office closures. There are potential exceptions for exempt employees, but most dental office employees are not exempt. Office managers can be exempt, as can other managerial positions, including associate dentists. Not all hygienists, dental assistants, treatment coordinators, front desk workers and so on will be exempt.

When the employer closes the practice for these types of events, the leave is unpaid, unless employees can use other benefits such as vacation or paid time off. The employee could also claim unemployment benefits, especially for full week absences caused by office closures.

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