The dental office issues a response to a law firm’s complaints

A dental office in WARRINGTON has responded to claims from a law firm after a Lymm woman received compensation.

Dr Ian Sproat, senior dentist and general practitioner at Museum Street Dental Practice, says he did not personally own the practice when the majority of the treatment took place.

And he praised his team of staff for their dedication to providing urgent dental care in extremely difficult circumstances during Covid lockdowns.

He said: ‘Museum Street Dental Practice is a fantastic NHS practice that has served the community for many years, including throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“While many other practices were closed, Museum Street Dental Practice remained open, seeing patients not registered for urgent and emergency dental care as an emergency dental center.

“While I am limited in what I can say about the case due to patient confidentiality, I do not accept the accuracy of the facts described by the Dental Law Partnership.

“The allegations caused considerable upheaval within the practice team, who worked beyond to do their best for patients – including under very difficult circumstances throughout the pandemic.

Museum Street Dental Surgery (Image: Google Maps)

“There are several repeated misleading comments in the article. Claimant’s representatives failed to mention that the practice has only been mine since 2018, after all treatments have taken place.

“I was 18 in 1998 when the Applicant’s treatment began and was clearly not practicing a dentist at the time.

“I never owned the practice between 1998 and 2017, when the treatment took place.

“Finally, the claim was resolved through the legal representatives of the current and former owners of Museum Street Dental Practice.

“The offer was made by the owners because the Dental Law Partnership refused to accept numerous offers to settle from representatives of the dentists who treated the patient, many of whom no longer work at the office.

“Because the plaintiff’s representatives have repeatedly refused these offers to settle, the practice has had no choice but to settle on behalf of the current and former owners, in order to bring the matter to a close quickly. The firm and the firm owners accept no liability.

“We are disappointed that the allegations of the plaintiff’s representatives were repeated in the article without giving Museum Street Dental Practice any right of reply, but our goal remains to continue to serve the community and provide essential dental services at some time. where such services are needed. more than ever.”

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