Tend, a luxury dental practice, arrives in Ballston later this year

Tender, a business that says it considers going to the dentist as a spa-like experience, will open in Ballston later this year.

Located at 4201 Wilson Blvd, in the Ballston Exchange complex across from the Ballston Quarter shopping center, the new location is targeting an opening in the fall of 2021, a company representative told ARLnow.

Tend is a rapidly growing, New York-based luxury dental practice startup. He complaints to be the first dentist people look forward to. Appointments are made via an application, offices are Instagramable, and patients can watch Netflix with Bose headphones while having their teeth cleaned.

The company recently raised $ 125 million for its future expansion in New York City as well as the opening of several sites in Boston and the DC area.

Four DC locations are listed on the Tend website as Coming soon, but Ballston’s office is not yet listed, nor any other location in Virginia.

“We are delighted to launch our ARL expansion in Ballston and are in active negotiations for additional locations in NoVA,” wrote co-founder Andy Glover in an email to ARLnow.

Glover says the reason Tend is expanding into the DC area is that there are similarities to the New York market, where the company has already been successful.

“We know how successful our offering has been in New York City and we see a lot of parallels with DC – an urban, educated, sophisticated population that is not served by a patient-centered dental care ecosystem,” writes Glover. “Due to the travel habits of DC residents and the growing population of DC, we knew that the [Rosslyn-Ballston] Corridor was a natural fit. Ballston Exchange has attracted top restaurants and services to serve residents and workers nearby and we are proud to be a part of it!

The company is currently hiring for on-site jobs at the Ballston location, including dental staff (dentists, hygienists and assistants), studio managers and associates for the “Welcome Bar”.

Ballston has seen a plethora of announcements and buzzing business openings in recent weeks. WHINO, a combination of an “experiential” restaurant and an art gallery, opens its doors on Friday June 18th. Grilled Chicken Restaurant Farmbird begins serving customers this week, Salt Line is aiming for a summer opening, and Plant Store REWILD is considering opening in July, among others.

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