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If you are concerned about contracting or spreading COVID-19, be sure to ask your health care providers if they and their staff are vaccinated. This includes doctors, dentists, home care providers, etc.

I recently learned that my family dentist was not vaccinated. This information was not voluntary when I went for exams or procedures. I only learned about it from another patient who asked me if the hygienist was vaccinated. The hygienist said they were not vaccinated.

I called and had a personal discussion with my dentist, who informed me that he was not vaccinated and would not provide details on the immunization status of assistants or office administrative staff. due to privacy and HIPAA requirements. I have since moved to another dental office that freely offered to have all employees vaccinated.

I felt betrayed in that I think the provider should have felt obligated to provide this information so that I consider it before any close contact work as a standard of professional and ethical health care. The Hippocratic Oath taken by dentists promises not to intentionally harm patients. The oath also describes the importance of sympathy and understanding throughout a patient’s care. The Hippocratic dental oath also reminds the dentist that prevention is better than a cure from a disease.

I urge you and others to interview your health care providers to make sure they are fulfilling their obligations and are not putting you at unnecessary risk of contracting COVID-19.

– Scott Schliebe


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