Sydney dental office operator penalized

The Fair Work Ombudsman has won a court-ordered sanction against a dental practice in Campbelltown, Sydney.

The Federal Circuit Court fined Available Dental Care Pty Ltd $ 6,000 and Company Director Dr. Seyed Shahabeddin Lajevardi, also known as Shaun Lajevardi, $ 1,400.

The penalties were imposed in response to Dr Lajevardi’s violation of fair labor law by failing to comply with a notice of compliance requiring him to calculate and pay back the duties owed to three workers.

The affected workers were two dental assistants and a 19-year-old receptionist, all part-time employees.

Fair Labor Ombudsman Sandra Parker said business operators who fail to follow compliance notices face legal penalties, in addition to having to pay underpaid staff.

“We do everything we can to ensure voluntary compliance with notices of compliance, but when they are not followed up, we are ready to take legal action to ensure that workers receive all of their legal rights,” said Ms. Parker.

“All employees with concerns about their salary or rights should contact us for free advice and support.”

Fair labor inspectors verified dental care available in 2018 during workplace audits of randomly selected businesses in the Campbelltown area.

A fair labor inspector issued a notice of compliance to Dr Lajevardi in August 2019 after becoming convinced that Dr Lajevardi had not paid workers their correct rights from September to October 2018.

The inspector believed the employees were underpaid minimum wage and Saturday penalty rates under the 2010 Healthcare Professional and Support Services Award.

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