Stop the indigent program from being abused, warns Solon DOH

A member of Congress from Manila told health department officials to avoid abuse of the Metro Manila Indigent Patient Program. Manila Representative Manuel Luis Lopez, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Metro Manila Development, made the statement as his panel called a hearing to get an update from the Department of Health -Health Development Center of Metro Manila on the 17 billion Indigent Patient Assistance Program for Metro Manila. Lopez said: “It is crucial and important that we make sure this program is free from abuse. Safeguards must be put in place to ensure the integrity of the program. During the congressional hearing, Lopez said the program had been expanded to include needy patients hospitalized in private medical hospitals in Metro Manila, even as he congratulated the DoH on its implementation. effective program delivery. DOH-MMCHD Regional Director Gloria 1 and Deputy Regional Director Maria Paz Corrales attended the meeting. Lopez said many of his voters in Tondo had access to azMAIP. “I have witnessed the great help this program has provided to the needy in Tondo (Manila),” Lopez said, adding, “especially now that this program is being made available to private hospitals in some cases. “With Congress dramatically increasing the program’s allocation from 10.5 billion pesos in 2020 to 17 billion pesos by 2021, MAIP is doing a lot of good for a population reeling from unemployment, rising prices and the effects of the pandemic, ”Lopez added. He stressed: “It is important that this program is also available for private hospitals.” He added: “There are times when it is necessary for very complex cases which require specialist doctors and equipment available only in certain private hospitals and in cases for example of road accidents where stabilization of the patient is a critical time … it becomes imperative that you go to the nearest hospital. Balboa, meanwhile, said the MAIP program provides support for drugs, medical and / or orthopedic devices, dental services (except those that are for cosmetic purposes and not medically indicated) or d ” other medical needs prescribed by a physician in an outpatient and outpatient health facility, in addition to the packages / case rates covered by Philippine Health Insurance, Corp. or other sources of funding subject to availability of funds.

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