Road rage: a biker hits a dentist in Jivraj Park | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: A 27-year-old dentist from Ghodasar filed a complaint with Vasna police on Friday alleging he was assaulted by a motorcyclist at Jivraj Park Crossroads. Saket Rajput, a resident of Radhika Bungalows, said in his FIR that the incident happened on Thursday evening while returning from a dental hospital in the Satellite area.
Rajput said he stopped at the Shyamal Crossroads traffic light. “Next to my vehicle was a motorcyclist who was also waiting for the green signal,” Rajput said. “When the lights turned green, the rider passed me on the left and his motorcycle brushed past my car. His motorcycle suffered a small damage. Rajput alleged that the man suddenly stopped his motorcycle in front of his car, forcing Rajput to stop his vehicle.
“When he approached me, I rolled down my car window and asked him what had happened,” Rajput said. “He was so angry that he started to mistreat me and hit me in the face, leaving me bleeding profusely.” The man then sped off.
Rajput called his friend who took him to a hospital in Memnagar. Rajput filed a complaint on Friday for injury, use of abusive language and criminal intimidation. The perpetrator has not yet been identified.


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