No money to pay dentist’s fees, so the woman herself uprooted her 11 teeth

New Delhi: In case of toothache (dental problems), people usually go to the dentist. But when a 42-year-old woman had a dental problem, she did something that stunned everyone. The woman pulled out her 11 teeth on her own, instead of going to the dentist. The case comes from London, UK, where a woman named Danielle Watts pulled 11 of her teeth out because she didn’t have the money to pay the private dentist’s fees.

According to local reports, the woman said she had visited a public hospital in her area, but there was no dentist and had no money to pay the fees. from the private doctor. That’s why she pulled out 11 of her teeth one by one. Danielle Watts has pulled 11 of her teeth in the past three years. She said it was not possible for her to pay the fees of a private doctor. In such a situation, she was forced to pull out her bad teeth. Danielle said: ‘I forgot to smile, I lost my confidence. I have to take medicine (painkillers) every day because of toothache.

The woman said it was a very painful process, but I had no other choice. According to Danielle, her teeth were having problems, some teeth were shaking too. She went to the government health center near the house. But that had stopped 6 years ago. There was no tooth doctor around. Everyone suggested a private doctor, but I couldn’t afford it, so I decided to pull my teeth out on my own.

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