Local dentist couple strike deal with Charlotte Hornets

Drew and Joya Lyons may add “getting an NBA team partnership deal” to their list of goals they achieve in 2021. Their Charlotte-based company, Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry, has signed on as new. dental partner of the Charlotte Hornets, the team announced Friday.

The seven-year-old practice is one of the few small local businesses to strike a partnership deal with the Hornets, a team spokesperson confirmed. And currently, the only one owned by blacks.

“The vast majority of our partners are Coke, Lowe’s, Novant, large companies,” said Josh Rosen, senior director of corporate communications, at QCity Metro. “It’s pretty interesting, honestly, to have a deal like this because it’s not something that we necessarily do a ton.”

Although neither party commented on the numbers, Rosen said it was a multi-year partnership. As part of the deal, Smile Savvy will feature a series of digital content, the “Smile Savvy Smile Watch,” featuring candid photos of Hornets players, coaches, fans and staff. The dental office will also be the presenting partner of the “Smile Cam” in select home games, and its brand will be included in anniversary announcements displayed on the scoreboard during every Hornets home game.

Additionally, Smile Savvy and the Hornets will team up for a raffle with two winners receiving a date package that includes premium tickets, food and drink, and a behind-the-scenes pre-game experience.

“As we celebrate Black Business Month in August, we are proud to enter into this partnership with Drs. Drew and Joya Lyons and their Charlotte-based black company, Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry, ”Hornets president and vice-president Fred Whitfield said in a statement. “We look forward to integrating them into our Hornets family and teaming up with them to share healthy smiles. “

The couple opened their family dental practice in 2014 and started a charity arm, The Lyons Share, in 2019. Each year, they provide smiley makeovers to at least four people in an underserved community.

“As one of the few black-owned businesses to partner with the Hornets, we’re just happy to break down barriers while continuing to give back,” Joya said.

During the pandemic, they changed their names and moved on to cosmetic dentistry – offering smile makeovers and facets for adults. Smile Savvy is Charlotte’s only black-owned cosmetic dentistry practice.

Drew says the pandemic has helped people realize the value of a healthy smile as many prepare for job interviews and seek other opportunities. He explained that they are working to change the perception that cosmetic dentistry is only for the wealthy.

“Being more cosmetic, I know that sometimes it seems pointless. But what we have noticed is that just being able to build your dignity helps a lot in putting together the best version of your own life, ”he said. “Most people think [cosmetic dentistry] is not achievable, but we make it possible for ordinary people.

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