JULY 17: Last day in ArkLaMiss to obtain free medical, ophthalmic and dental services from the US military | KTVE

LAKE VILLAGE, Ark. (KTVE / KARD) 7/16/21 – Residents of ArkLaMiss have their basic needs met with help from the US military.

Various branches serve the medical, dental and visual needs of those living in the tri-state area. It’s all part of training for these soldiers.

Services provided during this innovative readiness training mission include basic medical and wellness exams, eye exams and single-lens glasses, as well as dental exams and extractions.

“By training we are living real clinical life and it helps us with our skills and it keeps us sharp,” said Captain Benjamin Smith.

Over the past week, nearly 3,000 people in Lake Village, AR; Lac Fournir, LA; and Greenville, MS received services at no cost to them.

Talmadge Davis, who led Eudora, says their service fills an urgent need for those who need it most.

“We’re in a community where money isn’t plentiful, so everyone helping someone is really good for them,” Davis said.

July 17th is the last day to catch them in a city near you.

Lake Village, AR – Lakeside High School; 556 US-82 West

Lake Providence, LA – General Trass High School; 700 Martin Luther King Jr.

Greenville, MS – Greenbrier High School; 419 Robertshaw Street East

Watch the news at 9 p.m. on FOX14 and 10 p.m. on NBC10 on July 16.

Delta Wellness Mission announces free medical services in Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi

VILLAGE DU LAC, Ar. (KTVE / KARD) 06/30/21 – In a press release from Hamburg City Hall, Lake Village has been selected to participate in the Delta Wellness Mission 2021, a free medical clinic.

Delta Wellness Mission is a free medical clinic that provides basic vision, dental and medical services to military personnel.

In addition to Lake Village, clinics will also be set up in Lake Providence, LA, and Greenville, Mississippi.

The clinics will run from July 9 to 17. For more information visit the Delta Regional Authority website.

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