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Sbenati Dentistry (dentist london ontario) announces the continued availability of Invisalign for open mouths. You can find more information on the Invisalign price, Invisalign cost, Invisalign London Ontario and more at

Sbenati Dentistry announced today that customers wishing to purchase their next orthodontic treatment can now purchase their own Invisalign from Sbenati Dentistry.

Everyone within the company was excited when the product was launched, especially since members of Sbenati Dentistry believe that “Invisalign was once seen as an orthodontic solution for mild problems, this version proves that” Invisalign has grown exponentially since its inception.

Dr Halim Sbenati, Owner, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Sbenati Dentistry, when asked about Invisalign said:

“We think it’s amazing that Invisalign has so far been able to correct more complex tooth alignment problems like open bite. Seeing the smile on patients’ faces without having to put metal in their mouths for braces is truly rewarding.

Consumers active in the dentistry market will be interested to know that this version has been developed with those who have or are interested in learning more about excessive biting. These are quite rare dental formations and have a few causes and symptoms.

Causes of an open bite: This has been included to inform patients and prospects of actions that could lead to a open bite. These actions include thumb / pacifier sucking, tongue pushing, and skeletal issues. It is important for patients to understand what causes a open mouth, in order to avoid these actions. It is also very important for parents because they know what to look out for from the start. Thumb sucking strains the alignment of the front teeth, causing them to advance abnormally. Tongue pushing occurs when the tongue is pressed firmly against or through the front teeth. These two problems are more important in children. The final cause is skeletal, which means that the open bite may be entirely genetic.

Benefits of Correction: This has been included for patients so that they can see the positive aspects of correcting an open bite. There are some impressive health and speech benefits. Consumers should be happy with this because this knowledge enables patients and prospects to understand the full value of overbite repair. These positive benefits can affect many other aspects of patients’ lives, but below are the main solutions.

Better speech, better nutrition, and less wear and tear on the teeth – Many people with a gaping bite have a lisp. Correcting this problem with orthodontic treatments like Invisalign will often make the speech disorder go away. Better feeding occurs because the bite is more aligned with its intended positions, resulting in more efficient chewing. Being able to properly break down food also has internal health benefits (like digestion). Finally, tooth wear decreases due to the correction of misaligned teeth. It equalizes the pressure on the teeth and decreases the possibility of cracks, chips and other structural damage. All of these benefits improve the quality of life for patients. The first improves their presentability and professionalism, the second improves digestive health and the third increases the longevity of teeth.

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Name: Dr Halim Sbenati
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Organization: Sbenati Dentistry
Address: 1195 Hyde Park Road Unit 1, London, ON N6H 5K6, Canada
Phone: + 1-519-474-0220

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