How FAITH helped Denton Smiles Dentistry overcome the pandemic

Since March 2020, the pandemic has had a profound impact on all spheres of the economy. These changes do not appear to be temporary either. Some companies have adopted the “work from home” routine. Other institutions have exercised the right to require vaccinations or face masks, causing a stir around the world for job security.

Not surprisingly, small businesses were hit hard by the initial lockdowns. Some survived, others prospered, but many closed their doors for good. Most dental offices are also small businesses. And, likewise, most dental offices have been significantly disrupted by the pandemic.

How has the pandemic disrupted the dental industry?

When the pandemic hit, many states enacted bans on elective dental procedures.

Dental offices had no choice but to temporarily close their doors. However, many have voluntarily closed their doors; this meant the safety of their staff, minimizing overhead costs and recalibrating PPE (personal protective equipment) measures.

According to a survey conducted by FAIR health, the use of dental services fell by 75% in March 2020. In April 2020, it fell to 79%. In May 2020, when many states lifted bans, dental service usage fell another 27%. Things finally got better for the dental industry.

But, like so many small businesses, the vast majority of firms have experienced significant financial setbacks. While some have closed their doors for good, most have had to cut corners or cut costs significantly.

The history of Denton Smiles dentistry

Getting out of bed everyday to deal with this unpredictable virus was intimidating for everyone in the workplace. But for a dental professional, it wasn’t just intimidating; the work presented greater challenges: they could not work from home. Worse yet, operating on the teeth meant their patients couldn’t wear masks.

Team members in dental offices around the world were losing their spirits. When the pandemic struck, the staff at Denton Smiles Dentistry found themselves drawn into chaos and began to fall into disarray.

Dr Glenn Vo and Dr Susan Tran, the owners of Denton Smiles Dentistry, were stuck in the same boat as most practice owners. Underperforming KPI has become a pressing nuisance. Profit margins have proven to be unpredictable. Acceptance of cases became almost nil – naturally, patients only came for treatment when there was an urgent need for care.

But such measures were generally the link that held a dental office together. Without an enthusiastic team and constant flow or income, a dental practice was almost done.

To survive, Denton Smiles Dentistry needed something else. As local dental offices grew increasingly restless with their staggering numbers, Denton Smiles Dentistry found a way to keep smiling.

Believe it or not, their solution was something as simple as FAITH


F – We treat our staff and patients as Family.

A – We provide AAwesome dental experiences

I – We Iinspire each other to provide the best care

T – We are using Teamwork to achieve excellence

H – We are HAppy so that we can provide positive experiences

Thanks to FAITH, Denton Smiles Dentistry has stayed afloat.

This simple acrostic gave them a reliable system that wasn’t just contingent on profit margins during a turbulent time. A person-to-person accent kept them above the odds.

Every Denton Smiles Dentistry employee came with a smile on their face. They provided exceptional customer service. They knew they weren’t just providing treatment, they were improving lives.

FOI’s simple core values ​​helped them through the pandemic. And these values ​​did not apply only to their patients, but kept a whole team employed and supported.

Because FAITH’s first letter is “F” which means they were family too.

How can FAITH impact your life?

Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, the history of Denton Smiles Dentistry may be different from the history of the company in which you work.

Denton Smiles Dentistry is led by Dr Glenn Vo and Dr Susan Tran, who combine faith in their religion with the FAITH principle of their business. But that doesn’t mean the principles of FAITH can’t help you thrive.

FAITH does not require godliness — it is not about believing in the same God: it is about believing in the same processes, systems, actions, and habits.

Treat your staff like family and treat your customers as well. Understand that you are improving and saving lives every day that you engage with your customers. Thanks to FAITH, the sky is the limit.

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