Goan dentists protest at Nadda ceremony

Panaji: In an “embarrassment” for the ruling BJP in Goa, private dentists in the state staged a protest wearing black armbands on Wednesday evening at a meeting chaired by party chairman JP Nadda about a recent increase in biomedical waste treatment costs.

Speaking to reporters after staging the protest at the event at a city hotel, Dr Anil D’Silva, a member of the Indian Dental Association of Goa, said the recent hike was “unwarranted” and that the demonstration aimed to bring him to the opinion of the government.

“An injustice has been done to our fellowship with respect to the rising costs of processing biomedical waste and many other issues. Dentists have been illogically put into a category, which considers that we produce much more biomedical waste than we actually do, ”he said.

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D’Silva said that previously dentists were treated on an equal footing with general practitioners when it comes to the collection of biomedical waste.

“The new service provider, Biotech waste from Delhi (recently) won the contract and we were randomly assigned a higher category. The change of category resulted in a sharp increase in our applicable fees, causing us to pay the equivalent of a 10-bed hospital, ”he said.

“The average cost of collecting biomedical waste in other states is 600 rupees per month. Goa costs Rs 1,800 plus tax, ”he added.

The dentists’ sudden protest came at a time when Chief Minister Pramod Sawant as well as senior BJP officials and government ministers including Health Minister Vishwajit Rane were present at the function, during which Nadda had to interact with medical professionals in the state.

Reacting to the protest, the office of the chief minister in a statement released Wednesday evening said: “Regarding today’s incident during the interaction of doctors at the Fidalgo hotel, the CM assured to positively resolve the issues raised by the injured, unfortunately for unknown reasons the protest began after the assurance was given ”.

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