Floss Dental Owner Dr Michael Tran Shares His Journey to Becoming Houston’s Best Dentist

Being one of the best dentists in a massive city like Houston, Texas might seem like an exaggeration, but Dr. Michael Tran has proven otherwise. As the owner of Floss Dental and one of the top sellers of 1% Invisalign, Dr. Tran has built a reputation in the industry for providing an unmatched level of service to patients. Through the Floss network of dental practices that he and his team have established, they can provide their broad spectrum of patients with the most innovative and individualized experience, whatever their individual needs.

With a family that remains united across the generations, even to this day, Dr. Tran has been able to create the fastest growing brand in Houston, founded on great principles that set the company apart. in this highly competitive market. However, behind his success in the industry lies an arduous journey that has brought him to where he is today.


The Unique Success Story of Dr Michael Tran

At first glance, it’s easy to see just how much the best dentist in Houston is Dr. Michael Tran. However, unbeknownst to many people, Dr. Tran did not achieve triumph without facing many different struggles and trials in life.

Dr. Tran’s family immigrated to the United States from Vietnam to escape the never-ending war in their country. On the way, they were forced to live in a refugee camp in Chon Buri, a town in eastern Thailand, before eventually fleeing to the United States.

Born in a refugee camp, Dr Tran experienced poverty firsthand and learned to deal with life’s challenges. He experienced many challenges as he worked through the daily ups and downs of being under one roof with several generations of family. He persevered and pursued a career that would put him in a position to help others.

From a student to an industry leader in Houston

Dr Tran always wanted to be in the medical field. This provided a perfect avenue to achieve his goal of reaching people. However, once he realized he had a better chance of building his own dental practice, he refocused his vision and learned as much as possible about the dental field.

As a dental school student, Dr Tran took a meticulous and detailed approach to everything, earning him recognition as a promising learner with a flourishing future. He received numerous awards, including a Critical Thinking Award for his class during his graduate studies in General Dentistry (AEGD). He also took on a variety of leadership roles and learned the practice of dentistry like the back of his hand.

Dr. Tran quickly went from repairing an old office to establishing the fastest growing dental brand in Houston. He specializes in veneers and offers invisible braces for those looking to achieve a naturally white, perfect smile.

Floss Dental is focused on providing a new experience in dentistry. The company is dedicated to providing unmatched quality service to Texas and beyond. Anyone interested in learning more about the range of dental care solutions they offer can simply visit the Floss Dental website.

Photograph by: Mike Tran

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