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Superior Outfitters’ business growth prompts a move to a larger building in Longview next month.

The full-service gun and outdoor store opened in Tyler about six years ago before opening in Longview two years ago. It’s currently on Fourth Street.

“We just got too big for our current location,” said David Cravey, a Longview resident who co-owns the business with Austin Rohr.

Renovations are underway in the new building at 1310 W. Loop 281, where an ABC Auto Parts previously housed. A grand opening is scheduled for October 29 and 30.

Cravey said the new location will provide a larger showroom, allowing the store to expand the products it offers.

Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Saturday and 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Office relocation

Special Health Resources has moved its administrative offices from Seventh Street to a new location at the 2020 Bill Owens Parkway in Longview.

The organization celebrated the move on Friday with a ribbon cutting from the Longview Chamber of Commerce and a tour of the new office. Marketing and communications director Jennifer George said the growth of the organization had spurred the movement.

Administrative offices were previously located in the same building as the organization’s Women’s and Children’s Health Center, which houses obstetrics / gynecology, primary care for women and pediatric care.

“But we’ve grown. We’ve been at Longview for 30 years and we just keep growing,” said George. The health center needs more patient examination rooms, and the administrative offices also need more space.

Now that the administrative offices have moved, Special Health Resources is renovating half of the Women’s and Children’s Health Center where the administrative offices were located.

“One of the first things we did was create a waiting room for pregnant moms,” said George. People coming to the clinic for sickness visits wait outside in their cars, but a separate waiting room for pregnant women provides additional protection.

“Our mission is to make health care accessible, and we believe that means making health care accessible to all,” said George.

Special Health Resources accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and offers a sliding scale of fees for uninsured people based on their household size and income. Spanish-speaking providers are also available, and Special Health Resources offers free outpatient drug treatment for adolescents and adults, as well as behavioral and dental health services.

New CEFCO site

Temple-based CEFCO convenience stores have opened a new location in Kilgore at 1009 N. Kilgore St.

A connected location of Huddle House, a national restaurant chain that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, is expected to open later this month.

The 24-hour store offers hot and cold options including burritos, tacos and bowls made to order by CEFCO Kitchen, as well as hand-breaded fried chicken, pizzas, breakfast sandwiches and other CEFCO Kitchen food products.

The gas station offers seven gas stations with non-ethanol fuel and diesel available.

Anniversary of the spa treatment

Domanique Ingram celebrated the first anniversary of her rejuvenating massage and beauty spa with a ribbon cut with the Longview Chamber of Commerce earlier this month.

The spa at 501 N. Spur 63, Suite C-1, offers massages, including deep tissue and asiatsu; liposuction; body cavitation (a treatment for fat cells); and ear candles. Schedules are by appointment by calling (903) 746-6019.

Changes in the family dollar

The Family Dollar store at 308 W. Main in Hallsville marked its grand reopening Thursday. The renovated 8,000 square foot store offers a larger assortment of merchandise, including frozen and refrigerated foods and $ 1 items.

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Private hospitals take advantage of NHS waiting lists as people without insurance pay | Private medical care https://drmikehinze.com/private-hospitals-take-advantage-of-nhs-waiting-lists-as-people-without-insurance-pay-private-medical-care/ https://drmikehinze.com/private-hospitals-take-advantage-of-nhs-waiting-lists-as-people-without-insurance-pay-private-medical-care/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 06:50:00 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/private-hospitals-take-advantage-of-nhs-waiting-lists-as-people-without-insurance-pay-private-medical-care/

When Fabien had to have a decayed tooth removed in May, his dentist told him he would have to wait up to three years for it to be done on the NHS. Incredulous, the 27-year-old from Edinburgh called 50 dental offices, but was unsuccessful. He had no choice but to go private. Having lost his job during the pandemic, he was on universal credit and had to borrow the £ 600 from his family.

Fabien is one of the growing number of people without health insurance who pay for their medical care out of pocket. Waiting lists at NHS hospitals in England have reached record highs, reaching 5.6 million this summer, as doctors struggle to clear a growing backlog caused by Covid-19. People with modest incomes, and even those seeking benefits, turn to private providers for knee or hip replacements, cataract removal or even expensive cancer treatment.

This week, a survey of 4,000 adults commissioned by the charity Engage Britain found more than a fifth had become deprived because they could not get the treatment they needed. While support for the NHS remains high, a quarter said that waiting for treatment for themselves or a loved one has had a serious impact on their mental health.

About 13% of the UK population has some sort of health insurance, mainly through their employers. Others face a difficult choice: wait months, if not years, for much-needed treatment, or save money to skip the line.

“The pandemic will have a lasting impact on the self-payment market,” said Vernon Baxter, managing director of HealthInvestor UK magazine. “With the NHS under pressure for the foreseeable future, the concept of paying out of pocket to speed up treatment will be increasingly common – for those who can afford it. “

Health data company LaingBuisson has valued the annual self-pay market worth at £ 1.1bn, including cosmetic surgery, and says it grew 7.1% between 2010 and 2019. That year, private hospital groups drew just over 20% of their income from patients who pay themselves. With private hospitals closed to non-NHS patients during the pandemic, statistics were not collected last year, but all indications are that they will have increased significantly.

Medical students chat with each other and their manager after a shift in the wards of a hospital in Speyer. Photograph: sturti / Getty Images

Last week, Spire Healthcare revealed a 47% increase in semi-annual self-paying patient revenue to a record £ 130million, which took overall revenue to nearly 40% from prior levels. the pandemic at £ 558million.

The UK’s second-largest private hospital group, with 39 hospitals and eight clinics, Spire says the majority of paying patients are aged 35 or over and most have a combined family income of over £ 50,000 . As CEO Justin Ash says, “They’re by no means the wealthiest. David Hare, CEO of Independent Healthcare Providers Network, the industry body, says many people have accumulated savings over the past 18 months. , not having been able to travel or dine outside, and “some people want to spend this money to regain full mobility” by having knee or hip surgery. “People also pay for cancer treatments,” he says.

A similar picture emerges among Speyer rivals. The UK branch of HCA Healthcare, listed in the US, which dominates the London market, saw a 25% increase in self-paid hip and knee replacements and other orthopedic procedures, a 20% increase in cardiothoracic operations such as aortic valve replacement and repair, and a 30% increase in neuroscience treatments, such as injections in the joints to treat back, head, neck, shoulder, groin or leg pain. People are coming to the HCA’s six London hospitals from further afield than usual, particularly from the south and southwest of England where it has seen 25-35% more paying patients.

Britain’s largest private hospital chain, BMI Healthcare, has refused a request to share numbers for its own hospitals. He is part of the BMI Circle group, which now operates 53 hospitals in the UK, and is owned by Centene Corporation, a listed US healthcare giant.

Documents filed by the company show that at BMI the highest paid director, believed to be Karen Prins, the managing director, received nearly £ 1.6million for the year through March 31 2020. The company did not pay a dividend, but the previous year it paid £ 1.1 billion to its then parent company, GHG.

Baxter says the UK private healthcare sector is “really at a crossroads”. Operators decide to position themselves as an NHS partner or as a competitor.

David Rowland, director of the Center for Health and the Public Interest think tank, said: ‘There is a great risk that unless the government provides adequate funding for the NHS, more and more people will be forced to pay privately, which in turn will undermine the middle-class support for a tax-funded NHS.

“We are unlikely to end up with an American style insurance system. But a two-tier system, where the NHS is a residual service for those who cannot afford to pay is a possibility – at the end of the day, these are political choices. “

Rowland says private operators were already trying to “create a new kind of healthcare consumer” who pays for their own treatment before the pandemic, through television and social media campaigns. They have sought to make self-payment more attractive by offering fixed-price packages and some hospital groups, such as Nuffield Health, offer zero-interest financing. They also embarked on lucrative cancer treatments, which became the main source of income for private hospitals in London in 2019, when the Cleveland Clinic and other American brands entered the UK.

Public support for the NHS remains high after the pandemic. But the government has imposed a hike in national insurance to lower waiting lists. With many now paying twice for care – first through their taxes, then out of their own pockets – this goodwill cannot be taken for granted.

“I don’t know if I’m angry or annoyed,” says Fabien, who is still in debt to his family. “I feel like it’s really unfair to have to pay for treatment.

The cost of typical operations

  • Knee – over £ 9,000

  • Hip – from £ 12,060

  • Cataract – from £ 2,040

  • Hernia – £ 3,077

  • Slipped Disc – £ 6,525

* Prices vary – examples given by Spire Healthcare

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]]> https://drmikehinze.com/private-hospitals-take-advantage-of-nhs-waiting-lists-as-people-without-insurance-pay-private-medical-care/feed/ 0 Invisalign Clear Aligners correcting open bite, Dentist London Ontario https://drmikehinze.com/invisalign-clear-aligners-correcting-open-bite-dentist-london-ontario/ https://drmikehinze.com/invisalign-clear-aligners-correcting-open-bite-dentist-london-ontario/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 04:47:24 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/invisalign-clear-aligners-correcting-open-bite-dentist-london-ontario/

Sbenati Dentistry (dentist london ontario) announces the continued availability of Invisalign for open mouths. You can find more information on the Invisalign price, Invisalign cost, Invisalign London Ontario and more at https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/invisalign-london-ontario/.

Sbenati Dentistry announced today that customers wishing to purchase their next orthodontic treatment can now purchase their own Invisalign from Sbenati Dentistry.

Everyone within the company was excited when the product was launched, especially since members of Sbenati Dentistry believe that “Invisalign was once seen as an orthodontic solution for mild problems, this version proves that” Invisalign has grown exponentially since its inception.

Dr Halim Sbenati, Owner, Doctor of Dental Surgery at Sbenati Dentistry, when asked about Invisalign said:

“We think it’s amazing that Invisalign has so far been able to correct more complex tooth alignment problems like open bite. Seeing the smile on patients’ faces without having to put metal in their mouths for braces is truly rewarding.

Consumers active in the dentistry market will be interested to know that this version has been developed with those who have or are interested in learning more about excessive biting. These are quite rare dental formations and have a few causes and symptoms.

Causes of an open bite: This has been included to inform patients and prospects of actions that could lead to a open bite. These actions include thumb / pacifier sucking, tongue pushing, and skeletal issues. It is important for patients to understand what causes a open mouth, in order to avoid these actions. It is also very important for parents because they know what to look out for from the start. Thumb sucking strains the alignment of the front teeth, causing them to advance abnormally. Tongue pushing occurs when the tongue is pressed firmly against or through the front teeth. These two problems are more important in children. The final cause is skeletal, which means that the open bite may be entirely genetic.

Benefits of Correction: This has been included for patients so that they can see the positive aspects of correcting an open bite. There are some impressive health and speech benefits. Consumers should be happy with this because this knowledge enables patients and prospects to understand the full value of overbite repair. These positive benefits can affect many other aspects of patients’ lives, but below are the main solutions.

Better speech, better nutrition, and less wear and tear on the teeth – Many people with a gaping bite have a lisp. Correcting this problem with orthodontic treatments like Invisalign will often make the speech disorder go away. Better feeding occurs because the bite is more aligned with its intended positions, resulting in more efficient chewing. Being able to properly break down food also has internal health benefits (like digestion). Finally, tooth wear decreases due to the correction of misaligned teeth. It equalizes the pressure on the teeth and decreases the possibility of cracks, chips and other structural damage. All of these benefits improve the quality of life for patients. The first improves their presentability and professionalism, the second improves digestive health and the third increases the longevity of teeth.

Those wishing to learn more about the company can do so on their website at https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/

Those who want to know more about Invisalign in particular can go directly to the list of services, here: https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/invisalign-london-ontario/

Contact information:
Name: Dr Halim Sbenati
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Sbenati Dentistry
Address: 1195 Hyde Park Road Unit 1, London, ON N6H 5K6, Canada
Phone: + 1-519-474-0220
Website: https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/

Version number: 89046021

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Colorado Mission of Mercy ready to provide services to hundreds of patients September 24-25 – Canon City Daily Record https://drmikehinze.com/colorado-mission-of-mercy-ready-to-provide-services-to-hundreds-of-patients-september-24-25-canon-city-daily-record/ https://drmikehinze.com/colorado-mission-of-mercy-ready-to-provide-services-to-hundreds-of-patients-september-24-25-canon-city-daily-record/#respond Sat, 18 Sep 2021 00:56:18 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/colorado-mission-of-mercy-ready-to-provide-services-to-hundreds-of-patients-september-24-25-canon-city-daily-record/

Some people with dental pain can suffer for years if they cannot afford proper care.

Colorado Mission of Mercy is stepping in to help meet these needs, but they go even further. All dental services are provided to anyone with no questions asked.

There is no insurance, income or residency requirement to receive free care at their large dental clinic.

The 14th annual COMOM clinic will provide free dental care to adults and children at Harrison K-8 School, located at 920 Field Ave., on September 24-25.

“It’s a huge thing for the community,” said Dr. Linda Carlson, who is helping raise funds for the event. “There are so many people who really need it. “

The school doors will open at 6 a.m. on both days. People seeking dental treatment should enter the school through the west entrance. All are welcome and are encouraged to arrive early with an allowed overnight wait. Masks are mandatory at the clinic, and all patients and volunteers will be screened for COVID-19 before entering the building.

Event co-chair Dr John Kearney said all attendees will undergo a rapid COVID test unless they have been vaccinated and bring their valid card showing proof.

“There will be plastic between the seats,” Kearney said. “All public health precautions have been taken. “

COMOM’s goal is to treat 500 patients every day on a first come, first served basis. There’s no
appointments and doors will close when the clinic has reached capacity, which can happen early in the day.

The elderly, adults, adolescents, children and infants are encouraged to come. People under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, no childcare service will be available.

In addition, people should bring water, snacks and something to read while waiting.

“COMOM set up their dental clinic in Cañon City in 2015, and the whole region displayed a ‘positive attitude’ anticipating what was needed and how to get things done,” Kearney said. “With individuals, organizations, businesses, and the Cañon City School District embracing the program, COMOM’s Board of Directors was excited to bring its dental clinic back in 2021.”

COMOM is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all. After COVID
screening, patients will meet with a health and dental provider to assess their oral health problems, and then go to a clinic ward for treatment. Patients will be able to receive fillings, extractions, cleanings and more.

People who need dentures or fins should arrive early Friday morning, even before 6 a.m., as the process is long.

More than 1,000 volunteers make the clinic possible, including nearly 200 dentists and 100 dentists

“It’s a program that literally gives people a smile on their face,” Kearney said. “I am so proud of the volunteers who will be coming from across the state to help us.

In Fremont County, many people are in financial danger and need dental care. As an indicator of poverty, students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 have been entitled to free or reduced breakfasts at higher rates than statewide in Colorado for several years.

Oral health affects the health of the whole body. It can compromise a person’s nutrition, communication, self-esteem, and ability to learn in school and find a job. Since 2007, COMOM has transformed the lives of over 17,000 patients and provided $ 15 million in dental care.

Dave and Lynda Lambert of Cañon Signature Mortgage donated $ 1,000 for the event, and they will match donations from local residents up to an additional $ 1,000. Checks can be made payable to The Rotary Foundation of Cañon City and can be deposited at 715 Main St. or call 719-269-2629 for collection.

For more information, visit www.COMOM.org or follow https://www.facebook.com/ColoradoMissionofMercy.

Questions from the public can also be directed to the COMOM hotline at 720-648-0919.

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Chalet Dental Care reveals common dental emergencies in St Paul https://drmikehinze.com/chalet-dental-care-reveals-common-dental-emergencies-in-st-paul/ https://drmikehinze.com/chalet-dental-care-reveals-common-dental-emergencies-in-st-paul/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:21:15 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/chalet-dental-care-reveals-common-dental-emergencies-in-st-paul/

Chalet Dental Care, a dental clinic in St Paul, MN, revealed the top 5 common dental emergencies in St Paul through a new blog post. A dental emergency is any dental problem that requires immediate treatment in order to stop any bleeding, relieve severe pain, or save a tooth. It can also include other serious infections that can be life threatening. When you experience symptoms that appear to be a dental emergency, it is essential to contact and see a dentist as soon as possible. The mentioned blog post can be accessed at https://dentiststpaulmn.com/top-5-common-dental-emergencies-in-st-paul-mn/.

The first common dental emergency encountered is tooth loss or loosening. Naturally, this usually happens when a person experiences a strong impact on the face near the mouth. Those with a loose tooth are advised to try to keep the tooth in its socket by biting and holding it in place while rushing to the dentist. According to the American Association of Endodontists, it is possible for a dentist to reinsert and preserve a pulled tooth if immediate action is taken after the incident. It is important to handle a tooth pulled out at the crown and to rinse it gently without rubbing it. It can then be placed in a cup or glass of milk and then taken to a dentist appointment.

The second common type of dental emergency is toothache. When the toothache is severe, sudden and gradually worsens, it is advisable to contact and see a dentist as soon as possible. The patient can apply a cold compress or ice to the area to relieve pain and discomfort before going to the dentist.

The third common type of dental emergency is a cracked or chipped tooth. This can happen by biting on hard objects or after being involved in an accident. Those who have a tendency to clench or grind their teeth are more likely to have cracks or chips. It is advisable to wash the cracked or chipped tooth with lukewarm water to clean the mouth, then apply a cold compress to the face to minimize swelling. If there are tooth fragments, these can be kept in a cup of milk and brought to a dentist appointment. More information about the procedures offered at Chalet Dental Care can be found on the Services page of their website.

The fourth common type of dental emergency is a tooth abscess. A tooth abscess is a serious and life-threatening condition and is caused by a pocket of pus inside the tooth that has caused an infection. Symptoms of a tooth abscess include: tender lymph nodes in the neck, fever, tooth sensitivity, pimple-like bumps on the gums where there is a dental infection, persistent toothache and swelling of the face. This is a dental emergency because the infection can spread to the jaws, nearby tissues, and other parts of the body. Lukewarm water with salt can be used to rinse the mouth and help extract pus and relieve pain during the trip to the dentist.

The fifth dental emergency is jaw pain or a broken jaw. Those with jaw pain or a broken jaw will need to call their dentist or go to their local hospital emergency room. They can put ice on the face to minimize swelling and also take prescribed pain relievers to reduce pain. It is not recommended to eat solid foods before going to the dentist or hospital emergency room as this will only make the pain worse.

Other dental emergencies to be aware of are: gum disease; caries; mouth sores; injury to the tongue or other soft tissues in the mouth; and lost dental care. In a dental emergency, people will need to call their dentist first, especially if it is during office hours. Those who cannot reach their dentist after hours may rush to their local emergency room or emergency care center for severe pain or mouth injuries.

Those wishing to learn more about the dental services offered at Chalet Dental Care can visit their website, or contact them by phone or email.


For more information on Chalet Dental Care, contact the company here:

Dental Care Chalet
Dr Brent Fredrickson
(651) 964-3519
[email protected]Dental Care Chalet
1651 Dale Street North
Saint-Paul, MN 55117

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The dental office issues a response to a law firm’s complaints https://drmikehinze.com/the-dental-office-issues-a-response-to-a-law-firms-complaints/ https://drmikehinze.com/the-dental-office-issues-a-response-to-a-law-firms-complaints/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:00:00 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/the-dental-office-issues-a-response-to-a-law-firms-complaints/ A dental office in WARRINGTON has responded to claims from a law firm after a Lymm woman received compensation.

Dr Ian Sproat, senior dentist and general practitioner at Museum Street Dental Practice, says he did not personally own the practice when the majority of the treatment took place.

And he praised his team of staff for their dedication to providing urgent dental care in extremely difficult circumstances during Covid lockdowns.

He said: ‘Museum Street Dental Practice is a fantastic NHS practice that has served the community for many years, including throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

“While many other practices were closed, Museum Street Dental Practice remained open, seeing patients not registered for urgent and emergency dental care as an emergency dental center.

“While I am limited in what I can say about the case due to patient confidentiality, I do not accept the accuracy of the facts described by the Dental Law Partnership.

“The allegations caused considerable upheaval within the practice team, who worked beyond to do their best for patients – including under very difficult circumstances throughout the pandemic.

Museum Street Dental Surgery (Image: Google Maps)

“There are several repeated misleading comments in the article. Claimant’s representatives failed to mention that the practice has only been mine since 2018, after all treatments have taken place.

“I was 18 in 1998 when the Applicant’s treatment began and was clearly not practicing a dentist at the time.

“I never owned the practice between 1998 and 2017, when the treatment took place.

“Finally, the claim was resolved through the legal representatives of the current and former owners of Museum Street Dental Practice.

“The offer was made by the owners because the Dental Law Partnership refused to accept numerous offers to settle from representatives of the dentists who treated the patient, many of whom no longer work at the office.

“Because the plaintiff’s representatives have repeatedly refused these offers to settle, the practice has had no choice but to settle on behalf of the current and former owners, in order to bring the matter to a close quickly. The firm and the firm owners accept no liability.

“We are disappointed that the allegations of the plaintiff’s representatives were repeated in the article without giving Museum Street Dental Practice any right of reply, but our goal remains to continue to serve the community and provide essential dental services at some time. where such services are needed. more than ever.”

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Sydney dentist warns of study showing poor oral hygiene during pandemic https://drmikehinze.com/sydney-dentist-warns-of-study-showing-poor-oral-hygiene-during-pandemic/ https://drmikehinze.com/sydney-dentist-warns-of-study-showing-poor-oral-hygiene-during-pandemic/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 17:20:21 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/sydney-dentist-warns-of-study-showing-poor-oral-hygiene-during-pandemic/

Sydney, Australia: NSW is currently grappling with a long lockdown that requires people to wear masks in public spaces, in order to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Sydney dentist Dr Alfred Tsang of Wahroonga Dental says wearing a mask is important, but can create problems for people who don’t take care of their teeth and gums.

In recent months, he has seen more patients with dental caries because they brushed their teeth only once a day, if at all.

“We are particularly concerned about people who neglect their oral hygiene during lockdowns, as prolonged wearing of a mask creates the perfect environment for cavity-forming bacteria to thrive in your mouth,” said Dr Alfred Tsang.

This is because pests love the dry conditions that occur when our mouths produce less saliva, due to a tendency to take shallow breaths and drink less water while wearing a mask.

The terms for this are “hide the mouth” (dryness, bad breath and bleeding gums).

Dentists recommend strategies to protect oral health, but unfortunately brushing frequency decreases during these stressful times when people hide their teeth behind their masks.

Dr. Tsang’s observations on worsening oral habits are supported by a study recently published in the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry.

What the research shows:

Researchers analyzed survey responses from 1,346 participants to see what impact face masks have on oral hygiene habits.

The results revealed that participants worry less about their oral hygiene during the pandemic.

For example, the number of people brushing their teeth only once per day increased by 126% while wearing the mask.

There has also been a 71% increase in the number of people with halitosis and an increase in the number of people with bruxism (teeth grinding – often associated with stress).

Almost all of the participants (98 percent) said they cared about oral hygiene before the pandemic, but that figure fell 117 percent during the pandemic.

This is concerning, given that the masks create the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, if people are not taking care of their teeth.

Dr. Tsang recommends the following to avoid “masking the mouth” when taking care of your oral hygiene. “I recommend that you drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep your mouth moist, remove food particles, and neutralize lingering acid. Brush your teeth at least twice a day (morning and evening) with fluoridated toothpaste, for about two minutes each time. Remember to brush your gums with light pressure. Floss daily or every other day. Buy a tongue scraper and gently scratch your tongue every morning to get rid of lingering bacteria. Otherwise, brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. Eat less sugary foods and drinks, because bad bacteria love sugar just as much as your taste buds. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet treat every now and then, but don’t overdo it. Eat more nourishing foods to strengthen your teeth against cavities. Chew sugarless gum (even while wearing a mask) to stimulate your glands to make more saliva. And be sure to visit your dentist at least once a year for a checkup and a deep cleaning session.

As an essential service, Wahroonga Dental is open during NSW lockdown. They still see patients for urgent problems, including dental pain, discomfort with feeding, and other issues. Their experienced team follows all sanitary guidelines and takes every precaution to protect the health of patients and staff.


For more information on the Wahroonga Family Dental Center, contact the company here:

Wahroonga Family Dental Center
Alfred Tsang
(02) 9489 2928
[email protected]Suite 3, 9a Railway Avenue, Wahroonga, NSW, 2076

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UB dental school to provide free care for WNY vets – UB Now: News and opinions for UB faculty and staff https://drmikehinze.com/ub-dental-school-to-provide-free-care-for-wny-vets-ub-now-news-and-opinions-for-ub-faculty-and-staff/ https://drmikehinze.com/ub-dental-school-to-provide-free-care-for-wny-vets-ub-now-news-and-opinions-for-ub-faculty-and-staff/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:22:43 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/ub-dental-school-to-provide-free-care-for-wny-vets-ub-now-news-and-opinions-for-ub-faculty-and-staff/

The School of Dentistry will host the sixth Dentistry Smiles on Veterans, an annual program that invites local veterans to receive a day of free dental screenings, cleanings, extractions, restorations and denture repairs.

The program – a partnership between UB Dental and the Eighth District Dental Society – will provide free dental care to nearly 200 veterans in western New York State.

The event will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on November 13 at the UB Dental Clinic in Squire Hall, South Campus.

All veterans are welcome. Appointments are limited. To schedule a visit, call 716-829-2780.

“The University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine is proud to help the veterans who have helped our country. It’s a small token of our gratitude for helping the people who stood up for our country when it needed it most, ”said Brendan Dowd, assistant dean of clinical operations at the dental school.

Dentistry Smiles on Veterans aims to provide essential services to veterans who do not have dental insurance or are not eligible for dental treatment through the Veterans Health Administration, a benefit reserved only for those with injuries. dental services.

Throughout the day, more than 200 Buffalo-area dentists and hygienists, as well as UB dental students, faculty and staff will volunteer to provide care ranging from simple cleaning to oral surgery.

Veterans can also receive health exams from students and volunteer faculty from the School of Nursing, hearing exams from the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences, and information on healthy eating from the Department of Communication Sciences. exercise and nutrition.

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Pandemic impact on dental care for Wigan patients revealed https://drmikehinze.com/pandemic-impact-on-dental-care-for-wigan-patients-revealed/ https://drmikehinze.com/pandemic-impact-on-dental-care-for-wigan-patients-revealed/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 09:40:11 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/pandemic-impact-on-dental-care-for-wigan-patients-revealed/

The British Dental Association said the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing problems in NHS dentistry, with millions of appointments lost due to ongoing infection control measures.

NHS Digital data shows 71,000 dental treatments were given to NHS patients in Wigan – a region with more than its share of dental hygiene problems – between June 2020 and March this year: a 74% drop from compared to 271,000 for the same period the previous year.

Of these treatments, 18,200 were delivered to children, down 76% from 77,100 in 2019-2020.

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The British Dental Association said the pandemic has exacerbated long-standing problems in NHS dentistry

Dental offices were ordered to stop all routine dental care from March 25 to June 8 of last year, when they reopened with strict infection control rules due to Covid-19.

This included allowing time after certain procedures and social distancing requirements.

In January, the government told NHS dentists they would have to provide 45% of their pre-pandemic activity, rising to 60% in April.

But the BDA said the capacity of dental services remains low, with around half of NHS practices in England falling short of targets.

Shawn Charlwood, Chairman of the BDA General Dental Practice Committee, said: “Millions of people still lack dental care, and patients will pay the price for years to come, adding that the goal-based approach “Lowers morale” among Staff. Dentists in England have seen their capacity reduced due to pandemic restrictions and need help getting patients back home.

“Sadly, while every other country in the UK has committed funds, Westminster has chosen to impose targets that thousands of practices are now struggling to achieve.

“But even before Covid, there just wasn’t enough NHS dentistry for everyone.”

Across England there were 23,700 NHS dentists in 2020-21, 951 fewer than the year before – the first drop in four years.

Within the NHS Wigan CCG, the health body covering Wigan, the number of dentists offering NHS treatment has fallen from 15, to 197 in the same period.

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Dentist London, four things that make veneers worth it by Sbenati Dentistry https://drmikehinze.com/dentist-london-four-things-that-make-veneers-worth-it-by-sbenati-dentistry/ https://drmikehinze.com/dentist-london-four-things-that-make-veneers-worth-it-by-sbenati-dentistry/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 04:49:07 +0000 https://drmikehinze.com/dentist-london-four-things-that-make-veneers-worth-it-by-sbenati-dentistry/

Sbenati Dentistry has published four untold facts about its “porcelain veneer” process. Further information on veneers, porcelain veneers, cost of veneers, price of veneers and more is available at https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/.

Sbenati Dentistry today released four previously unseen aspects of its porcelain veneer cosmetic treatment, now available from Sbenati Dentistry, that fans and consumers of the dental space should find particularly interesting.

The four elements include nuggets such as:

Porcelain veneers quickly became extremely popular due to their effectiveness. They have the unique ability to rectify aesthetic and structural problems of the teeth in a very short period of time. Sbenati Dentistry takes the time to select the right veneers for your mouth and face, as there are many options to choose from in terms of shape, color, and size.

Tooth Color – There is a large table with many shades of white to choose from for veneers. Some people go for a more natural shade, while others want a very white, cosmetic smile. It is up to the patient to decide exactly how they want their smile to look, and a qualified cosmetic dentist like Dr. Halim Sbenati will make it work. A general rule of thumb is to select a shade that is slightly lighter than your current color.

Tooth Shape – The next important choice is the shape. This is so that the new teeth will fit well with your current teeth, your smile, and your face as a whole. Due to the fact that everyone’s teeth are different, there are endless options to choose from. In order to facilitate this choice, libraries of smiles are created with a large choice of shapes classified in certain categories according to criteria. There are 12 categories and they are: aggressive, dominant, mature, vigorous, focused, enhanced, Hollywood, mellow, functional, natural, youthful, oval.

Face Shape – This is definitely not something we can choose from, but it is something that should be taken into account when selecting the perfect set of veneers. Much of the faces fall into four categories. These categories include heart, oval, round, and square. Each of these shapes has certain teeth in the categories mentioned above that go aesthetically well with them. The decision for the size and shape of the veneers will not be taken lightly.

Sbenati Dentistry got its start when founder Dr Halim Sbenati noticed a growing need for a fast and efficient solution for patients looking for structural or aesthetic improvements to their teeth. Veneers make patients happier and more confident. With six years of experience in the world of dentistry, Dr Halim Sbenati decided to go ahead and start Sbenati Dentistry.

Dr Halim Sbenati said, “We like to do things to connect with our patients and prospects. Things like keeping all of Sbenati Dentistry’s social channels open for dialogue about any service, question, or concern, and posting these little facts even after porcelain veneers are on the market is what makes all the difference.

To learn more about porcelain veneers at Sbenati Dentistry, it is possible to visit https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/porcelain-veneers-london-ontario/

For more facts and information about Sbenati dentistry, you can find out at https://www.sbenatidentistry.ca/

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Address: 1195 Hyde Park Road Unit 1, London, ON N6H 5K6, Canada
Phone: + 1-519-474-0220
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