Dr. Ariel Merino’s Fullesthetic Course Continues to Teach Dentistry Skills

Dr. Ariel Merino has become a pioneer in the world of cosmetic dentistry. He specializes in transforming teeth into perfect radiant smiles and has achieved great success with all of his clients. Its ultimate goal is to help people regain self-confidence and show their personality with a beautiful smile.

At the age of 14, Ariel Merino made her first visit to the dentist and was impressed with the tools and practices there. From that day forward, he made it his mission to become a qualified dentist and to become one of the people who could help transform people’s smiles and thereby their lives. After graduating from dental school, he was selected to visit Brazil for the aesthetics congress. He heard many professionals in the industry speak and was more inspired to pursue cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Ariel Merino has become an expert in veneers and is known for his use of ‘smile design’, a process that involves 2D and 3D modeling to build an image of a client’s teeth after dental work even before procedures. have not started. This allows clients to go into procedures already knowing what results they can expect and gives them the confidence to pursue the smile of their dreams.

Veneers have become a popular treatment among Dr. Merino’s clients and he is now an industry expert in the field. He shares his knowledge with people around the world, travels to different countries to speak and even develops an online course known as “Fullesthetic”. The course is available to dentists around the world and provides valuable information on some of Dr. Merino’s work.

Dr. Ariel Merino continues to provide the most comprehensive and innovative solutions to his customers. He prides himself on giving people back confidence and allowing them to get the bright white smile they’ve always dreamed of. Whether through veneers, aligners or another procedure, Dr. Merino is able to whiten teeth, correct misalignment and more. All of this leads her to create the perfect smile for you.

An industry leader, Dr. Merino continues to innovate and has developed a well-deserved reputation as a dental professional who you can trust to achieve the best possible results.

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