Dentist offers free cleanings for clients who beat him in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Would you like to have your teeth cleaned for free? So how about making a deal… in Smash? Dr. Tej A. Shah of Zen Family Dental in Ashland, Massachusetts, is offering clients the chance to win a free teeth cleaning from his practice by simply conquering him in a one-on-one Super Smash Bros. match. Ultimate.

On Reddit, Dr Shah posted its official rules for the challenge which can be read in full below:

  • Valid one per patient. One challenge.
  • Must challenge Dr Shah (me) in Zen Family Dental at 5 Homer Ave., Ashland, MA. Smash Bros Ultimate for Nintendo Switch (provided by Dr. Shah). You are allowed to bring any controller as long as it connects to the switch. I have a GameCube adapter.
  • Stock 3 battle with 6 minute time limit, no items, no final smash, final destination style level, no level damage.
  • Yes [a] the patient loses, has to post on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) [the] loss at Zen Family Dental.
  • Free cleaning does not include exams or x-rays required before cleaning.
  • I am open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but closed Monday to Thursday. You must take the challenge during regular opening hours.
  • You must register to be patient at:

Although the cleanup is free, x-rays and exams are not included in the challenge reward. However, according to Dr Shah, his rates are some of the cheapest in the state of Massachusetts.

Are you near the Zen Family Dental practice and are you interested in the challenge? Get brushing and practice because the doctor really seems to adhere to a set of competitive rules! The only question he hasn’t answered is whether he’s running Dr Mario …

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