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Chapel and Keller Dentistry Receive RBGA Small Business of the Month Award for June |

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Retired dentist and volunteer shares his thoughts; Mental health – how do I know when I need help? – Tillamook County pioneer Fri, 11 Jun 2021 00:57:32 +0000

Much of my volunteer dental work has been in Providence hospitals and clinics. Medical teams were able to secure 30 places for dental program volunteers. Most of us have been vaccinated since January!

Urgent and urgent dental problems did not go away during the pandemic. In made, they have increased. I am a senior and have a skill that was in high demand.

I volunteered several months before I could receive my 2 vaccines. I was relieved to be able to continue my work without being afraid of contracting Covid despite my layers of PPE that I was wearing.

My wife is a certified by the board of directors pediatrician and she volunteered by giving VSovid vaccines. This morning she was at the Oregon Convention Center. She came home after her 4 hours change and luckily reported that most of the patients were young people, especially adolescents.

Seeing all these young residents from Oregon receiving their vaccines moves our stat to closer to our goal of 70% vaccination.

With so many changes happening right now, many of us are feeling more stressed, anxious, or depressed than usual. But it can be difficult to know if we should seek treatment for these feelings or if there are steps we can take to help us feel better.

This chart from the National Institute of Mental Health can help you decide if your symptoms are mild or severe and how much they are interfering with your daily life.

The table provides tips for self-care activities for people with mild symptoms and resources for people seeking treatment.

For assistance, the Safe + Strong helpline is here for you. Call 800-923-AIDE (4357).

Mental health question and answer sheet.  Click on the graphic for the wwebpage questionnaire. #MyORHealth horizontal rule

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Here is a link to the survey:

#MyORHealth horizontal ruleClick on the graph to open the table.

There are 10 new COVID-19-related deaths in Oregon, bringing the state’s death toll to 2,726, the Oregon Health Authority reported at 12:01 am. today.

Oregon Health Authority reported 370 new confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases as of 12:01 a.m. today, bringing the state’s total to 204,291.

Provisional update of the publication time of this daily press release

To align with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) daily update of the number of people in Oregon aged 18 and older who have received at least one dose of their COVID-19 vaccine, the OHA will issue this daily press release later today, beginning today.

the CDC positions the number of people in Oregon aged 18 and over who have received at least one first dose per day, typically by 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

The OHA then pulls the data from the CDC site at 3 p.m. PT daily and subtracts the number of people aged 18 and over who received at least one dose from the target of 2,345,823. Oregon (70% of 18 and over). This calculation shows how many people 18 and older still need to be vaccinated to meet Oregon’s 70% goal.

The OHA will update the website banner to reflect these numbers daily at 5 p.m. PT.

To note: If the CDC has not updated its website by 3 p.m. PT when OHA pulls the data, OHA Communications will add a note in this daily press release and on the dashboard of the governor’s website. indicating that the CDC website has not been updated and OHA will update the banner and dashboard at 9 a.m. PT the next day.

Today, the OHA reported that 27,113 new doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been added to the state’s immunization registry. Of this total, 11,182 doses were administered on June 9 and 15,931 were administered the previous days but were entered in the vaccine register on June 9. It may take several days for the cumulative daily totals to be finalized.

The 7-day moving average is now 15,761 doses per day.

Oregon has now administered a total of 2,337,634 first and second doses of Pfizer, 1,659,139 first and second doses of Moderna, and 153,424 single doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines. From today, 1,991,717 people have completed a series of COVID-19 vaccines. There are 2,303,485 people who have received at least one dose. The number of adults in Oregon who need immunization to reach the 70% threshold is 93,234.

To note: OHA works to determine why CDC’s COVID-19 vaccination update today indicates minimal change. We will have a more complete update tomorrow.

Info of graphic repeats in the article.

To date, 2,861,055 doses of Pfizer, 2,173,680 doses of Moderna and 299,000 doses of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine have been delivered to sites across Oregon.

These data are preliminary and subject to change.

OHA Dashboards provide regularly updated immunization data, and the Oregon dashboard has been updated today.

Cases and deaths

New confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases reported today are in the following counties: Baker (1), Benton (8), Clackamas (30), Clatsop (1), Columbia (4), Coos (2), Crook (11), Deschutes (85), Douglas (17) , Harney (1), Hood River (4), Jackson (15), Jefferson (1), Joséphine (8), Klamath (10), Lane (23), Linn (11), Malheur (2), Marion (35 ), Multnomah (59), Polk (7), Umatilla (8), Union (1), Washington (22) and Yamhill (4).

To note: More information on these COVID-19 deaths to follow in an updated press release

To note: Due to a delay in laboratory reports, the OHA received 767 Electronic Laboratory Reports (ELRs) on June 9, 2021 for Deschutes County. The reports are of April 17, 2021 to June 9, 2021. As a result, the number of cases, ELR totals and percent positivity are higher in Deschutes County for June 9, 2021 than expected.

COVID-19 hospitalizations

The number of hospital patients with COVID-19 in Oregon is 173, nine more than yesterday. There are 41 COVID-19 patients in intensive care unit (ICU) beds, five more than yesterday.

The total number of COVID-19 positive patient bed days in the past seven days is 1,328, a 22.3% decrease from the previous seven days. The maximum daily number of beds occupied by COVID-19 positive patients in the past seven days is 219.

The total number of patients in hospital beds may fluctuate between reporting times. Figures do not reflect admissions per day or length of hospital stay. Staff limitations are not captured in this data and may further limit bed capacity.

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Dental time bomb warning facing north of the Northants Thu, 10 Jun 2021 07:17:25 +0000

A two-year wait to see a dentist – that’s the reality for some NHS dental patients; even those who are lucky enough to be registered in a cabinet.

Places available for NHS contracted dental care in north Northamptonshire are hard to come by as people scramble to find places in consulting rooms.

In March, figures revealed that more than half of adults in Northamptonshire had not seen a dentist in the past two years, with the British Dental Association warning that access to dental offices had collapsed across the country. England. The clear message is that the impact of the pandemic on the country’s oral health will be felt “for years to come”.

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Healthwatch Northamptonshire, the independent health and social services champion in the county, worked with residents.

Its director of research and communications, Jo Spenceley, said: ‘We have seen a worrying increase in the number of people struggling to access NHS dental care and have discussed these concerns with the implementation team. NHS England Regional Dentistry Department.

“The team has listened to these valid concerns and reassured us that they are doing what they can to encourage dentists to prioritize the most essential treatments, including treating those most vulnerable and at risk as well as the most urgent cases.

‘The coronavirus pandemic has reduced the capacity of all dentists and NHS England is working with dentists to restore capacity, but this remains below pre-pandemic levels due to the additional cleaning and infection prevention processes required.

‘Routine NHS dental care is still not available to many and although the NHS England regional team are looking for ways to fill the gaps, the way NHS dentistry is commissioned may deter some dentists from working with the NHS. Reforms to the commissioning of dental contracts are clearly needed.

Healthwatch Northamptonshire has been contacted by patients from the north of the county describing problems with the service.

• One person from Corby said she started looking for a new dentist just as the country went into lockdown and no one would hire them. During locking, the condition of their teeth deteriorated further to the point that the need became “critical” as their teeth “were breaking all over” and their fillings were exposed. Although they have several teeth in need of emergency work and have called dentists several times, they said that “no one was willing to take them”, that dentists could not help them unless. that they did not suffer and that they suggested to be temporarily blocked in the stores. The person was concerned that the damage to her teeth would worsen and that she could lose her teeth if left untreated, as well as being embarrassed by the appearance of her front teeth. They said they were on a waiting list but were told it could be another year before they could be hired. They cannot afford to go private.

• A GP practice in Corby contacted us to help us locate a dentist for a patient. The patient had broken his front teeth and could not find an NHS dentist. While the patient was not in pain, he had difficulty eating and suffered from anxiety and depression due to his appearance.

• A person from Kettering had called NHS 111 and was sent to an emergency dentist, but they only gave him a temporary filling (twice). They were told they had to register with a dentist to have the tooth treated further. They were still suffering from the temporarily filled tooth.

Ms Spenceley said: ‘It’s a countywide problem, and local Healthwatch across England has experienced similar issues. In North Northamptonshire, we especially heard from residents of Kettering and Corby – 11 and 8 respectively, between January and April 2021.

“Most people contacted us because they had difficulty finding an NHS dentist, including several who were told their dentist in Kettering was no longer providing NHS treatment. Others found that their teeth were getting worse and that they were only able to get them repaired temporarily – unless they paid for private treatment.

NHS Digital figures show 248,027 people aged 18 and over were seen by a dentist or orthodontist in Northamptonshire in the two years leading up to the end of December 2020 – just 43% of the region’s adult population.

In Northamptonshire, 49,487 young people were seen in 2020 – up from 94,995 the year before – meaning only 29% of children went to the dentist last year.

And the situation worsened as one of Kettering’s main practices told child NHS patients to sign up for a private care payment plan or to move surgeries altogether.

Anterior Dental Care in Northampton Road, Kettering, has informed parents and caregivers that their free dental care is coming to an end.

A father of a 15-year-old patient enrolled for surgery has been given an ultimatum to go private or find an NHS dentist elsewhere. He said: “I find it appalling that after being in the same practice for almost 30 years and being a private patient under the Denplan regime, the free treatment for my daughter was taken away, leaving us to find another practice. elsewhere or register to pay for dental insurance.

“She doesn’t want to see another dentist. She likes him and trusts him implicitly. She’s been to the office twice a year since before she even has any teeth. It’s about the continuity of care and the principle of free treatment on the NHS to which all children are entitled. Withdrawing from NHS care seems remarkably short-sighted. It is the poorest people who will suffer. Those on low incomes who cannot. not afford to travel, shop or just pay for an appointment.It is the duty of our children oral health that will suffer.

“I will pay but I am saddened the government allowed this to happen to the NHS.”

Another patient from the same practice also encountered difficulties during the Covid containment,

She said: “Having been a loyal and regular patient at Anterior Dental Care for the past 31 years, I have been appalled by my treatment for the past 16 months.

“I had an NHS appointment after the first lockdown started. My first appointment was three days after the first lockdown and naturally it got canceled, and I’ve received several new appointments over the years. months, but those have also been canceled. I ‘I haven’t been seen since despite problems with loose gums and teeth, I received a letter last August / September to say that if I wanted to continue with my dentist, in whom I have absolute confidence, then I should register as a private patient.

“It had no deadline. When I called a few weeks later to fix the problem, I was told it was too late, that I should become a private patient and that I should complain to the office. I was reassured, however, that I would certainly still have an NHS dentist.

“Since then I have received a letter saying that ‘it does not fit their philosophy of having NHS patients longer’ which is amazing. However, I am more than welcome to keep their books if I want to become a private patient. I am so disappointed with this excellent practice. There is no sense of moral obligation. What a sad reflection on society that the NHS no longer has a place or is no longer ethical Of our society. ”

A spokesperson for the British Dental Association said: “It is true that children in full-time school are entitled to free dental care from the NHS if they find a dental office capable of seeing them, and of course one with a NHS contract.

“I am not in a position to comment on specific practices, but I am aware that many NHS dental offices are struggling to meet their goals, and some have found them unusable as they have surrendered their contracts.

“Practice owners, whether or not they provide NHS services, should invest their own funds – not taxpayers – in setting up a practice, to pay for staff, lab costs, etc. , so their firms have to be viable or they will go bankrupt.

“Practices can only provide NHS services if they are mandated by NHS England / their local team. The contract effectively limits the number of patients they can see, if they see more than they are under contract they will not be paid, if they underperform they face heavy financial penalties.

“One of the anomalies of the much-criticized dental contract in England is that if a dentist does a filling or 10 on the same patient, during the same treatment, they will be paid in the same way, although the latter obviously takes a lot more. of time.

‘A 2008 dental health select committee investigation found the NHS dental contract to be unsuitable, and patient group Healthwatch has repeatedly expressed concerns about people struggling to access care dental clinics from the NHS.

From January to March 2021, Healthwatch Northamptonshire saw a 50% increase in negative comments and requests for help finding a dentist compared to the previous three months (October to December 2020). Compared to the same time the year before (January to March 2020), there were nine times more people contacting Healthwatch Northamptonshire about their difficulty accessing NHS dental care – a jump from three to 27 people.

Kettering MP Philip Hollobone said: “I am very keen to see the NHS expanded dental offer in the constituency of Kettering and as a priority I will be happy to highlight local concerns regarding this important issue for the government.

“I urge Anterior Dental Care to write to me as soon as possible with the specific details of the difficulties they face in relation to NHS contracts and I will ensure that these concerns land on the office of the Minister of Dental Health. for urgent attention and response. “

Ms Spenceley added: ‘We will continue to share the concerns of local residents with NHS England.

“Anyone with an urgent need for dental treatment can call NHS 111 – or use the online service – or call any local NHS dentist for advice, whether or not they attend this cabinet regularly.

“The dentist will perform the triage over the phone and provide the appropriate support. You can receive NHS dental treatment at any NHS dental office and do not need to be registered.

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Tend, a luxury dental practice, arrives in Ballston later this year Wed, 09 Jun 2021 15:30:26 +0000

Tender, a business that says it considers going to the dentist as a spa-like experience, will open in Ballston later this year.

Located at 4201 Wilson Blvd, in the Ballston Exchange complex across from the Ballston Quarter shopping center, the new location is targeting an opening in the fall of 2021, a company representative told ARLnow.

Tend is a rapidly growing, New York-based luxury dental practice startup. He complaints to be the first dentist people look forward to. Appointments are made via an application, offices are Instagramable, and patients can watch Netflix with Bose headphones while having their teeth cleaned.

The company recently raised $ 125 million for its future expansion in New York City as well as the opening of several sites in Boston and the DC area.

Four DC locations are listed on the Tend website as Coming soon, but Ballston’s office is not yet listed, nor any other location in Virginia.

“We are delighted to launch our ARL expansion in Ballston and are in active negotiations for additional locations in NoVA,” wrote co-founder Andy Glover in an email to ARLnow.

Glover says the reason Tend is expanding into the DC area is that there are similarities to the New York market, where the company has already been successful.

“We know how successful our offering has been in New York City and we see a lot of parallels with DC – an urban, educated, sophisticated population that is not served by a patient-centered dental care ecosystem,” writes Glover. “Due to the travel habits of DC residents and the growing population of DC, we knew that the [Rosslyn-Ballston] Corridor was a natural fit. Ballston Exchange has attracted top restaurants and services to serve residents and workers nearby and we are proud to be a part of it!

The company is currently hiring for on-site jobs at the Ballston location, including dental staff (dentists, hygienists and assistants), studio managers and associates for the “Welcome Bar”.

Ballston has seen a plethora of announcements and buzzing business openings in recent weeks. WHINO, a combination of an “experiential” restaurant and an art gallery, opens its doors on Friday June 18th. Grilled Chicken Restaurant Farmbird begins serving customers this week, Salt Line is aiming for a summer opening, and Plant Store REWILD is considering opening in July, among others.

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3 essentials about veterinary dentistry Tue, 08 Jun 2021 21:23:38 +0000

For all your veterinary dentistry needs, we’ve got you covered. Check out these helpful tips for examining pets and providing them with the best oral care.

Dental health is essential when it comes to determining the well-being and general condition of a pet. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how to properly examine a patient’s mouth and perform the required procedures and treatments. To help you, we have selected 3 articles that cover various clinical signs of oral problems, treatment approaches, pearls of client communication and much more.

Whether it’s knowing when to take immediate action in veterinary dentistry or learning about the myriad of advanced dental care options, there is something for everyone. Good reading!

  1. The ABCs of Veterinary Dentistry: When to Wait is a Wish: Sometimes immediate dental action is necessary for the welfare and comfort of an animal. Jan Bellows, DVM, DAVDC, DABVP, FAVD, gives examples where this rings true, including patients with missing teeth, discolored teeth or complicated dental fractures.
  2. Tips for Mastering Veterinary Dental Radiology: The most effective way to master the production of diagnostic-quality radiographs is through in-person professional training. Here are some more tips for the process, including timing, anesthesia safety, and more.
  3. Advanced dental procedures for pets: what is possible? : Along with technological innovations in the veterinary industry, there are various advanced dental care options for pets. Find out detailed descriptions of these treatments, and when it is appropriate to offer a referral in advanced dentistry.

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UT Health San Antonio top graduate helps African refugees while studying to be a dentist Tue, 08 Jun 2021 02:46:23 +0000

Most high school students don’t know exactly what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

However, this was not the case for Anna Katharina Tosti.

The University of Texas Health San Antonio graduate says she remembers when she first decided on her career path.

“I was actually very strategic about it,” Tosti said.

“When I was in grade 11, I kind of sat down. I was like, ‘Okay, what job do I want to do?’ “, did she say.

Katharina decided to study dentistry with a specialization in periodontics.

“Periodontics is a dental specialty in which you focus heavily on the bone surrounding the teeth. So it can involve things like sinus elevations, bone surgeries, gum surgeries, getting implants. It’s more of a surgical field.

But, Katharina did more than just work on the teeth at UT Health.

She also served as class president and worked as a French interpreter for the San Antonio Refugee Health Clinic.

A d

“There is a dental clinic where we treat refugees inexpensively and a lot of patients there do not speak English. So many of them are Arabs or from Asia. We have a few African patients who spoke only French, ”she said.

Katharina says studying medicine wasn’t easy, but she was able to come through with the love and support of her family.

“Ten years ago, if you had told me I was going to be a doctor, I probably wouldn’t have believed it. But I am very happy to be where I am. It has been a long journey. It hasn’t always been easy, but overall it’s great, ”Tosti said.

If all goes according to plan, Katharina will graduate from dental medicine this summer and enroll in the school’s residency program.

Copyright 2021 by KSAT – All rights reserved.

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Notable Neighbor Thomas Peterson: A Dentist’s Secret to a Busy Life | Local News Mon, 07 Jun 2021 10:00:00 +0000

Addy Signon Record Correspondent

With retirement on the horizon, dentist Thomas Peterson describes his life journey in a simple but meaningful sentence: “God is good.

Peterson has practiced dentistry for over 50 years. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill, he spent 17 years in Florida, one year in Puerto Rico and six years in Indiana before moving to Hickory. He has practiced dentistry here for 28 years.

Peterson lives with purpose, constantly seeking ways to love and serve others. He says he starts each day by reading his Bible, noting a difference when he doesn’t start there. He also had his Bible in hand during his interview.

Peterson is more than a dentist. He is a tennis trainer, motorcyclist, volunteer and prayer warrior. Peterson and his wife have served Safe Harbor, a program dedicated to rebuilding, renewing and recovering, since its inception in the early 2000s. They have also been on several mission trips to places like Haiti and Puerto Rico. Just under a year ago, he began serving in Sunny Valley, a social housing community, where he prays for people who have lived lives very different from his.

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“I’m busier right now than I’ve been in a long time,” he says. He goes to Sunny Valley twice a week to pray with the people there and meet their needs.

What sparked his love for service? Peterson explains that as he built his life around a relationship with God, Matthew 10: 7-8 jumped out at him. The verses read: “As you go on proclaim this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. Freely you have received; give freely.

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Mike Lennon obituary | Dentistry Sun, 06 Jun 2021 16:43:00 +0000

My friend and former colleague Mike Lennon, who died at the age of 78, was appointed to the staff of the University of Manchester in 1969, becoming a lecturer in community dentistry in 1980.

There, with Professor Phil Holloway, he developed further undergraduate education outside of dental school. The students were sent to clinics run by the local health authorities and treated mainly children under supervision.

This new ‘diffusion’ approach, initially opposed by mainstream dental educators (although students loved it), has now been adopted by all dental schools in the UK, and trials have shown that students’ ability in formulating realistic treatment plans is greatly increased as result.

Mike was also co-director of the groundbreaking trial of a capitation system that paid GPs an annual fee to provide all necessary treatments to child patients in one year, instead of a fee per filling or extraction, for example. Health ministers, who believed the “fee per item” system encouraged overtreatment, were very pleased with the results and the system was adopted nationally.

He was born in Liverpool, to John Lennon, a school principal, known by his middle name, Pearse, and Betty (née Healey). Mike graduated from Liverpool Dental School in 1966 and graduated from Dundee University in Public Dentistry before moving to Manchester.

A strong advocate of fluoridation of public water supplies, he was President of the British Fluoridation Society from 1987 to 2012. In 1989 he was appointed Professor of Public Dental Health by the University of Liverpool and honored as Professor Emeritus upon retirement. In 2003, finding full retirement unattractive, he moved to a part-time chair at Sheffield University, managing Sheffield’s outreach program.

During a distinguished academic career, Mike has published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, been a busy referee for 20 journals, and in demand worldwide as a speaker and external reviewer. A founding member of the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry, he served as its secretary (1977-81), president (1984-85) and editor-in-chief of its journal, Community Dental Health 2010-16 . He was appointed OBE in 2006.

His busy professional life would not have been possible without the support of his wife, Gill (née Smith), whom he met at dental school in Liverpool and whom he married in 1969. His interests in outside of work included classical music and support for Liverpool and Everton.

He is survived by Gill, their daughters, Sarah, Helen and Kate, and their son, Chris, and nine grandchildren.

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Dentists Remind Us to Take Care of Teeth in “Drop The Mask” Campaign Sat, 05 Jun 2021 21:22:26 +0000

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – As vaccination rates continue to rise and many abandon their masks, dentists are encouraging community members to take care of their teeth.

The ‘Drop The Mask’ campaign, created by local dentists, urges residents to rework their smile. Vice President Chris Johnson says many patients missed their regular checkups during COVID-19, according to the Wisconsin Dental Association.

Johnson encourages residents to visit their dentist, especially now that they have something to smile about – without their masks. Johnson said dentists want to help their patients in any way they can.

“The dental community is here to help you and to ensure your overall health.” Johnson said. “We want to do everything we can for our patients.”

Even though providers have been busy trying to integrate residents who missed their appointments during the pandemic, Johnson said dentists are all on the verge of being overtaken by their patients.

According to Johnson, dentists continue to take precautions against COVID-19, including wearing protective masks and visors, to ensure patient safety.

Beyond scheduling an appointment, Johnson said there are a few key steps community members can take to help keep their teeth healthy. For starters, people can continue to follow their home care routines.

“Brushing and flossing are essential in your daily life, not only for your teeth, but for the health of your entire body,” Johnson said.

Additionally, Johnson claimed that people should drink plenty of water because it helps keep bacteria and sugars out of their mouths.

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Dr Ali AlSaqoby, an amazing person and a talented dentist! Fri, 04 Jun 2021 20:24:59 +0000

Dr Ali AlSaqoby, an extraordinary individual and above all an exceptionally talented dentist!
Reviewing the affluent background of Dr Ali AlSaqoby, the young star dentist would not have to work a single day to spend his life in luxury. Meanwhile, out of pure passion, he is professionally active as a dental surgeon, supports young health students and is also involved in the promotion of freestyle football in Kuwait as sports president.

Dr Ali AlSaqoby, an amazing dentist, received a prestigious scholarship from the Kuwaiti government for his outstanding academic results to complete his dental studies abroad. The talented young dentist has undergone rigorous training as a student in one of the best dental schools in England, to obtain a Masters in Dental Surgery. You might think that’s okay, but winning the prestigious title of UK’s most talented dental student already says a lot about this young man’s talent.

Following his tremendous academic success, the young dentist immediately became affiliated with the Ministry of Health and in no time was involved in helping young dental graduates improve their professional and dental skills! Dr Ali does not count on his admirable talent but also puts great effort into exploiting it to its full potential! He participates in all scientific conferences related to dental surgery to learn about the latest technological developments in order to offer the best possible treatment to his patients. His unparalleled passion for lifelong learning and exceptional talent in the field have earned him the status of one of the region’s most sought-after dentists. As a charismatic, handsome and admired young dentist, his activities extend far beyond the treatment of teeth.

The young dentist was a talented footballer, after an unfortunate injury that limited his career in the field, he mastered the art of football called freestyle (a sport that focuses on achieving incredible moves and tricks with football). The dentist is one of the world’s top rated athletes in sports and has performed incredible shows around the world.

Thanks to many years of football experience, he was appointed by the governing bodies of the World Freestyle Football Association to be the president of the sport in Kuwait. By this point, Kuwait Football Freestyle had experienced a revolutionary boom thanks to the young man’s efforts. For the first time in a long time, Kuwait took part in the World Championships held in the United States by single-handedly organizing the World Championships and also leading the jury. Needless to say, his contribution had displayed significant success which was featured in the media, to be a small addition to the diverse and continuing contribution this talented man has made to the sport.

His ability to balance time-consuming areas at a high level is more than admirable. It was clearly noticeable during his very demanding studies; he was active in the world of freestyle football. At the same time, found enough time to compete while pursuing his studies abroad. One of his sporting events took place during the Expo in Milan. He has been recognized as “one of the most influential people to visit the Expo Expo” and has been talked about in many media for his incredible moves with football.

Dr Ali is one of the most popular dentists in the world with an audience reaching one million people across all social media platforms, he uses his powerful influence and popularity on social media to inspire and educate people. As a result, many people have become aware of their dental health and general health.

Dr Ali AlSaqoby is also a successful entrepreneur, gifted athlete, book author and most importantly an established dentist. With such an accomplished and inspiring lifestyle, Dr Ali has proven that someone can do a very demanding and stressful job like dentistry and yet have plenty of time not only to embark on other endeavors, but also to completely dominate the business. Never give up, persevere and find your passion by continually exploring new things are the key messages Dr Ali continues to send to his followers and fan base to excel in their careers and hobbies. The doctor is an ideal example of someone who is famous with a great positive influence in the world.

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