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For most people, coffee is everything. The taste, aroma and warmth it brings in the morning are unmatched. It is the best source of comfort before, during and after work. Drinking coffee is a commonly used excuse to meet and reunite with friends and the ultimate energy booster after hitting the gym. Coffee is simply good.

We hate to talk about it, but what happens when your coffee can also keep you from having great teeth due to its coloring effects?

While avoiding coffee is the easiest and most effective way to avoid pesky stains on your teeth, sometimes it’s not possible to skip coffee.

Fortunately, with a little effort, there are ways to avoid coffee stains. However, before that, let’s understand how coffee stains teeth.

How Does Coffee Stain Your Teeth?

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Although the hardest substance in the human body is your tooth enamel, it has tiny pores that ooze the tannin from your brewed coffee, leaving yellow and brownish stains. Since coffee is considered acidic, it can also wear down your enamel and weaken it in the long run resulting in more staining.

Drinking coffee can not only stain teeth, it can also have adverse effects on your dental health and general well-being.

Other pitfalls of coffee on your oral health

Like any other drink (except water), coffee can cause bacterial growth in the mouth which can lead to erosion of enamel and teeth. It can also create bad breath or halitosis (chronic bad breath).

7 ways to avoid coffee stains on your teeth

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1. Drink coffee through a straw

While drinking hot coffee through a straw may seem unusual, it goes a long way in preventing stains on your teeth. This will allow the coffee to bypass the outer surface of your teeth, preventing direct contact. However, this is not a quick fix. You still have fluids that stain the coffee in your mouth. At least the exposure of your enamel to coffee stains is reduced.

2. Chug It Down

If a straw is not available, no worries! As long as your coffee isn’t too hot (as it will surely burn your tongue), you can drink it to make sure the coffee stains don’t stick. And don’t drink your coffee all day.

3. Brush your teeth immediately after

You see, your enamel is full of ridges and indentations. So when you sip your coffee, the dark pigments slowly settle on the surface of your teeth, causing stains.

This is why brushing your teeth immediately after finishing your morning coffee is the way to prevent coffee stains from sticking in the corners of your teeth. It can also prevent the build-up of dental plaque which causes tooth decay and discoloration.

4. Always use dental floss

If you are a coffee lover, another thing you should do is floss at least once a day. Stains can be lurking in your teeth (without you even realizing it). To avoid stains, continue with dental floss.

5. Rinse after!

What do you do when a toothbrush or floss isn’t available, or you drink your ice cold Americano on the go? We recommend that you take a bottle of water and swish! A good splash of water, after a delicious cup of Joe, will remove coffee residue that can stick to the surface of the teeth.

6. Swish with mouthwash

No matter which rinse you prefer, after drinking your coffee, rinse your mouth. When trying to remove stains, you should try mouthwash with whitening properties, which also keeps your smile and breath fresh.

7. Invest in professional teeth whitening treatments

When your teeth are struggling to remove stains, you can get professional advice from a teeth bleaching Sarnia clinic or any dental clinic near you. Professional teeth whitening is more convenient and efficient than using teeth whitening products.

You should also schedule regular dental visits to get rid of plaque, tartar, and surface stains. For example, orthodontics in Burlington treatments, and any dental clinic for that matter, use abrasion and polishing to ensure proper stain removal, leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile.

Dental clinics not only offer treatment, they also offer professional advice. When your wisdom tooth is removed, they also offer recovery tips for wisdom tooth extraction which you can observe to help you recover quickly.

The same goes for your coffee stained teeth, there are ways to keep up without giving up drinking coffee. Also practice good oral hygiene so that you can easily flaunt your beautiful smile after taking a sip. To sum it all up, you can achieve pearly white teeth, without giving up your daily cup of coffee, just by scheduling regular dental visits and following the 7 tips mentioned earlier.

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