Ask the dentist: Granny has her teeth again

It’s cute to see teeth go through the gum tissue when a baby is teething – but not so much fun for the baby – but, writes Lucy stock, dentist at Gentle Dental Care in Belfast, imagine being in your seventies and starting over.

Not all teeth erupt like they are meant to fit into a child’s mouth. Like all processes in the body, things can abruptly stop their ideal course, leading to biological chaos and chaos.

We don’t really know why teeth erupt through the gum tissue in the first place.

People have nailed their flag on many different theories, but the proof for the pudding has not been discovered.

One idea focuses on the semicircular sac that sits above a newly formed tooth inside the jawbone.

This balloon-like structure puts pressure on the overlying bone, causing it to move out of the way.

Combined with a propulsive motion caused by cells on the surface of the root, this moves the tooth in the mouth – much like the race of a comet in the sky.

If a baby catches a virus or has certain genetic diseases, the developing tooth can be arrested in its tract leaving it buried under the gum tissue, never seeing the light of day.

Other times, the teeth can get stuck together, especially if someone has a too small jaw, which is becoming more and more common.

When you’re in your sixties, sixties, and even eighties, it’s normal for you to lose a back tooth.

If a tooth has been stuck against its neighbor, then when the front tooth is extracted, the buried tooth that has been dormant for decades is suddenly released.

His eruption motor restarts and voila, he makes his head appear above the gum line – grandmother is teething.

Before the new visitor emerges, it’s common to go through the advanced welcome feast of pain, tenderness, and swelling in the area before the tooth finally makes its bumpy entrance.

If you are very unlucky, an infection can set up around the buried tooth, which causes your face to swell and generally makes you feel pretty in the weather.

On the positive side, I have seen these types of teeth end up in very useful positions that help with eating.

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