a renowned Kuwaiti dentist, recognized as one of the most talented dentists in the world!

His immense love for helping others, coupled with his passion for dentistry, reflected an incredible formula that led to his accomplished mission to take the world of dentistry by storm, as one of the most sought-after and most sought-after dentists. best known in the world at a young age.

After his successful foray into acquiring a prestigious government scholarship for outstanding academic performance, and winning a continental award from the UK’s most talented dental student as a Kuwaiti student.

The young doctor was expected to pave the way for the younger generations to follow as the famous dentist many seek, the young dentist is unstoppable as he takes on the mission of not only continuously improving by constantly studying and assisting. to scientists. conferences to keep up to date, but also to help young dental graduates and young dentists to upgrade their skills in accordance with their affiliation with the Ministry of Health.

Hear from the young dentist: Dr Ali AlSaqoby has recently become the norm as it has created a huge buzz around the world. His mastery of the job and his multifaceted personality of the ability to juggle multiple hobbies and passions excellently captured him the attention of mainstream press and social media.

His successful lifestyle is due not only to his exceptional talents but also to his invincible mentality. As Dr Ali AlSaqoby declared “

to lead a successful life you need to have a remarkable mindset and sport is an ideal way

Confirming the fact that as an elite athlete his mindset for success comes from sport. Dr Ali AlSaqoby is one of the best freestyle soccer athletes in the world. He has presented top notch shows around the world and received several awards as an artist and as an international competitor.

A prominent show was at EXPO Milan in which he shocked the world with his fascinating moves with the soccer ball. As a result, Dr Ali received the award of one of the most influential figures in the world’s biggest exhibition, awarded by the head of the delegation.

With his unparalleled achievements and experience in the sport, the young dentist is now officially named President of Kuwait Freestyle Football by the World Federation. Say he revolutionized sport upon his appointment, this role is to put it mildly.

It was then that he took the Kuwait scene to the next level. Not only has he staged world famous events such as the Red Bull street style and picked a winner to represent Kuwait in the world final.

But also, was in charge of a few championships that took place during the pandemic respecting covid – 19 safety rules to keep the sport alive and the athletes motivated.

In no time, her popularity has also grown exponentially on social media with incredible engagement rates due to her beauty and unique style. Unlike many giant influencers, the opportunity to be an admired figure has been used to the greatest good because it does not only inspire and motivates people to do their best.

But also gives valuable advice on general health as a holistic dentist that goes beyond generic dental health advice, making him the ideal influential dentist.

Currently he is working on his new book on freestyle football and entrepreneurship, the release date has not yet been disclosed as it has not been confirmed according to numerous sources, and the information currently available is only speculations. It’s definitely something to look forward to in 2021.

Dr Ali is the perfect example of success and inspiration, and if anyone needs a dose of inspiration, you can check out this Kuwaiti individual on his official social media accounts or search for him on Google, and you will be ready to go!

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