Save a lot of money in a short time in 3 steps

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save a lot of money in a short time

No time to waste,

because you want to give your savings balance a significant boost in a short period of time.

Therefore only 3 steps,

that you can realize today !

In this article:

Take the best savings account

Saving well always starts with a good account. Why? By going for the highest interest, your money will automatically become worth more. So actually free extra balance. And that's not all.

By going for an account with another bank, you will be less likely to plunder your saved money again because you are not staring at it every time in your internet banking app.

Saving is to a large extent also a matter of discipline, and then these kinds of small tricks help. There are, by the way, more of them, such as automatic savings and making budgets. Read more about this in our article saving money without feeling it .

But where can you find the best bill with the highest interest? Well that 's good , just in the overview below! It always contains live / real-time the best savings interest deals of the moment. You can click directly to the providers to open the account.

Via the button “all savings interest” you can also make other types of comparisons, such as saving with conditions and deposits in which you lock your money for a specific period. These types of products often give a much higher interest rate and / or help you to save better because, for example, it is less attractive to regularly withdraw money.

2. Spend less

Anyway, just with your new savings account you are not there yet, because it also starts at 0 US dollar ... How are you going to get money on it as quickly as possible? That's the whole point . The bottom line is that you should try to keep as much money as possible every month so that you can put this aside.

In the first place, that means that you will have to spend less. Logical right? But you don't have to live on bread and water in the near future, and it is not the intention that you are not allowed to spend anything at all or do fun things. That only makes it annoying. And saving should be fun , otherwise you will never last long.

But you can also save without having to give up anything. We have already written many tips about this with which you can potentially save more than 10,000 US dollars on an annual basis . And because you like to have it in order quickly, you should especially take our money saving test .

In just 15 short yes / no questions, we go through all the most common cost items of an average household in the Netherlands and immediately indicate how you can reduce them. Including link or reference to the correct body to have it arranged immediately .

3. Raising more money

You have now reduced your expenses. That means so left over to save, you can go to more of your salary. But there is also maximum scope for saving, you still have to live and really have to continue to transfer the rent / mortgage.

Where there is much more potential is to increase your income. That may not sound as easy as we say now, because there is a small chance that your manager or team leader will spontaneously dance when you ask for a salary increase, but we are not referring to that either.

An extra job on the side? Something like that, but not in the evenings or weekends behind the bar or cash register and not taking a paper route there. No you can earn money very well through the internet .

In this article, we'll discuss 6 reliable ways that are proven and guaranteed to make money. Moreover, we refer you directly to safe sites where you can do this immediately. We have tested them ourselves.

Reliability is really important, make sure you don't just believe in the first beautiful story that a vague site or ad promises you. If it seems too good to be true, it actually always is. Those parties often only want to make money FROM you, and not FOR you.

Red flags are for example sites that talk about CFD trading . While research shows that more than 80% of people lose money with this and only a few have a lot of money left over. Binary options are much worse, and are even banned in the EU.

There are also many cryptocurrency scams. Of course you can make money with cryptocurrency , but don't believe stories where you start making money without working. Do you really think there is a trick that will make you thousands of US dollars without doing anything? If that were the case, we would all have been rich, or it must be the best kept secret ever.