10 x Earning Extra Money Tips (Online)

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make extra money online tips

Need extra money / income?

To do something fun or to pay bills?

Whatever the reason, it doesn't matter, in this article we'll walk you through some great ways you can earn extra.

Earning extra via the internet is not that difficult at all , whether you are a student or a wife or husband, but you have to know where to go.

There are also a lot of sites that give you advice that you are not waiting for at all. Such as:

Play in an online casino.

We don't think anyone has ever benefited from that ...

2. Go (erotic) webcamming.

Yes, this deserves well, we admit, but are you really waiting for this?

Therefore 8 more methods that do work:

All methods below are fair, safe and reliable. We still apply them ourselves. We have tested all sites to which we refer to actually apply the method by becoming a member.

We start with the easiest way and end hard. Each method takes a little more effort every time. For example because you have more work on it, or have to take a little more risk:

3. Free money back

Yes you read that right! We know a way for you to get a refund just like that. Appropriately enough, this is called cashback.

Have you ever heard of it?

Of those cashback / money back promotions if, for example, you buy a washing machine or switch to another energy supplier? That you get a few ten euros back once?

However, you can get a refund on all your purchases in this way. Up to 15% and on top of promotions and current offers. At more than 2,400 web shops.

Including all the big names where you already buy your stuff such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​Thuisbezorgd and many more.

All you have to do is join a cashback site for free. We have put together a Top 10 best cashback sites in the Netherlands for you (by testing them all yourself), but we can also tell you immediately that Euroclix is ​​by far the best.

On our site about cashback you can read more about the topic such as why you can get this free money and how it works exactly.

4. Complete paid surveys

This way is one of our favorites because it is so rewarding. You will always get to know in advance what you will earn before you complete a questionnaire.

That reward is also quite good compared to the time it takes. That is, if you register with one of the 10 best survey sites .

So make good money, especially because it also works to register with multiple sites. It's free and without obligation anyway, but signing up to multiple sites will give you more surveys to complete. And therefore you can easily earn $ 500 per month .

5. Savings programs

No, we are not referring to Airmiles or Freebees here. Here we mean an online savings program. This is the Dutch name for websites that are often referred to as get-paid-to websites in other countries. Simply because you are paid to do simple things.

For example clicking on a banner or link, reading promotional emails and giving likes on Facebook. Because these are such simple actions, the compensation is also not very high.

The reward is often 1-2 cents at a time. But that matters, because it takes you next to no time and you don't have to think about it at all !

Certainly because you can also do a lot of these kinds of things for money every day, and because there are several good sites of this kind you can still earn hundreds of euros with them. How strange that may sound with 1 euro cent at a time.

Note that there are also a lot of bad sites in this category, so check out our list of the best online savings programs in the Netherlands.

6. Make money with social media

Above you could already read that you can earn money by giving likes on Facebook. But you can do so much more with social networks! Also think of Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and so on.

You can register yourself for free via these sites and then come into contact with literally billions of people all over the world… there must be something to be gained from that?

Sure. In an article about making money with social media we describe how you can do this exactly, and believe us this goes further from a cent per like. There are people who have been able to make their work out of this or even become filthy rich with it. Are you next ?

7. Invest online

Sounds ominous doesn't it? And what if we also tell you that there is a way to earn 30 times faster than with normal shares?

But you have to read about it carefully! It is a very smart way of investing. Therefore, read our tips about investing (especially option 1)

8. Affiliate Marketing

Our favorite way. If only because we also earn good money with this ;-) Affiliate marketing means that you advertise products of someone else. For example, a company such as energy suppliers or telecom companies.

This is purely on a commission basis. If you manage to sell something through your advertising, for example on your website or social media, you will receive a fee for it. And that can add up! Rewards are sometimes as much as $ 300 at a time.

On our page about making money with affiliate marketing you can read how you can register yourself today with a network so that you can immediately start working for more than 1600 companies and campaigns!

9. Start your own website

Affilate marketing is only 1 of the ways to make money with a website. There are so many more . In fact, too much to list all in this blog.

You can create your own comparison site in 5 minutes, or create your own webshop in 30 minutes! Yes, even without any technical knowledge.

That is why we would like to refer you to our webpage that is all about making money with your own website . There you will find all this kind of information, but also the basic elements about, for example, creating the site and attracting visitors (because without visitors no income!).

10. Crypto coins

Can't be missing from this list, right? It has been such a huge hype with the high prices of the Bitcoin, among others. But this digital currency is still a great way to make money on the internet.

There are roughly 2 ways for this: 1) buy and sell the coins, then you have to arrange things such as a crypto wallet, or 2) speculate on the exchange rate without actually buying the coins.

Too much to explain now actually. Therefore, read on about earning money with cryptocurrency .