Earn 1000 US dollars in 1 Week? No Tricks Needed!

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1000 euros

A thousand US dollars, that's a lot of money !

To be able to earn that immediately in 7 days is not easy.

Unfortunately, many sites promise that this can be simple.

In this article you can read why those promises are not true ,

but also which ways do work.

Because earning money via the internet, even that $ 1000 per week, is certainly possible.

Just not right now. If you have to have this amount in a week, you will have to borrow money quickly (without BKR) .

In this article:

Do not let them get to you!

To get started right away: there are countless websites that promise you that you too can become filthy rich . Without doing much. And that everyone can do this. And they want to share this secret with you BUT… then you first have to fill in your details AND also pay to receive an e-book with that one golden method.

NONSENSE! There is really no information in that book that will suddenly make you rich. It is precisely because a lot of people fall for this that these mean sites benefit , but not you! Because what they don't say is that the information in their booklet is not that secret at all.

This is always about one of the following two methods of making money online:

1) Investing in Binary Options or CFD Trading . But research by the AFM has shown that almost 100% of people only lose a lot of money on this and that the risk is therefore very high . Therefore, Binary Options are already banned in the EU and CFD is likely to follow soon.

2) Affiliate Marketing. Or sometimes nicely packaged as the secret way to get rich with Bol.com. But in the end that is also affiliate marketing. The tricky part of this way is that you have to have a lot of patience before you actually start earning more than a few cents. And there really is no shortcut. But it does work, we'll explain that later.

Conclusion: getting rich quick and making a lot of money is not easy! If it had, no one could keep it a secret and sell that knowledge in an e-book. Or teach you in a training.

But there is also good news, because there are certainly ways to make money via the internet. We list these for you, with a realistic picture of how much it can yield you.

Earning today

You can start earning right away, but these are ways you can earn extra money . By that we mean that you will not generate a complete income with it. Think of 300 to 500 US dollars per month. Not bad, right? And certainly if you combine the methods it can become even more!

Complete surveys

Secretly this is our favorite. By participating in paid surveys you can score a nice extra income. And it is no longer boring with endless questionnaires, nowadays you get all surveys offered online with many interactive elements.

You can also participate in forum debates or live discussions. Or you can judge advertisements from large companies. And you can sometimes even test products at home and give your opinion while trying them out. You can use this to determine whether those products will come onto the market, and whether the advertisements will make it to TV. Cool isn't it?

You prefer to do this via the best paid survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium. They are reliable and therefore pay more than the rest. If you are smart, register yourself with as much as possible, because you can participate in more studies and thus earn more.

Online savings programs

Through these types of programs you can get reimbursements for extremely simple tasks. But then also really very simple commands such as clicking on banners, reading e-mails, giving likes on Facebook, playing games etc.

The reward is always only a few cents, but it also takes you a few seconds and you don't even have to think. Become a member of all 10 best savings programs and you can do so many of these tasks that you still earn nice with it.

Saving cashback

Theoretically, this is a way of saving and earning in one. But that doesn't make it any less interesting: Special cashback sites give you up to 15% money back on all your purchases at more than 2500 web shops. On top of the offers and promotions! Free and free.

Yes, we hear you think, especially at all of those unknown and unreliable web shops that I don't need anything from? No, especially with the big boys such as Bol.com, Zalando, Bonprix, AliExpress, Wehkamp, ​​Coolblue, etc. Where you already buy things now, at too high a price … Not becoming a member simply means that you are leaving free money !

How it works exactly, so basically how simple it all is, we explain to you on our page about earning cashback . But we would like to give you a sneak peak: the best cashback site , so the website where you have to register yourself, that is Euroclix NL / Euroclix BE .

You can earn a lot

Yet you can become a millionaire via the internet. Let's say that earn 1000 US dollars in 1 week . That is not a lie, but it is very difficult. Just like in real life, nothing happens, you have to work hard for it! But if you are willing to do that, the (online) world is at your feet.

Affiliate Marketing

This is surely the most accessible way to earn a lot. This method means that you will sell products via the internet. Not your own, but those of other companies . So you are going to advertise their products and if you do that well, you will get (big) money for it.

The advantage is that you do not have to invent, produce, package or ship a good product yourself. Let alone think about returns, storage and customer service. You just have to focus on promotion.

And the advantage is that it is scalable. You don't have to walk past the doors, you do the marketing online. For example via Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and your own blog. So you can reach a lot of people with it and therefore also sell a lot. But then you have to be good, because you are not alone.

We'll give you more tips on our make money with affiliate marketing page . We challenge you to just give it a try. Participation is free and without obligation, so you have nothing to lose!

The most important tip: you can find companies that you can advertise through special affiliate networks. And the best affiliate network in Europe is Daisycon , so you should register yourself there.

Own website or shop

Your own website or webshop still remains the ultimate way of doing business online. Because it is actually your own online shop. And building it nowadays does not require any technical knowledge at all! You already have a website with automatic comparators for, for example, the latest prices for internet, TV and calling together in 1 minute. Or a complete webshop in 30 minutes.

We are happy to explain it to you in our article making money with a website . And don't think that you need a large starting capital for this, because you already have a domain name for 1 US dollar and you always get free software with your hosting package in which you can create the site or shop.