Borrow money outside of BKR: 6 options

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Borrow money outside of BKR ?

Because otherwise you cannot get a loan at all?

Because you have a (negative) registration?

There are still other options, it depends a bit on how much credit you need and your own preferences.

We present them to you and then you can decide which one can work for you.

In this article:

Mini loan or payday loan

You can take out a so-called mini loan up to an amount of 2000 US dollar. That is a credit of a relatively lower sum of money. The advantage of this is that the providers run a lower risk and are therefore more flexible in the application process.

How much smoother? Well no BKR check , no questions about, for example, your contract or income . You just need to upload your ID to documents and have a personal guarantor. And if you don't have one, you can even have it arranged.

There are two providers in the Netherlands that offer this product, Money Now and Saldodipje . Honestly, it doesn't really matter which one you choose which they both have exactly the same conditions and interest rates, see the calculation examples below.

This type of loan is also applicable for emergencies, because it is also sometimes called a flash loan because you can apply for it in 5 minutes and it can be in your bank account within 24 hours after approval of your application.

In addition to the low amounts, the short term is also characteristic of this type of credit. You pay back within 15 days to 4 months. This is mainly a bridge until you receive your next salary, bonus or refund from the tax authorities, for example. But now you already have to replace your broken refrigerator, for example. Or would you like to buy a super nice camera for your holiday in two weeks, but you just don't have enough balance.

Remember that borrowing money always costs money and that you must be able to pay back quickly. The advantage of the short term, however, is that the interest rate in absolute terms can not rise that long, while the interest rates are somewhat higher in percentage.

See these calculation examples:

If you borrow 200 US dollars , you pay this back in one go after 30 days, including an interest of 0.97 US dollars .

With a loan of 500 US dollars , the term is the same and the interest you owe is a total of 2.47 .

You pay 800 US dollars after 45 days, plus an interest amount of 9.30 US dollars .

As a last example, 1400 US dollars . You pay it back in three installments of 31 days each and the interest is then all together 16.74 US dollars .

Old or restored BKR registration

If you need more than 2000 US dollars, a mini loan is not sufficient and you still end up with the regular loan types in the Netherlands, namely a personal loan or revolving credit . But then banks and lenders are not happy when you arrive with your BKR registration.

However, not all providers are equally straightforward and it also depends on the type of notification you have. A negative registration is not the other. If you have a recovery report where you have made up payment arrears, it is already a completely different story, and an old registration from a few years ago is viewed differently than one from last month. A report of the occurrence of NHG on your mortgage is also a special case.

There are two intermediaries who can help you find a lender who is willing to cooperate in your case. Of course you can request all kinds of offers yourself, but Credit Group USA (restored, old report from a few years ago or a NHG report; credit from 5000 $) knows exactly which banks are willing to listen to your story.

Request a quote from them and they will find a solution for you. This is still non-committal and free, so what are you holding back? Do you also want to get started with the search for good interest rates and providers who want to think along? See the best loan rates of the moment live below. You can click through to the providers for more information or use "all loan rates" to compare even more specifically for certain loan forms or goals.

Private loan

Is there really no institution that wants to lend you money because of your BKR report? Then a private loan is another option. This means borrowing without the intervention of a bank, often from friends or family. Make sure you make very good agreements, because money often leads to a lot of arguments.

You can find all kinds of model agreements online that you can use for this, so that there is something on paper, and everything can be clear, right? Also think carefully about who you are going to ask this because in the event that a dispute does arise, this often does not just go well

Borrowing from private individuals / marketplace

Of course you can also borrow money from strangers . But you should not just trust people who offer you a loan online. They may try to scam you or have other bad intentions that will only get you into much deeper trouble.

Besides, you don't know where the money comes from. Maybe it is criminal money that you are unwittingly laundering . Just explain that to the judge… no please stay far away from it!

Pawn things

This is a phenomenon that you see a lot in America. They are called pawn shops there, here we call it a pawn shop . You can pledge your belongings there and get money for it. And it is really a loan because for a certain period you can just buy back those things.

That right will expire and then the business will sell your stuff to recoup their money. So you do take the risk of losing the things that you are pledging, so we recommend that you do not do this with your wedding ring if you are not sure that you can buy it back in time!

And do not think that this is an advantageous solution, of course you always get a lot less money for your things than they are actually worth, that is the revenue model of these types of stores!

Don't borrow but ...

We talk about loans all the time now, but that really isn't the only route to getting money. Certainly not if you are not in a great hurry. For example, you can also save for a large purchase that you want to make and that way save yourself a lot of interest. But that might take a little too long?

Then make sure you earn more! Yes that sounds almost too easy, does n't it? But it really is, read our article making money via the internet . There you will find 44 reliable and proven ways to earn extra online with which you can easily bring in a few hundred US dollars per month . And they are so simple that you don't even have to think about it.