Borrow money without additional costs

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borrow money without additional costs

Are you looking for a loan, but do you not want to incur additional costs ?

Logical, because borrowing already costs you enough!

Here are a number of things you can pay attention to.

Plus a number of different options at a glance, depending on the amount you need.

In this article:

Always pay attention to the Annual Cost Percentage

When you apply for a loan, always do it in the first place with a reliable lender. That really doesn't necessarily have to be your own bank, because you might be able to get a much better deal elsewhere. As in a lower interest rate, we mean of course.

But do pay attention in the first place to recognition from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Only borrow money from an institution that has this certificate! Then you can be sure that Dutch legislation is correctly applied, such as maximum interest rates, for example, so that you do not pay too much.

The Annual Cost Percentage (APR) is also related to this. In the Netherlands, loan providers must communicate this percentage. This must include all costs , so interest but also all additional matters. There is even a legal maximum for that interest.

Separate costs may therefore not be charged. In fact, in the Netherlands it is forbidden to charge closing costs or brokerage costs with loans! As soon as this is reported, you can be sure that you are sitting at the table with an unreliable party ...


There is one small exception to this , but that is a good one. To be assigned a loan, you must meet a lot of conditions. This is how your creditworthiness is examined.

This is one of the reasons that the BKR exists in the Netherlands, or the credit registration office where all credits are kept. In this way they want to prevent people from borrowing too much at the same time. Purely for self-protection so that they do not run into money problems . If you no longer pay off a loan properly, there will quickly be more costs and fines involved and you will not get it out.

However, there is a back door: if you yourself are not eligible for a loan on the basis of, for example, a low income or that you do not have a permanent contract, you can ask someone to guarantee you who does meet those requirements. can meet. For example your parents or a good friend. The bottom line is that if you do not repay, they will also be held liable.

But because not everyone has such a person in his or her environment, there are parties who want to arrange a guarantor for you against payment. This way you can still get a loan where that normally would not be possible at all, but separate costs will be charged for this service.

Borrow up to 2000 US dollars

Now that you know what to look out for, we will briefly introduce you to the types of loans that are available. A small loan, up to $ 2,000 - you probably know, also called a payday loan or loan mini . In the Netherlands, the AFM has banned many providers here and only Money Now (worldwide market leader) and remain. They are therefore reliable.

They work neatly with an APR and have the option to arrange a paid guarantee. The advantage of this product is that they do not work with many rules at all, due to the relatively low amount of the loan. So no pay slip, no documents or papers except your ID card or passport. Not even a BKR review . And then you have the money in your account within 24 hours.

Especially useful for bridging a short period, because repayment is always within 15 days to a maximum of four months. For example, you can already buy something with your holiday pay or bonus that you are almost getting. Realize that you must therefore also be able to pay back. The advantage of the short term is that your costs are less high in absolute terms than with a long term, because you pay less interest for a long time:

By way of illustration: if you take out a credit for 1500 US dollars, you will pay off half after 31 days and the rest after 62 days. The total interest costs then come to 13.02 euros.

Borrow more up to 75,000 US dollars

If you need more than a mini loan, you will have to deal with a revolving credit or personal loan in the Netherlands. Because the types of credit are also laid down in law in the Netherlands to prevent wrongdoing. Here, too, communication must take place in APR.

In the overview below you will find the best loan interest deals of the moment. This comparison is live and real-time! You can surf directly to the providers for an application or use the button “all loan interest” to compare even more specifically on, for example, only personal loans, borrowing for a car or refinancing an existing loan.

NB: these are all providers with AFM recognition and therefore no additional costs are charged here.

Free advice from an expert in loans

Perhaps you would like a recognized specialist to look with you to find the best type of loan and the best deal for your loan purpose? Netherlands Credit Group is the specialist you even free to request a quote. You can compare that sharp interest with your own comparison!

And if you accept that quote, there are of course no costs involved, the offer is not only free of charge, but also completely without obligation . They will then arrange the further application for you, so that saves hassle.

Alternative to borrowing: earn extra!

Borrowing is not the only way to get money. Now you don't have to ask your boss for a raise, because you can also earn it yourself! That may sound difficult, complicated, or like a lot of work, but it is not.

Earning money via the internet is easier than you think. We've outlined 6 reliable and proven methods that can easily earn you a few hundred US dollars a month in your spare time, or even a full income if you really put in some work. Read it over and try a few, the worst that can happen is you make some money with them!