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BKR Review Bypassing: all possibilities

11/02/2021 - If you have a negative BKR registration, this makes a lot of things difficult: not only apply for a loan, but even a mobile phone subscription. We will discuss how you can circumvent this, but also prevent and restore it in this blog.

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Borrowing money as a Temporary Worker / Flexworker is possible!

22/01/2021 - Do you have a temporary job and are you wondering whether you can get a loan? Certainly. We are happy to list the options for you, but you have to keep an eye on what phase you are in and through which temporary employment collective labor agreement you work.

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Lenders without BKR testing in NL

03/12/2021 - There are many providers in the credit market, but which ones can you turn to if you do not want to have a BKR check done? Very few indeed, but they are there. We list them and give you some alternative routes.

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Emergency loan without BKR Testing Applications

08/10/2021 - Sometimes you suddenly run into a financial setback, such as your car breaking down but you really can't do without it. How will you pay for the repair or replacement? Especially if you have a BKR registration, urgent borrowing seems difficult, but that is not necessary.

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Flash credit without BKR Testing Applications

24/09/2021 - A flash loan or flash loan is another name for a mini loan. You can therefore request and receive it with the same benefits and speed. But on the other hand, there are also the same conditions and disadvantages that you should pay attention to.

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Mini loan without BKR Assessment

22/09/2021 - You can take out a mini loan (up to 1500 US dollar) without requiring a review at the BKR. We explain why, where you need to be and what the characteristics of these types of loans are exactly.

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Borrow money outside of BKR: 6 options

15/09/2021 - If you want to apply for a loan, you always have to deal with the BKR, it seems, but that is not necessary. Especially if you do not have a great chance of a successful application due to a negative registration, it is good to know that we have other options.

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Borrow money with Temporary Contract / Employment

08/09/2021 - Do you not have a permanent but temporary appointment with your employer? But do you want to borrow money and do you wonder whether that will work? Because this may not be possible with a temporary contract? Then read this article, there are more options than you may still think.

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Borrow money without a permanent contract

07/08/2021 - Do you not (yet) have a contract for an indefinite period? Or an employment contract as a temporary worker or without fixed hours? Then you can also get a loan, we put the options together.

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Borrow money within 24 hours on your Account

15/07/2021 - Applying for a loan can take a while, let alone until you really have the amount available! But there are ways in which it is quickly on your couch, even within a day. We will explain which they are.

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Borrow money without a bank statement

06/07/2021 - Getting a loan or credit is a complicated process in which you have to show many things, including an insight into your financial household. Would you rather not have this? It is not always necessary if you know where to go.

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Borrow money easily without difficulty

12/05/2021 - Applying for a loan is often complicated and time consuming. That is quite an effort and inconvenience, while it is by no means certain whether you will get the loan at all. That can be done differently. How exactly, we describe in this article.

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Borrow money without questions

18/04/2021 - Tricky and difficult questions, which you will get when you apply for a loan, right? Not always. In certain cases, applying for and receiving a credit is a lot easier, we explain in this article.

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Borrow money without checking? Which can

10/03/2021 - Do you want to take out a loan, but without checking your income, BKR check or difficult questions? That is possible and we are happy to explain it to you. It depends a bit on exactly how much you need, but you do not have to specify in advance.

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Borrow money with Short term / Period / Term

13/02/2021 - You often take out a loan for a relatively long period so that you can pay back calmly. But then it also costs you relatively much interest. What if you only need a smaller amount for a short while and can pay it back quickly? We are going to talk about that, because it can certainly be beneficial.

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Up to 1000 - 1500 US dollars Borrow without BKR

26/01/2021 - A few hundred US dollars, or at least a maximum of fifteen hundred. Up to and including that amount, you can take out a credit or loan relatively easier. We explain how this is possible and where you should be.

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Urgently Need Cash? 5 Solutions

17/12/2019 - If you really need immediate access to money urgently, that seems impossible. But that's not it. We describe a few quick options for you that can work for everyone. They often work within a few days.

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Borrow money privately with Negative BKR Registration

03/11/2019 - If you want to apply for a loan, this is difficult if you do not pass the BKR check. But not everything is impossible. In this article, we would like to list the options for you so that you may still be able to claim a credit.

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Borrow money without additional costs

09/10/2019 - In the past, you had to pay attention to the fine print when signing the contract for a financial product, such as a loan or mortgage. Nowadays we are well protected by the law, the AFM and the BKR. Against malpractice but also against ourselves ...

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Borrow money with AOW benefit / Pension

25/09/2019 - Is your working life over? Delicious! But can you still get credit? Isn't that also a benefit? And I'm too old? No, everything is still possible here too. We point out the important points.

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7 x Borrowing money with a benefit

19/08/2019 - Are you receiving benefits? Whether this is a WW, WWB, WAO or other type of allowance, it does not have to prevent you from being granted a loan. We are happy to explain what you can do with each type of benefit in this article, read the options carefully. Think extra carefully whether taking out a loan is advisable in your situation!

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Borrow money without income / Proof of income

05/08/2019 - Don't have a job or other kind of earnings? Then it can be very difficult to get a loan. But don't worry, there are still a number of options and we would like to discuss them with you in this article. However, consider whether it is wise to take out a credit in your situation, because you must be able to repay!

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Borrowing money and paying off quickly: the best options

26/07/2019 - Borrowing always costs money, but if you pay off quickly, it costs less. The sooner and faster you pay off early, the better it is. In this article we will go into this in more detail. How can you best deal with this?

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Flash credit / Mini loan without Guarantor & Credit check

25/07/2019 - Yes, you can get a loan even without a guarantee and check of your creditworthiness. A mini loan, that is. But that is still up to 1500 US dollars. We explain how this works, how you can request this within 10 minutes and have it on your account within 24 hours.

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The Best Loan Rates? View the Lowest Premiums now!

10/07/2019 - You should preferably borrow as cheaply as possible. And that means at the best rate, or the lowest premium / interest. But how do you find them and what is involved? We'll take you by the hand to find the best deal.

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Take out a small loan without a Payslip

14/06/2019 - If you want to borrow a modest amount, you can often do this with fewer hurdles. For example, you can borrow up to 1500 US dollars without having to show proof of your salary or even check whether you have a registration with the BKR in Tiel ... we tell you where to go.

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Borrowing cheap money = finding low interest & more

30/05/2019 - Borrowing money costs money, but that does not mean that you can still close a more advantageous deal with smart comparisons and our tips! In this article we explain how you can save yourself a lot of money when taking out a credit.

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6 x Smart Borrowing for Car

09/05/2019 - Do you want to borrow for a car? That can be a good idea in some cases, but do it carefully! After all, borrowing money costs money. We give you 6 things to think about, which will help you with this.

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Borrow money urgently without paperwork

20/04/2019 - Applying for and taking out a loan is in many cases an administrative hassle. Lots of forms, documents and papers. Not surprising because of course you get money from someone who wants to be sure that you are reliable, but there are ways in which it can be done easier and faster. And we present them to you in this blog.

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Borrow money easily without hassle

04/03/2019 - You thought that applying for a loan is difficult and that there is a lot of hassle involved? Not always! In this article we point out some simple facts and parties where things might just go a little easier.

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Request a direct loan within 10 minutes

09/02/2019 - Apply for a loan without much hassle and see it appear on your account in no time, it is possible! You can fill in everything within 5 minutes and immediately after approval of your application, it can be paid within 24 hours.

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Borrow money quickly without BKR

24/01/2019 - Do you want to take out a loan urgently? Which can. We will tell you how to arrange this, where you need to be, how fast it goes and possibly also what alternatives are. Because borrowing money costs money, think carefully before you take out a loan!

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Money directly into your Account ... within 1 hour ?!

29/12/2018 - Can you immediately get money into your bank account if necessary? Even within 60 minutes? That is very challenging, but 24 hours should at least succeed and not necessarily just by borrowing. We discuss some options with you, depending on your preferences and goals with the money.

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I need money! With Urgency & Today

28/11/2018 - Sometimes you are very short of money, so much that you need it immediately. Preferably the same day. Now you can apply for an emergency loan at a sky-high interest rate, but that will only cost you a lot more money in the end. There are other options that we calmly present to you in this article.

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Get money today without borrowing

12/10/2018 - Borrowing money is not the only way to get money quickly. In fact, we see it perhaps more as a last option. Borrowing costs money, while you can also earn money via the internet in a short time. You have to know where to go, because there are also plenty of websites that want to take advantage of your need to get euros.

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