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24 hours

Applying for and taking out a loan is a difficult and often slow process.

That is not convenient if you need the money quickly.

But there are also ways in which you can have it arranged and paid out within 24 hours .

And they are simpler than you might think now ...

It just depends on how much you need exactly.

In this article:

Loan up to $ 2,000

The types of loans that you can take out in the Netherlands can roughly be divided into two categories . Up to and including two thousand US dollars you can get a so-called mini loan or flash credit , above that you will be able to choose between a personal loan or a revolving credit .

More forms are not possible, or you must need a business loan. We will not consider a private loan or a loan with collateral (such as a mortgage). Technically, being in the red at the bank and a credit card is also a loan.

Back to the mini loan. This is actually the only form of borrowing money where you can expect the money in your account within 24 hours. In fact, the two providers of this in NL, Money Now and Saldodipje , even promise to deliver on this. NB: these parties have exactly the same conditions, so it does not matter with which of the two you apply for the loan.

The fact that the process is so fast has everything to do with the amount of these loans. Because it is not very high, the risk for the provider is less and therefore less paperwork is required and fewer checks are carried out. So you only need to show a valid ID such as your passport or ID card and nothing else. There is also no BKR review.

Applying will therefore only take you 5 minutes. With approval that often follows quickly, the money is transferred immediately. Rightly a product when you are in a certain rush or urgency. But keep reading.

It is a specific way of borrowing where you have to remember that the terms are short . Not only for applying, but also for paying off. For example, you must always repay the loan within 15 to 124 days (4 months). So really see it as a short-term bridging where you already know for sure that you will receive money in a short period of time with which you can pay off the loan.

For example, if you are almost getting your holiday pay or a bonus. Or even a hefty refund from the tax authorities or energy company. But you already want to buy that new camera for your holiday because you are about to leave or because your car is now broken and you really have to go straight to the garage.

The advantage of the short term is that you also pay less interest on the loan amount. So you keep those costs lower in an absolute sense, even if the interest is relatively high in percentage. Some calculation examples:

If you borrow $ 500 , you pay it back in one go after 30 days plus an interest of $ 2.47

For example, if you borrow $ 1,200, you pay this back in 2 installments of 31 days each and the interest costs are a total of $ 10.54

If you borrow the maximum 2,000 $, you pay it back in 4 equal installments of 31 days each and the total interest is 29.14 $

24 hour countdown clock

Loans above that limit

But what if a mini loan is not enough? Can you still expect a loan on your account within 24 hours? Most likely not. As mentioned earlier, you will then end up with a personal loan or revolving credit . You can only request this from 2,500 US dollar or 5,000 US dollar depending on the provider, but then also easy up to 75,000 and higher.

Of course they will ask more questions for such amounts. And do they want to see things such as your income and do a check at the BKR in Tiel whether you are creditworthy and do not have too many loans, can they be wrong?

What is handy nowadays is that you can easily arrange all this online and so it can still run fairly smoothly. For example, below you can find the best loan interest deals of the moment in a small overview. Via the links you can immediately submit a request for a quote or close immediately.

Via the button “all loan interest” you can make even more comparisons, such as only a certain loan form or specifically for a purpose such as a loan for a car or renovation.

Tip: request multiple quotes, so you can see where you can go the fastest + which party wants to give you the best conditions.

Free advice to find the cheapest loan

Are you unable to reach an agreement or do you find it difficult to determine which loan or which lender you should go for? Do you like it when someone looks with you and advises you what to do? After all, it is about your finances and you want to make a good choice.

No problem Credit Group Netherlands looking for free with you and great and especially most advantageous loan for your question. A quotation is not only free of charge but also without obligation, so be sure to bring this batch with you. Maybe they can find an even better deal than you already negotiated.

Borrowing alternatives

Are you unable to resolve the issue, or do you not want to incur the costs of a loan? After all, borrowing money always costs money. Well then there are quite some alternatives. This way you can first save for what you want to buy, but it sometimes takes quite a long time.

But making money through the internet is a good option. By generating some extra income , you may not need that loan at all. And make no mistake: without any knowledge, investment or risk, you can start making a few hundred US dollars more per month today .

We give you six methods for this that are guaranteed to work and in which we have personally tested the websites that we recommend for you for reliability. Some ways are so simple you don't even have to think about it ...