MediaMarkt Cashback: the Highest Discount

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media market cashback

MediaMarkt, I'm not crazy !

Of course you also regularly buy at this store.

They already offer a very good price for consumer electronics such as TVs, white goods and smartphones,

but you can get on top even more cashback discount!

We tell you where to go for the highest cashback.

So that you can purchase your new Samsung, Braun, LG or Tefal product even cheaper .

In this article:

Discounts compared

In this comparison, we look at the top 10 best cashback sites in the Netherlands , to find out where you can get the highest discount. They are in that original order, so the best site is Euroclix etc. Read that article for more information about this.

In this comparison, however, Shopbuddies comes out as the best for this specific store, because they do not have the highest discount here. So if you are looking for a cashback program to shop cheaply at MediaMarkt , you have to become a member there. Saves a lot of money!

Cashback site Cashback discount at MediaMarkt
1. Euroclix 1.02% discount
2. iPay 0.75% discount
3. NuCash 0.75% discount
4. Cashback Discount 1.50% discount
5. Save Portal not a partner of MediaMarkt
6. Crazy gold 0.75% discount
7. Survey Club 1.50% discount
8. ShopBuddies 3.00% discount
9. Instantly Earned not a partner of MediaMarkt
10. Money race not a partner of MediaMarkt

What else you should pay attention to

It is not for nothing that Shopbuddies scores very well in this comparison, but less so in the general ranking. That has to do with a lot of factors. There are many cashback websites that offer, in addition to a cashback discount, other ways in which you can save and earn money faster through their program.

So if you are only looking for a way for MediaMarkt to make your purchases there cheaper, it is smart to do that via Shopbuddies . But if you are looking for a good site to save or earn money anyway, then it is smart to also become a member of Euroclix , that certainly does not mix up.

The latter also offers the possibility to earn by completing surveys, playing games, reading e-mails and much more. As a result, you will only be able to cash out faster and get money back into your account earlier.

Save more

Be open to even more great ways to save money. Then we would like to tell you more about this! Earning cashback is certainly a very good method, but there are many more ways to save money on the internet and that is easier than you think.

Take our short money saving test . In this way you will find out in 15 yes / no questions how you can reduce the most common burdens of an average Dutch family. And that potentially saves you more than 10,000 US dollars on an annual basis without you having to do or not do anything for it.

Earn more

But in addition to cashback sites, there are also many more opportunities to make money on the internet . We give you the 6 most important ones that deliver proven and reliable money, from extra income to serious income. Without investment, investment, required technical knowledge or any risk.

Give them a try, if necessary next to each other you will only earn more. Filling in surveys for money, for example, is really fun too and will earn you just a few tens per month and if you sign up at all 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium, this can go up to a few hundred US dollars.

About MediaMarkt

MediaMarkt is one of the largest providers of consumer electronics in the Netherlands and Europe. They offer a very wide range of audio / video, (game) computers, white goods, telecom, entertainment and much more. And because they compare all their prices with those of their 25 biggest competitors, you always benefit from fair prices and competitive offers on tens of thousands of products.

So whether you are looking for a coffee maker, smartphone or a new game, they have it all! Online you can choose from a very wide range of electronics, CDs, white goods, telecom, (game) computers, photo cameras and much more. Take advantage of very competitive offers on various articles or product categories every week.