7 x Earning money at home / from home

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Earning money at home

Do you want to make money?

But don't you feel like leaving home?

Don't worry, there is such a thing as online working from home . This means that you can earn extra from home, so via the internet.

Can you nicely bring in some extra money and also stay at home. Besides your job, or next to the household.

We recommend these 7 ways, where you can even combine several methods for extra income! Note, they increase in difficulty and risk, so read our tips carefully.

In this article:

1. Complete surveys for money

You can fill in surveys in exchange for money . Easily create paid market research and questionnaires and you get good rewards for that. The earnings can be just $ 500 per month .

The plus is that you can do it quietly from your armchair, on your laptop or tablet. It can even be done on your phone via an app ... Here you will find the best reliable survey sites in NL and Belgium.

2. Earning cashback

This way is more like saving money, and maybe it is. Earning cashback means that you register (for free) at special cashback sites. They give you money back on purchases you make at webshops they work with. And you do n't have to do anything for that!

It can even be as much as 15%, also on offers and promotions. View the best cashback sites , which work with thousands of online stores, including all the big names such as Bol.com, Zalanda, Wehkamp, ​​Coolblue etc. Perhaps earn you $ 1000 per year or more!

3. Online savings programs

Savings programs pay you for simple and simple actions. You will receive compensation for reading e-mails, clicking on links, playing games, giving likes and much more.

You often also receive cashback through savings programs and you can complete surveys for a fee. That is why you can get quite a lot of income together. This is the top 10 best online savings programs .

4. Make money with Facebook

You must have an account on Facebook right? And other social media? Then we have news for you, you can not only share photos and spy on your friends, but also earn income ! How?

We will tell you that on our special page about making money with Facebook . You didn't think that this free media with which you can reach thousands of people has no possibilities? You can even turn this into your full-time job!

Do you prefer to use other social media? Also fine. Then you should read our article making money with social media , in which we direct you to ways to make money from all major social media, from Youtube to Instagram and Snapchat.

Affiliate Marketing

You don't have to deliver a product or service yourself to be able to sell it. In fact, there is an entire industry where the goal is to advertise other companies, for a fee of course. Thousands of people in the Netherlands already earn money with this, and a lot too!

For example via your site blog or YouTube channel. Check out our How To Get Started Today page and our tips on how to make the most of your affiliate marketing .

6. Start your own website

Affiliate marketing can also be applied to your own website. But that's just one of the many ways you can make money with a site. Whether it is a blog, vlog, web store, informational site and so on.

We even know a way in which you can start your own comparison site or webshop in 1 minute! How? Read more on our page about earning with your own website .

7. Investing

You can always invest. Could you have thought about it? Please note that there are always risks involved! But with our tips you will learn to limit this risk as much as possible, so that you can actually make a profit, because that is the intention, right? For example, you can invest on the stock exchange, invest in CFD or in cryptocurrency . Whatever suits you best, always go for the best broker in the Netherlands .

Which way suits you?

Here they are, the best 7 ways of working from home online. Which do you choose? We recommend that you try several anyway so that you find out which one suits you and your objective.

Moreover, you earn more with it. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. The great thing is that you can decide for yourself how much time you spend on it. But the rule is always: the more you do your best, the more it will yield you.

Some will get you a few tens to a few hundred US dollars a month, but the more difficult ways have so much potential that you can generate a complete income from them.

Worse still: you can become a millionaire more, filthy rich! Yes, there is a lot of luck involved, we also just have to work for our money, but maybe you are the new Pewdiepie, or the inventor of the new Marktplaats or Bol.com? In any case, there is nothing or nobody to stop you :-)

Are these the only ways. No ... But beware: there are many websites and companies on the internet where you can earn money. Some are reliable, others not at all. Moreover, it is smart to choose a method that suits you.

For example, erotic webcamming might not be your thing for a fee ...? Packing things has now disappeared a bit, and nowadays companies do their own administration with all the smart software programs. We do not recommend these types of vacancies, they are often time-consuming and the remuneration is disappointing. Then you better start with the above methods first.