4 x Simple Earning Money via the Internet

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simple math?

How can I easily earn money via the internet?

Good question.

We give you tips and present you which 4 ways you can best use!

They just ca n't go wrong , there's nothing difficult about it.

In this article:

1. Complete surveys for a fee

The simplest way is to fill in surveys for money . By this we mean completing market research for payment. Usually these are questionnaires, but sometimes you can also test products or you are asked to view a new advertisement or website. All you need is an email address with which you can register yourself for free at the best paid survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium .

You will then automatically receive invitations to participate in research. You know in advance exactly how much the reward is, and you can know for yourself which surveys you will or will not participate in. But the more you do fill in, the more you earn of course. In total you can earn at least $ 300 per month, but this can amount to perhaps more than $ 500. Especially if you register yourself with multiple panels at the same time!

2. Earning cashback

In fact, this method is so easy, you earn with it without doing anything! Without thinking! Yes - it's almost like passive income.

There is a way to get free money back on all your online purchases at more than 2500 web shops. Up to 15% and with all major brands including Bol.com, Coolblue, Zalando, Aliexpress and many more. And also on top of actions and promotions!

All you have to do is join one of the best cashback sites in the Netherlands for free . You then automatically claim the cashback, and if you install a special toolbar, it all goes without saying. You then only have to transfer it to your bank account. You are only too happy to take that effort, right ?!

All things considered, since you can buy everything online nowadays, you can easily add hundreds of euros to your balance. You can think long about whether this is a way of earning or saving, but at the bottom of the line we say: money is money!

3. Online savings programs

You have simple, and then there is such a thing as deadly simple . With savings programs, you already get a reward for reading e-mail, clicking links, playing games and many more things you can do without thinking.

You always get a few cents for all those actions. This may seem like little and not worthwhile, but: many small amounts also quickly add up to a nice earnings, as long as you do it often enough!

Fortunately, there are also many good savings programs in the Netherlands . By registering with several you can still earn a lot. You can often take part in paid surveys through these programs and also receive cashback. This means that you can earn extra. Even worse, with all savings programs you already receive a registration bonus of a few euros.

4. Earn from your Social Media

Who doesn't have a social media account these days? Even the older generation is moving nowadays or Facebook, Youtube and Whatsapp. It is therefore an easy medium to come into contact with a lot of people. But very few people know that it is also easy to make money from this.

This while it is not that difficult at all. Because you can reach so many people, you can also easily share things. And you can convert those messages into financial benefits in various ways. We have 4 different ways for you to do that.

And because you are already a member of multiple social media, you can start today! The earning potential is gigantic, you could even turn it into your profession or start your own company!

Do you prefer to earn a lot quickly?

Of course these are not the only methods with which you can make money online. However, they are the simplest and risk-free ways. However, are you looking for a lot of money in a short time? Then you better look at our page about making money quickly or making a lot of money .

With this you will not only earn extra, but really score serious amounts . Yes, you too can get rich via the internet. But then you have to be prepared to take a little more risk. So do invest, but use a starting capital. Please read our tips carefully, because then you avoid the greatest chances of loss!

That's a lot of information, now what?

So much choice, where the hell do you start? We recommend that you try one by one which way suits you best. Start with filling in surveys , and continue with the top 4. It is wise to eventually master several methods and always register at multiple sites. So multiple survey sites, cashback sites and savings programs. Why? Simple: you earn more money! So combine it all together so that you reach your goal faster!

The frameworks are also fairly simple: you can start with all four methods today. All you need is internet access, be it through your phone / tablet / laptop, and an email address. Sometimes a social media account is also useful, but we assume that you already have one. You do not need: a starting capital or technical knowledge to build a website, for example. So you don't have to take any risks and you don't need luck. It is 100% certain that you will earn money. Worse still: it is already very predictable how much you will earn.

That also means that it is free to participate, and also completely without obligation. There are no further obligations and you are not committed to anything. When you register with the sites that we recommend, you usually receive a starting bonus of a few euros. And because we have also tested all sites ourselves by registering ourselves anonymously, we also know for sure that they are all reliable. The money you earn actually arrives in your bank account.