5 x Earning money with Youtube

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How can you make money with Youtube?

And be able to add the same salary as stars such as Enzoknol and Pewdiepie ?

They have become super rich with Youtube ...

And you can too!

In this article we give you 5 methods that you can apply today.

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

So this is the best way! Why? With affiliate marketing you advertise the products of others . This means that you do not have to produce products yourself. This has many advantages. You can start in a simpler way, you do not have to make a pre-investment, keep stock, nor take any risks.

Because you work via Youtube, you do not have to build your own website. Youtube is also free and your own website is not. You don't have to have many followers to be able to sell something. Finally, and that is the most important, with this way you earn the most! There are countless people who no longer have to work for their boss, but have turned affiliate marketing into their own company.

The advantage is that you can know what you are promoting yourself. But how do you get companies that want to work with you whose products you can sell? There is a special network for this in the Netherlands called Daisycon . With free registration and 1600 campaigns / companies, the possibilities are enormous. From various web shops to well-known brands, from mobile phones to energy suppliers, you can't think of it that way!

How exactly does it work? You can read that on our page about affiliate marketing . In any case, you can easily place your affiliate links under your video. If people buy something via that link, you get money for it. Sometimes even just for a click on the link!

2. Turn on YouTube ads

The "standard" way of making money on Youtube is a built-in feature. Once you have your own channel with videos on it, you can easily turn on a button to show advertisements. You know, those advertisements you see for videos, or the banners during the videos.

You do not have to arrange all this yourself, but it is automatically arranged at the touch of a button . As you may know, YouTube is part of Google, and the advertisements that you can display in your video also work via Google Adsense. Via this free tool you can also keep track of how much income you generate and have your earnings paid out to your bank account.

How much you earn depends on the views and which ads are shown. This in turn depends on the visitor and the content of your video. However, you can expect a reward of 40 cents to 4 US dollars per 1000 views. No, that does not seem much . It is also less than the other affiliate marketing method, but the advantage is that you can use this way as a bonus. So in addition to the other ways you can turn it on.

However, with this method you have to adhere to a lot of rules: it is your own channel and you are therefore responsible for all content. In addition to the content guidelines, you must also own the content of the video. Only then do you have the commercial rights to generate income from Google ads. This means that you have to own and create everything in the video.

Another option is to use content from others and ask for permission to make money with it. You must be able to demonstrate this to Youtube. Finally, you can use content from the public domain. This is content that anyone can use for free. You can read more about this in the FAQ of Youtbe. Always stick to the rules, otherwise you will be thrown off without mercy!

3. Own advertisements

Instead of (or in addition to) the standard YouTube ads, you can also sell advertising space yourself. Certainly if you have a popular channel with many followers (subscribers), comments and likes, then there are companies that are willing to spend money to advertise on it. You can then refer to your customer in your video or with the links below.

The advantage of this method is that you already get paid in advance purely for placing an advertisement. This can go per thousands of euros! But then you need a lot of followers. This method is also widely used on Instagram, for example, but mainly to allow popular and well-known celebrities to wear / promote certain clothing, brands or fashion.

4. Drive traffic to website

As you may have seen, we also give advice on how to earn money with your own website . Since many people search for things via Youtube (instead of Google), this is a smart channel to get visitors to your website. Another additional advantage is that YouTube videos often also score high in the Google search engine ... of course because Google owns YouTube.

Another smart advantage is that you can also add your videos to your website with a simple code. Google gives you extra "points" for that, so that your site will be found better via the Google search engine. So it works both ways.

5. Selling your own products

You don't necessarily have to advertise for others, but of course you can also do that for your own products. It is even a very good channel to bring your products or services to the attention of a wide audience. You can also advertise and explain a product much more substantively in a video than in a simple static advertising banner or folder. But then you have to come up with, make and send a product.

To work

You may find that not all ways are mentioned, but we only present you the five best ways. Saves you a lot of reading and you earn more with it. You have to know for yourself which methods you use, you can even combine them for extra turnover!

This is not for all Youtubers, but you will be surprised how easy it is to start your own channel and show your videos and movies to the billions of visitors of this popular site. How much income you can earn with this depends on many factors and the method you choose. However, we strongly recommend that you preferably use method 1, because with affiliate marketing you earn by far the best via Youtube!

Extra information

A paid channel

The success of all methods always remains that you want to have many views. So your videos have to be watched often. Then you automatically earn more. So you need followers, likes, comments under your videos. You only get that if you offer something valuable to the people who watch your video. So key is good content, and if you do it really well, people will even pay to get you access to your channel or specific videos. You can also arrange this yourself via Youtube.

Other video sites

Youtube is of course not the only video site. You can also use other "youtubes", think of Vimeo or Zideo. Of course you can also distribute your videos to other well-known social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

The future

There is an important reason that you should use YouTube as a revenue model. Youtube is the future! Much more people watch on demand, regular TV is dying. Nobody wants to wait for a program to start anymore. That is why more and more young people no longer watch TV, but when they feel like it via Netflix or Youtube. It is expected that this will only become more popular.