4 x creative Earning money with Linkedin

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Are you on Linkedin too?

And do you want to earn money with that?

Which can! It is not for nothing that it is a business network ...

Good that you read this too, because we explain 4 fun and creative ways with which you can do that easily and quickly.

Today !

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

Yes, you too can become an affiliate marketer. This means that you can advertise professionally for campaigns and promotions of companies. In other words: you can start selling their products and services and get paid if you succeed! The reimbursement is often higher than all other options , so this way is also number 1.

This means that you will only receive a reward if you actually achieve something such as a sale or a lead. You can read more about this on our special page about making money with affiliate marketing .

You can also read how you can register for free with affiliate marketing network Daisycon , where you can still advertise today for 1,600 cool companies and products such as energy suppliers, providers of mobile telephony, TV, and internet or all kinds of other diverse things.

There are already many successful entrepreneurs who have been able to stop working or even start their own company with just affiliate marketing.

2. Share paid updates

As in any social medium, you can send messages out to anyone who wants to read it. Also means that you can decide for yourself what you want to share. Obviously there are rules for this such as offensive or pornographic matters, but we assume you understand that.

The funny thing is that there are quite a lot of companies that are willing to pay you if you want to spread their message in your network. For example posting a photo, or an announcement of an event or a link to a webshop, article or website. Why?

If they post this themselves, they will only reach their followers, but if you post it, all your connections will also see it. And it turns out that when you see a post from someone you know, that you read it better AND are also more inclined to participate in actions.

Via savings programs , where you can register for free and often receive a registration bonus of a few euros when you register, you can share all kinds of promotions with 1 click of the button on Linkedin and other social media. The compensation, which is often a few cents, is then paid out by the savings program.

3. Writing articles

In addition to sharing short updates or advertisements via Linkedin, it is also possible to write longer articles on a special part of the site. Here you can go deeper into a topic.

You can therefore also share qualitative information and promote products nicely. Affiliate marketing, but also your own products and services. You can also try to interest people to visit your website or blog based on your article.

4. Filling vacancies

The profile that you can create on Linkedin mainly resembles a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Because every profile is public, so publicly viewable, it is actually a free database of millions of potential employees!

This is a golden opportunity, especially now that the labor market is picking up considerably due to the emerging economy. After all, companies are more than happy to pay for good candidates for their vacancies. A recruitment and selection agency nowadays demands 25% of the annual salary as compensation for the successful recruitment of a new employee.

To give you an idea: if you refer someone to a company and they are hired for a salary of 2500 US dollars per month, you will receive $ 8100! This is also called searching or hunting in the recruitment world.

Of course it is not as easy as it seems, because if this had been easy, the companies would do it themselves. Finding someone is only step 1, but getting someone to apply for a job and also be hired is very difficult. Still, it may be worth giving this a try. You probably have a network within your own industry, and you can approach people you know more easily.

The fact that the compensation is so high does mean that you are not the only independent recruiter. There are more than enough of them. So you really have to invest in your network and win candidates for you. You will also have to distinguish yourself at companies, because they do not just become customers of you.

About Linkedin

Linkedin is an online social network. The purpose of the website is mainly for business networking. Your personal profile is very similar to a CV. Networking can be done by making contact (linking / connecting) with others who also have a profile. You can approach and communicate with your direct contacts, but this is not possible with indirect contacts. Linkedin thus maintains a certain exclusivity. So you cannot just be approached by anyone. You must first accept this yourself.

Users register with the website for two main reasons: 1) finding a job, and vice versa, finding employees, or 2) finding business opportunities. The latter can be done directly by approaching interesting companies that could potentially be turned into customers, but also by proactively posting articles and knowledge with which you can bring your brand under attention. You can boost this to desired target groups for a fee.

In total, Linkedin has more than 500 million registered users, of which 6 million in the Netherlands and 2 million in Belgium. The remaining half a billion are by far in the United States, India, China, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Linkedin is a big name in social media, and that is also allowed with more than half a billion members all over the world. The fact that you can reach so many people immediately means that there are also many opportunities to earn something with it. Certainly because it is a specific business network on which people share and read things from their professional life, they will be more inclined to view certain commercial expressions than when they see the same post on Facebook, for example. This means that you have to adjust your communication and products accordingly.