Enquêtevergelijk.nl Reliable or Fake? Experiences / Review

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Is Enquetevergelijk.nl fake?

No, it is not.

But does it make sense to sign up?

No, not that either.

Survey comparison is not itself a survey panel at all, but only a smart website that wants your data to then register you with the real survey sites. (Because they make money from that.)

But you can also register yourself directly there . Just take a look at the Top 10 best paid survey sites in the Netherlands / Belgium.

It's that simple.

In this review:

Pros and cons

They are not themselves a research panel / agency, so they do not pay for surveys themselves.

They just want your data to pass it on to the real survey sites, because that's what they earn from.

You don't need this service at all, you can find the best paid survey sites here.

About Survey Compare

This site is basically nothing more than a smart an intermediary, part of Marketing VF Ltd, a company registered in the UK. They request your personal information and then forward it to the survey sites they work with. So they are not going to pay or reward you anything themselves, but just want to earn money from you.

That is not necessarily a bad thing if they also give good advice, but why with this method? They can also immediately tell you which survey sites are good (although that will probably only be their partners)? We find that unfortunate and unnecessary. Now their partners can even call or text you by email!

How does it work?

You can register for free and without obligation with Questionnaire. Nothing wrong with that, it does not cost you a registration fee or anything like that. Then they pass on your personal information to their partners, but who are they all?

By doing this they are rewarded from the survey sites. Of course a good right, but this also means that they always have a clear interest in which panels they recommend or do not recommend you. And there are probably good panels among them, but also lesser sites that are actually not worthwhile.

You can also simply register yourself directly with the best survey sites . You can read for yourself what the positive and negative points are and choose where to register yourself or not.

If you want more information per panel, you can also read our reviews and experiences with surveys . We have written an extensive article for each panel.

How much can you earn?

More than enough! But signing up to the bad sites is still a waste of your time and you end up earning less. We know you can earn $ 300 to $ 500 a month with the best survey panels . If you have more time to spare, then you can also participate in the bad research panels! (or register via survey comparison anyway.)

Is Enquêtevergelijk.nl reliable?

We are not going to say that this company or website is not reliable. But we do see things that don't suit us. There is only a homepage, and of course the problem that they want you all kinds of personal information and share it with their partners.

Because who knows what they will do with your information in the future? Spamming? Resell? It could all be ...


There is no point in registering, it costs you an unnecessary amount of time and while you can also register yourself directly with the right panels. There is also less risk involved.

So we say it again: these are the reliable survey sites (NL / Belgium) and you can decide for yourself whether and with which you sign up.