10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest

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Before you read about the best crypto to invest in this article, first this:

Whatever coins you are going to buy, always do this through a reliable exchange! And store them in a secure wallet.

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Okay, then on to the best cryptocurrency to buy now.

In this article:

Top 10 cryptocurrency

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1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The original crypto coin from the inventor (Satoshi Nakamoto). This also makes it the most well-known and defining for the entire market. Since many people have this currency and its value is by far the largest, this currency also has the largest market share. So you can almost say that it is reasonably certain that this coin will never disappear.

You should therefore always have this in your portfolio. The great thing is that a maximum number of coins of 21 million has been set. This number has not yet been reached and new ones are being made available every month, but this will therefore stop in the future.

This means that there is a limit to the supply of coins, while the demand will only grow. This creates scarcity, so that the currency will only gain more value. Experts predict a price of up to 1 million dollars ... that is another hundred times as high as the current price.

Bitcoin is also referred to as the digital gold because of the similar features and benefits of adding it to your investment portfolio. Many large companies are also starting to see this and buy Bitcoins on a large scale. This makes the price more stable and a way to escape inflation.

2. Ripple (XRP)

The main alternative to the Bitcoin. They not only hold the 3rd place in total market share firmly, but also another objective: Bitcoin was specifically conceived to bypass banks and governments, but Ripple works with it.

They already do business with large companies such as Bank Seventies bank and American Express, where they want to make international payment transactions better and easier with their blockchain. They succeed, because where a Bitcoin transaction can take up to 10 minutes, with Ripples it is only 3 seconds (!).

The fact that large institutions work with it also means that it is more likely that large quantities of these coins will be purchased, with which adoption and also price development always receive a significant boost. Last advantage of Ripple: due to the relatively low value you can buy many more coins, with which you can also realize a much higher return in the future.

Please note, update: There is currently a lawsuit against this company filed by the SEC, aka the AFM of the USA. The nature of the currency would be a different kind of financial instrument, but the company contradicts that. The lawsuit will start in February 2021.

3. Ethereum (ETH)

The great thing about Ethereum is that they not only have their own currency, but that their blockchain is also used for many new Crypto coins and for money collection ICOs to develop new coins. That means that they have a strong position and not for not the number 2 place in terms of market share worldwide.

4. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

This coin is a fork of the original Bitcoin. This decision was taken in 2017 after opinions about technological improvements to be adopted differed too much. Briefly explained: Bitcoin struggled with blockchain capacity problems, and some wanted to solve this with the Lightning Network, while the others chose the alternative of increasing the capacity of a block. From 1 to 8MB, and that is now 32MB. The latter option became BCH, via a so-called hard fork split of the chain. Because this technology has better scalability, this coin could do well in the future.

5. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin was created as an alternative to Bitcoin with the aim of lower costs and more speed. That goal has been achieved, and the coin has now been widely adopted in the community and can indeed compete with other major coins. Transactions are virtually free of charge making it good for the peer-to-peer market.

6. Cardano (ADA)

While Litecoin is a technical improvement of Bitcoin, Cardano is a technological improvement of Ethereum. This coin was even founded by the same founder of the Ethereum, and mainly has the advantage of better scalability through the use of smart contracts and so-called Blockchain 3.0

7. Lumens (XLM)

Lumens is also sometimes referred to as Stellar. However, Stellar is the new blockchain that has its own cryptocurrency: Lumens. All of this was conceived by the co-founder of the Ripple, with the aim of facilitating small payments between different types of traditional currencies. It thus forms a solution for the FOREX market. Just like Ripple, they do work together with large companies, such as tech giant IBM, but the network is decentralized.

8. Tron (TRX)

This currency is mainly aimed at becoming the means of payment for entertainment and content platforms and wants to compete with iTunes, Youtube, Google Play Store and the like. The advantage is the low transaction costs and the fact that you retain ownership of the content and data that is offered.

9. ARK

The innovative thing about this coin are the so-called SmartBridges, with which you can connect multiple blockchains together. This ensures fast block and transaction times. The main objective is also to make the coin as user-friendly for consumers, so that there is a lot of potential for 'the general public' to adopt this coin.

10. Stratis (STRAT)

This company is taking a completely different approach to the rapid development of the crypto world. They make it possible for other companies to set up their own blockchain, the network of the main blockchain Stratis. They therefore also target business and can thus obtain a unique position in payment traffic.

Two more interesting coins


Also known as the “Facebook coin” this is going to be a big hit, because Facebook has big plans with its own cryptocurrency. As early as 2021, they want to make it possible to pay with this currency for all kinds of services. And because they of course have a huge following on their social media, this currency can very quickly take over the market.

Guilder (NLG)

For the Dutch it is nice to know that the guilder still exists! Maybe a little patriotic, but on the other hand nice to have?

To keep in mind

The crypto market is still relatively small. Few people are really active in buying coins. The technology is of course only relatively new . You also see that the prices of different currencies still react strongly to each other. There only needs to be something new about crypto, and Bitcoin will fluctuate greatly.

In the first place you should of course always know which coins you are buying and that can be more than the above 12. You will see that the prices of the different coins follow each other reasonably predictably . Bitcoin is often leading, if it rises, the rest will follow in no time and vice versa.

We always recommend that you spread your investments over several coins. This reduces the risk of major losses. Whether, for example, a crypto coin ceases to exist. In addition, do not see crypto as your only investment instrument, but also invest in other things. And never invest with money that you cannot lose. This chance always exists.

Criteria we use

There are a number of things that play a role in compiling this top 10. Some things we think are important to include in this assessment. We are happy to explain this to you:

Technology suitable for the future

In the first place, we look at the currency and the underlying technology of the blockchain. Can the currency be used, will the technology quickly become obsolete or is it the future? As well as the programming language on which it is based. Technical improvements in new projects can eclipse older coins and techniques in the future.

Adoption / volume / market share

Indirectly, the above has a major effect on the chance of success of a currency. How quickly is a large group of people inclined to start using them (adoption). The current volume and market share are also important here. Established coins will not simply fall off the map again.

Possible profit to be made

Coins and the founders should think about future growth. Coins that focus specifically on a particular market such as consumers, businesses or financial institutions are likely to see more growth in the value of the coin. This ultimately determines the profit that you as an investor can achieve.