4 x handy Earning money with Twitter

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Are you on Twitter too?

And do you not (yet) earn money with that?

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It is very easy to raise money with your Tweets.

Below we teach you the best ways in which you can do this and give you free tips to get the most out of it.

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In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

Where you get paid per shared message with paid tweeting (option 2), you can also choose to get paid for the success of your message. By this we mean that you can also be paid per click on your message, or even per lead or sale that follows. The advantage of this is that the fees are much higher , up to hundreds of euros per sale!

To do this, you must become an affiliate marketer . That sounds scarier than it actually is. It actually means no more than that you can advertise their products and services on behalf of companies, and therefore get paid if you are successful with that.

What you can do this marketing for, and for whom, depends entirely on what you feel like doing. There are affiliate networks where you can sign up for free, that give you direct access to thousands of companies and their products, campaigns and promotions that you can share. Incidentally, the best of those networks in the Netherlands and Belgium is Daisycon , with more than 1,600 campaigns.

The companies, also known as advertisers, register there because they want to have their products sold. So you can register for free and without obligation as a marketer, also known as a publisher, and tweet those products and promotions for free.

Daisycon ensures that it keeps track of how often your tweet is clicked and when a lead or sale results from this. They also ensure that the money is transferred to your bank account.

Especially when you have a popular Twitter profile, you will see that the earnings here can increase enormously. You can even consider starting a Twitter channel on a specific topic. You can often get more followers with that and therefore earn more. There are even people who have actually been able to make their job out of this and never stop working!

2. Paid Tweets

The simplest way to make money with Twitter is to tweet for a fee. You can do this by becoming a member of various online savings programs . Here you can easily share a message at the touch of a button and you will automatically receive the reimbursement. The reward is often between 1-50 cents per shared message. The money is also paid out to your bank account through the savings program.

The reason companies like to do this is because they know that reaching a lot of people works really well. Moreover, it is also successful, because your friends are much more likely to read your messages properly than if the company posts the same message itself.

You should see this method mainly as an extra, a pocket money. It is not going to be more than an extra income. The advantage is that you can also earn money in all kinds of other ways with savings programs, so that your income can rise to $ 100 to $ 500 per month!

3. Sponsored Tweets

If you manage to build a very popular profile or channel with many followers, it can become even more fun. Then companies are extra interested in being able to tweet a message on your channel. We call this sponsored tweets.

This means that you do not receive a few cents, but thousands of euros! Note that you really need to have a lot of active followers to be able to request these kinds of amounts and also become an authority on a certain topic. You often see that celebrities or influencers receive many such requests.

4. Sell your own product

Of course you don't necessarily have to advertise to others as with option 1 Affiliate Marketing. Instead, you can also showcase your own products or services. It really does not matter what you do, whether you are a painter, accountant or gardener. Via a channel like Twitter you can bring your company to the attention of countless people!

You can also refer them to your website or webshop to actually become your customer. You can also generate good traffic to, for example, your blog, vlog or YouTube channel to draw more attention to your articles and videos. Look for tips on how to make money with your website .

You can also choose to have your message promoted on Twitter for a fee. These ads are of course not free, but you do reach a lot of people with them. Especially if you do not yet have a large channel with many followers, this can be interesting to gain exposure.

About Twitter

It is one of the largest social media with which you can reach millions of people, of course that gives opportunities to make money! That is why we teach you the 4 best ways in which you can do this and we give you free tips to get the most out of it.

The ways do differ in degree of difficulty, but also in earning potential. As the most important tip, we want to give you to especially look at method 1, affiliate marketing, which is not only very easy to start with, but you can also really earn a lot with it!

Twitter has been a free social network / social medium since 2006 where you can share short messages up to 240 words at a time. You can also comment on each other and follow each other.

Today it plays an important role in news dissemination and many famous figures such as politicians, artists and athletes therefore also have an account. Think of Donald Trump and Geert Wilders. Twitter is growing fast and has more than 300 million active users and 2.5 billion dollars in turnover. This makes it one of the most important social media companies.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Do you have to use your own Twitter account?

Not necessarily. You can use a personal account, but as mentioned you can also start your own channel from, for example, your company.

Should you use an existing account?

Yes and no. There are often certain rules attached. For example, for certain things you must have a minimum number of followers and tweets, and your account must already exist for a year. But this is not the case with Affiliate Marketing. Of course, your success is largely determined by how many followers you have.

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes, you have to pay tax in the Netherlands on all the money you earn. But the paid tweets that you do through savings programs can also be paid out in gift cards and then you do not have to pay tax!