6 x smart Earning money with Instagram

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Are you already on Instagram? Do you already have likes on your videos, photos and stories?


Are you not making money with that yet?


It is very easy to generate income with social media, including Insta! We'll take you below which ways are the smartest to do.

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is the best way to earn on insta. It is a perfect sales channel through which you can quickly reach many people. However, most of them do not yet have their own company with a product or service that they can sell. However, there is a good shortcut for that!

You can also advertise on behalf of others. Especially with a good account on Instagram, companies are only too happy that you advertise them. This is called affiliate marketing.

There are special networks such as Daisycon (the best in NL / BE) where you can register for free and directly campaign for 1600 companies and promote promotions. You will be paid for this through Daisycon. They keep track of everything for you: how often your posts are clicked and how often you sell something with them.

When you actually receive money differs per campaign. Sometimes it is already per click, but often only with a lead or sale (sale). The latter does not matter because the fees are also much higher!

For example, if you sell a telephone subscription or energy contract, you just receive $ 20 - $ 50 at a time. Because this can add up so quickly, there are even people who have started their own company as an affiliate marketer (publisher).

So if you are just good at marketing and sales, it is actually an ideal outcome, because you do not have to invent, produce, store or ship your own product. Those companies you work for still take care of that themselves. You can find more tips on our page about making money with ffiliate marketing .

2. Sell your own product

In addition to selling the products of a company, you can of course also draw attention to your own products or services. Consider, for example, forwarding people via Instagram to your own website, blog or webshop. In order to earn money from the visitors there.

This does not have to be a product that you produce yourself, you can also earn from your website in different ways. Of course you can also promote a normal “physical” store via Instagram.

3. Sell photos

You don't necessarily have to promote something with your posts, but you can also sell the image you post on its own! As an (amateur) photographer, Instagram is an ideal way to promote your work to a large audience.

After all, you can reach almost a billion (!) People all over the world with it. You then post them in small format / resolution and if people want the original, you let them pay a sum of money for it.

4. Paid likes

The above 3 methods are based on the fact that you have to sell something with your own mail. But you can also earn something from posts that are not yours ! However, you can also like other people's posts on Instagram for a fee, so others will see that you liked that post.

It is therefore very attractive for companies that their posts get a lot of likes, because then a lot of people see those advertisements and commercials. They are therefore even willing to pay you for a like! That is fast earning with one click.

The reward is therefore of course not very big, and varies from approximately 1-50 cents. You can do this with multiple social media, so by combining it you can earn a nice extra. You can do this through various online savings programs .

They give you money for various simple actions such as this one. They receive the assignment from companies and then you can easily like things via their site. The savings program also ensures that your money is paid out to your bank account.

5. Get sponsored

Of course, the success of all methods is mainly based on the fact that your profile has enough followers so that all your expressions are viewed often. Only then will you earn (a lot of) money with it. However, for sponsorship it is a requirement to have a minimum number of followers, often as many as 100,000!

But once you are so popular you will see that this method goes without saying. Companies will often suddenly approach you because they would like to post something via your account. For example an advertisement or a promotion. They are willing to pay a lot of money for this!

For celebrities and athletes, but also people with a lot of followers (influencers), the amounts can easily amount to thousands of euros at a time. Those are nice earnings, right? We call the companies that pay for this sponsors.

6. Sell your account

If you know how to build a really large account with a lot of followers and content, you can always decide to sell it. There are often enough interested people for that. They no longer have to build this up all by themselves and can immediately start earning money with the same methods that we have mentioned above.

The advantage of this method is that you can often charge a large amount that you might otherwise have taken 2-3 years to earn with your account. So you can start building up again with another channel.

How do you get a lot of followers?

Yes, that is of course the most important question. Luck is certainly involved, but here are some important tips:

  • Focus on 1 topic. Then your followers know where they stand and they stay loyal to you longer;
  • Preferably take a niche as a topic that not many people post about or something that you yourself have a passion for. That makes it more unique and authentic;
  • Post at least once a day and people will continue to actively follow you. Because followers are nice, but they really have to keep viewing your photos and videos;
  • You can edit photos on Instagram very well with all kinds of effects and filters. This allows you to give your channel a unique and coherent look;
  • Do a shoutout to another Instagrammer. This means that you are tagging someone else in your post. You will see people do this back;
  • Use hashtags smartly. With this you will be found more often and you will therefore get more likes and followers.

More about Instagram

Instagram is a social online network where you can share photos and videos. Important distinguishing features are that you can edit photos via the website with all kinds of filters.

Videos cannot be longer than 60 seconds and cannot be paused or navigated on the timeline during playback. The company and with it the website and app were taken over by Facebook in 2012. In 2017 it already had more than 800 million active members.