5 x creative Earning money with Pinterest

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Already a Pinterest member?

If not, we recommend that you do it quickly , because you can not only do fun things with it, but also earn easy money!

We will teach you step by step which ways work well for this in this article.

We cover the 5 best methods where the difficulty & possible earnings increase.

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

This is our favorite method. You can advertise the products and services of other companies for a fee. We also call this [making money with] affiliate marketing .

The beauty of this form of making money is that there are no obligations. That is because the principle “no cure, no pay” applies. So you work on a commission basis. You may promote the products or promotions of a company through your own channels such as your website, blog or Pinterest account and you will receive a fee for this if you are successful.

Often the reward applies to a sale, but settled already at the click of a link to the company website, or as a lead registration for a newsletter or quotation requests.

When you become a (free) member of Daisycon, you get direct access to 1600 campaigns from companies that you can use. Including banners and codes that you can use. Daisycon ensures that it keeps track of how many people look at your ads and how many click on them, and also whether leads or sales are generated. Then they also ensure that the company pays for everything and then transfer it to your bank account.

2. Sales channel for your own company

You can also use Pinterest as a sales channel for your own company of course. This way you can create a company page on which you promote your products and services. It does not matter what you produce, you can simply link back to your website or webshop.

The advantage of Pinterest is that many people use it to “window shop” and get ideas. You can save images from other boards to your own. This is called a re-pin. Many people use it as a kind of creative shopping list. So if you are on Pinterest you have a head start and you are in the front row to be seen!

3. Sell photos

As a photographer you would like to be able to easily show your portfolio with photos to as many people as possible. That way you can sell them well. Creating a board on Pinterest is actually exactly what you want : a collage of all your beautiful photos. Make sure you upload them in a relatively limited resolution or small size / number of pixels, otherwise people can just copy and paste it.

By uploading them small, people can view it first and then get it from you in a large format, but of course for a fee. Or they may ask you to do a similar photo shoot for you, which is also a nice job.

4. Advertise for a fee

If you have a popular account with many followers of your account or mood boards, the above methods will of course also work better. But if you are really big, you can also ask for money in advance to show advertisements from companies. Certainly if you have thousands of followers, they will automatically approach you.

How much you can ask for this really depends on the size of your account. With well-known people such as actors and professional athletes, this can easily run into the tens of thousands of euros per post they do. That deserves good!

5. Paid likes

Just kidding, this is no longer possible on Pinterest because there is no like button anymore! It used to be there, but it has disappeared. You can still earn money with likes through other social media. You often get 1-50 cents for each like. You can do this through various savings programs . Usually this works through Facebook and Twitter.

Seems like a small reward, but it is also just one click of work, that takes you 2 seconds. Earning money easily, right? Only not on Pinterest, but fortunately there are 4 ways that still work and yield even more!

Tips to get a lot of followers

  • Post photos in good quality, bad or unclear photos give a negative impression and do not look very professional;
  • Preferably use light images. These are more often watched and repind. This means that someone also places your image on his / her pinboard;
  • Images without persons on them are rated better in that sense;
  • Do not spam, but regularly provide new content;
  • Make use of rich pins. This means that you add more information to the images. Such as date, or an affiliate link;
  • Try to choose a topic for each mood board, otherwise it will be confusing for your followers.

About Pinterest

Pinterest is formally a social media, even if they try to avoid that image. For example, they have done away with the like button. The idea is more to share interests and creativity with each other and not so much to start a conversation with each other.

You do this by pinning / pinning photos on your own bulletin board / mood board. These often have a topic per board, because you can create several. You can add more to your bulletin board, such as articles, links and videos.

Founded in 2009, the first website went live in 2010. They now have approximately 176 million active members. They are one of the fastest growing websites of all time. Even though you could only join by invitation until 2012!