4 x Earn Money Fast with Snapchat

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Make money with snapchat

Do you already know Snapchat?

Probably because, together with Instagram, it has become the most popular social media in the Netherlands since 2017.

But Snapchat is more than just sharing photos and videos that disappear after a few seconds ...

You can also earn very good money with it!

There are very different ways from starting your own company to selling drawings. We only present you with the best 4 because this generates the best income.

In this article:

1. Affiliate marketing

In our opinion, this is the best way because it is possible for everyone to get started quickly and easily! With affiliate marketing you do not need a product to sell, but you will advertise that of other companies!

And as soon as you sell something through your snaps, you get a percentage for it. You don't have to do anything else regarding ordering, packaging, delivery, etc., you really only do the marketing.

Sometimes you do not only get paid at a sale (sale), but also for a lead (such as a quote request or newsletter subscription) and even for a single click on your Snap to a website of the companies you advertise for.

You can easily start affiliate marketing by becoming a member of Daisycon . This is a special network that you can join for free , and can immediately start working for 1600 companies and campaigns. They also keep track of your earnings and collect the money for you from the companies. So you don't have to worry about it, it will automatically appear on your account.

This method can be so successful that there are already many people who have made it their job, or even started their own business. You can fully focus on 1 thing: marketing. And if you are good at that, you can generate a lot of turnover without any costs and without any risk. Read more tips on our special page about making money with affiliate marketing .

2. Selling your own products

Social media is an incredibly powerful channel. You can reach billions of people worldwide with it! Moreover, access to these channels is completely free . The advantage is that a social medium is also much more personal than, for example, a haphazard online banner or an old-fashioned folder in the letterbox. It's even more personal and direct than email! This means that people are more likely to read it and actually do something with it.

In short: a channel like Snapchat is ideal for selling something. Whether it is a product or a service that does not matter. Do you have your own company or do you work as a self-employed person, then you would do well to include social media in your sales strategy. Whether you sell directly via Snapchat or refer people back to, for example, your website or webshop to earn money, that does not matter much.

3. Paid Promotions

If you have a very popular profile with many followers, you can also choose to get paid before placing an ad. This way you are always assured of income. The rewards are also considerable here, because you can ask thousands of euros. You will see that companies will automatically come to you if you really have a lot of followers. We will give more tips about how you can achieve this.

4. Sell drawings

You can edit the messages you send with effects, filters, add text or drawings. Making your photos personal is so popular that people are even willing to pay for it, especially for the drawings. This means that if you are good at this, you can save some pocket money. A well-known example is a Belgian student who already earned 200 US dollars more in the first month here.


The best thing about Snapchat is the Snapcash feature. Especially if you want to earn money. With Snapcash you can transfer money to each other via snapchat! So you can immediately let people pay for your product or drawing via Snapchat.

Getting a lot of followers

Whichever method you use to make money through Snapchat, all are more successful when you have more friends and followers. Because the more exposure you have, the more people you reach with your snaps. And so you also have more earnings. A few tips:

  • Promote your snapchat channel on other platforms. So your website or other social media;
  • You can use a QR code to your profile, also called snapcode;
  • Use your network, so your friends and business relations to promote your channel;
  • Also publish stories. A story is a collection of snaps that can be viewed 24 hours;
  • But for a fee advertising via Snapchat to gain exposure.

Getting followers is important, but keeping them maybe even more important! Because only then will your reach grow. If you lose more followers than you gain, mopping with the tap is open:

  • Post new posts regularly to keep people active, preferably every day!
  • Don't just try to sell, make sure your content is valuable to keep watching. Provide information, be educational or make people smile!
  • Try to be consistent in a particular topic or niche. Because of a clear theme, people know where they stand and they are less likely to drop out.

About Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media that is dedicated to sharing images and videos. These temporary messages are called “snaps”. The uniqueness of the application is that these shared messages disappear within seconds. This varies between 1 and 10 seconds.

The files will also disappear from Snapchat's servers at that point. However, you can save the photos by, for example, taking a screenshot, but please note that the sender will receive a message. The app became popular because it could be used well to take and send selfies , and the app is also widely used for sexting ...

Snappchat has been around since 2011, and back in 2013, both Facebook and Google tried to buy the company for $ 3 billion. However, these offers were declined. They currently have 187 million users who are active in 22 different languages ​​every day.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

Is it mandatory to use your own (private) Snapchat account?

No, that's not it. You can use your personal account, but as described you can also start a separate channel.

Should you use an existing account?

Yes and no. There are usually rules attached. For example, for certain promotions you must have a minimum number of followers and messages and the account must exist for at least a year. Of course, your success also largely depends on how many followers you have.

Do you have to pay taxes?

Yes, you have to pay tax on all income you earn in the Netherlands. But the paid messages that you do through savings programs can also be paid out in gift cards and then you do not have to pay that tax again!