4 x Make money with Tumblr. Blogging

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Tumblr is not actually social media, although a lot of people think that ...

At least not as they think they know.

It is not the same as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It is purely a blogging platform.


But that does not matter indeed, you can make money very easily with it! Especially with the 2nd option we give ...

In this article:

1. Sell your own product

Okay, so Tumblr is a website where you can blog and post photos. This means that with a free account you can reach a lot of people all over the world . In the Netherlands alone 400,000 users + lots of visitors every day.

So you can advertise your own products or services nicely. And especially because you can also go into depth in a blog and give a lot of information. Moreover, registration is free of charge and therefore a great alternative to a website. You need quite a bit of money and time as a (starting) entrepreneur to make them.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Don't have your own product to sell? No problem! You can also advertise the products and services of others . You will of course be paid for it. We call this affiliate marketing, or promotion in collaboration with others.

The reimbursements come in different forms and the rewards also vary in height, we explain that to you on our page about affiliate marketing . What we do want to tell you is how you come into contact with companies that you can advertise for.

That may seem like a tall order, but it is not. Daisycon is a network that is completely focused on this. You can register for free and then promote campaigns of over 1600 companies and organizations without obligation! Big and well-known names such as providers of energy, TV and internet, web shops and so on.

3. Sell ads

Tumblr allows members to follow each other. If you manage to build a popular account where many people read your blogs, you can ask for money in advance to place an ad or advertising message in or with your article.

The great thing is that with this method you are always sure of your income, because you already receive your money in advance . The disadvantage is that you really don't get these kinds of offers just like that, so you first have to work hard to get as much support as possible. Below we give you tips for this.

4. Generate traffic to your website or webshop

Tumblr can also be used very well in conjunction with a website or webshop. You can reach more people via social media and transfer them to your website. So if you already have a website, we definitely recommend applying this, because the more visitors, the more you can earn.

Don't have a website or webshop yet and are you thinking about starting one? Or are you not yet making money with your website? Take a look at our page about making money with your own website to do this quickly, because you are missing out on a chance of free earnings!

Anyone can nowadays create a website or webshop without any technical knowledge! And a website only costs you 1 US dollar to request a .nl domain.

Tips to get a lot of followers

- Blog regularly. This ensures that your followers remain active;

- Blogging is meant to inform but also to give an opinion and to fascinate, entertain. This is the difference between a blog and a normal piece of information. If you know how to bind people to you, you will be more successful. It is best to push the boundaries.

- Preferably focus on a specific theme or subject. Otherwise, your readers will be confused. With consistency, they are more likely to follow you.

- Focus on a niche, so there are not too many blogs about it. Then you not only address a very specific target group, but you also have less competition.

- Just make sure you write about a topic that interests you. People notice that soon enough. If you write really passionate articles with good content, you have a chance of success. If you just try to hit it off, it won't work.

- Use other social media to bring your Tumblr blog (Tumblrlog) extra to the attention of people.

- Follow other bloggers and mention them in your article if that makes sense. They will probably do the same for you!

- Use Hastags, with this you can indicate that your blog is about a certain topic or belongs to a certain category. You can also be found there through searches within the site.

Background on Tumblr

Founded in 2006 by David Karp and Marco Arment, the original is a microblogging website. Since 2007 it became an official company and since 2013 it has been bought by Yahoo!

The system allows you to share texts, links, images and videos. The advantage is that, unlike Twitter, for example, there is no limit to the number of characters you can use, so you can write longer articles. You can also apply HTML code to personalize your blog pages.

Another advantage is the Queue, or queue. This allows you to use a timer to determine when items are placed.

You can stay informed of developments via your dashboard. There you can also post and like blogs from other repositories. You can also share your posts to other social media with 1 button.