3 x Get rich quickly without working

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get rich quick without being employed

Get rich quick ...

Sounds good right?

But unfortunately, this is not for everyone

Or ... ?!

In this article we explain 3 smart methods with which you can make a lot of money with the internet in a smart way. Not illegal, but in a fair way. Which are easy to learn even for beginners and Dummies.

You can start using your capital in 100 days without working as an employee. Let alone what you can achieve in a year (365 days). You don't need a large starting capital to invest in stocks to become a millionaire, for example:

  1. Invest online
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Own website

1. Invest online

Okay, you've probably seen the DE GIRO commercial? Who make it simple and cheap for everyone to invest? Or that of Evi van Lanschot? Like many brokers, they try to tap into the market of small investors. Build up capital from $ 1000, -

Well, then you must have that thousand US dollars. And actually you should even talk about it, so much so that you can just miss it. Because that is the tricky part of investing: you can suddenly lose your money! But not everyone has the luxury of taking a risk for such an amount.

Moreover, another limitation is that investing is a long-term strategy, because it is not easy to make substantial profits within the short term. Only over a longer period does it yield anything. That is not bad, but if you start with little it will not make you rich in a lifetime .

That is why we have an alternative for you: Online investing . And especially the first option you see after clicking on the link. This is a new way of investing . The nice thing is that you do not buy shares yourself, but only make a prediction about the price development.

And this has even been made so simple that you just have to choose between 'rising' and 'falling'. For example: in an hour the AEX will steadily increase / decrease. And with leverage you can earn up to 30 times more than with normal stocks.

And the possibilities are endless because you determine the term for a large part of the investments yourself. From minutes to hours or a day. You can also give a prediction on all kinds of exchange rates: stock markets, but also commodities such as gold and oil, exchange rates and even Bitcoin!

You understand that you still run a risk with this, but you will not get rich without a fight! Everyone who has become rich themselves has done so with an enormous dose of guts and luck. We do have a number of very important tips for you that you should definitely read carefully.

This allows you to choose a strategy that allows you to tilt the odds in your favor as much as possible so that you can make a profit. Biggest Tip: You can create a free practice account to see if it is right for you.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This term may sound complicated, but it is actually not. Affiliate marketing is not much more than you advertise for companies and you get a reward for it when you are successful.

For example, that you advertise on your Facebook for a promotion by Vodafone. If someone clicks on it and takes out a subscription, you will receive $ 27 for it. That makes good for just posting a message once!

But who says Vodafone wants to work with you? There is a solution for this, because you can simply register with Daisycon for free and without obligation. This is a special affiliate network where you get direct access to more than 1600 companies and campaigns for which you can get started.

The fees vary, of course. Not only in terms of height, but also in type. Sometimes you get a compensation for a sale / sales, but often also with a quote request or even for a simple click on your advertisement.

More explanation and tips can be found on our special page about affiliate marketing . Here we teach you more about the concepts and give you tips to get started. In any case, it is good to know that you can even start with your personal social media.

These are free accounts that you probably already have anyway so what's holding you back ? However, if you ultimately want to become rich and be able to stop working for your boss, you must be able to create a large social media channel or, for example, a smoothly running website.

3. Own website

Speaking of which… having your own website (or webshop) is still the utopia of internet entrepreneurship for many people. Not surprising, because this still most resembles your own company or shop.

And there are more than enough ways to make money from a website. Whether you have a webshop, blog, content website or comparison site. You can register a website at Yourhosting for only $ 1, - and you will immediately receive the software to create the site for free! Nowadays you no longer need any technical knowledge at all.

The funny thing is that you do attract visitors with all topics, and as long as you get visitors to your site it means opportunities to earn from it. Obviously, these earnings increase the more traffic you have, but you'll be surprised what people search for on the internet. What do you not Google when you are surfing on the couch or on the train?

On our page about earning money with your own site we explain more about this subject. In addition, we will take you a little more on the basis of how to get started, what you need, different types of websites and possible revenue models, to creating your own comparison site in 1 minute and your own webshop in 30 minutes !