Making Money Without a Job: 10 Best Ways

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earn money without a job / job: as a street artist?

Are you out of work / job for a while?

That is pretty annoying!

Still, you want to earn some money, because you have to be able to afford things.

But how do you approach that now? For example, if you can't play guitar , you can't go out on the street ...

Fortunately, there are better options!

In this article:

Earning money easily

We start simple. These are the ways in which you can easily earn extra, but you should not expect more than a pocket money or extra income. Say up to several hundred US dollars per month.

Still not bad, and especially if you combine several methods it can become even more, but you will not generate full income from it.

1. Create paid surveys

You can earn good money by participating in online surveys. By completing questionnaires you earn a reward of a few US dollars per market research. We have listed the best 10 paid survey websites for you where you can do this best. Yes, we have registered ourselves with all these panels first to see if they are reliable.

2. Cashback sites

You probably didn't know that you can always get an extra discount on your purchases at more than 2000 web shops? Up to 15% money back, on top of the offers and promotions? We thought so! This may save you thousands of US dollars per year.

Whether it is technically a way to earn or save, let's leave it in the middle, but it won't make you worse, because it's just free money ... here too we have the best cashback sites in the Netherlands for you. where you can become a member for free to get this cashback at web stores such as, Zalando, Wehkamp and Coolblue.

3. Online savings programs

Saving programs are websites where you earn money with the simplest things. Clicking on links, reading emails, liking things on social media and so on for a small fee.

But because you do all of this in 1 second, it still quickly adds up to a nice amount! Almost too easy… We have tested more than 40 such sites and these are the 10 best savings programs in the Netherlands.

4. Make money with Facebook.

For a long time one of the largest social media in the world. You can connect with billions of people around the world! You should be able to do something with that, right? We will teach you the best ways to save money on this.

Make money fast

These ways will yield you a lot more, but also come with a little more risk. For example, you must first put in money or invest in building a website or webshop. '

But the earning potential is therefore many times greater. You can even become very rich with these ways. Are we going to make you a millionaire?

5. Binary options

The newest and most accessible way of investing, with a possible return of 85% per hour , your earnings can go up to $ 850 per 60 minutes ! Please read our detailed tips about investing in binary options first, where you can best do this and how it works exactly. We don't want you to be so blinded by the potential returns with dollar signs in your eyes that you suddenly lose your savings!

6. Cryptocurrency

Such as the Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. It may all sound complicated when you first immerse yourself in wallets, blockchains and such terms, but there are quite good ways to get started.

Even ways where you don't even really have to actually buy these digital coins… read more on our page about cryptocurrency .

7. Affiliate Marketing

With this method you will advertise the products of others. You will receive a commission for this if you are successful. That can be a sale, but sometimes you also get paid for a quote request, registration or even per click on your ads.

And where you find that place does not matter, so the possibilities are endless such as your own social media, blog etc. Read on quickly how you can get started as an affiliate marketer for over 1600 large companies.

8. Own website

Having your own website… sounds tricky, but it is not anymore! Anyone without any technical knowledge can make one. And then you can make money from it in many ways.

We explain what you need to start with to create your site and which methods are recommended to generate income from it. Always the advantages and disadvantages.

Or maybe ...

After all, we promised you 10 ways:

9. Become a street artist!

Often still yields an unprecedented amount, according to research in the Netherlands. But you have to be good.

10. Participate in a medical examination

And hope you are in the control group, or don't get any side effects ...?!

No bullshit , the above eight methods are proven and reliable, so just use them!

And now?

Yes, you can know that for yourself! Above you have 8 proven and reliable methods at your disposal on which you can generate income all by yourself. You have to decide for yourself which one you choose, and there could be several.

It just depends on your situation, personal preferences and your goals which suit best. We do recommend that you start slowly with the easy tips with less experience and urgent need.

This allows you to build up some capital so that you can experiment with the fast methods later. But if you are in a bit more hurry, we recommend that you start right away. As long as you read up on our tips and don't take any hasty actions!

Fortunately, there are ways to make money online that you can use if you are a job seeker or perhaps have chosen to be unemployed for a while. For example, do you only have a short period to bridge until you start a job or training again?

Anyway, it almost sounds too bizarre for words to be able to make money from the comfort of your home via the internet, but it is really true. We live up to our name and will explain step by step which methods there are. You just have to click on the links above for more information.

By the way, we have all tested those methods ourselves. There are also plenty of websites that claim that they can make you money, but often turn out to only cost you money afterwards. They often do not want to mean anything FOR you, but mainly want to keep something FOR you. Unfortunately!

We also make a divorce: there are four methods with which you can easily make money, and there are four methods with which you can make money quickly. Above we describe them all, with links to the complete pages in which we explain them a little further and give tips on how to get the most out of them.