10 x Earning more money? Tips how this can be done Online Easy

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you can earn more money online

Do you want to earn more money?

he not ?!

But how do you do that? Generating extra income is not easy.

You hear people say:

Tip 1: Then you just ask for storage, right? Or...

Tip 2: Then you are just looking for another job?

That's right, that's really easy ...

That is why, in addition to these two tips that are simply worthless, we have 8 other tips for you that will help you !

In this article:

3. Complete surveys for money

Perhaps you have had to fill in a survey or questionnaire for your work or education. Is quite mind-numbing if you don't get anything for it. But you can get something for it! There are online panels where you can register yourself for free, which are more than happy to reward you for giving your opinion on all kinds of things.

We have prepared a list for you with the reliable, best survey sites for both the Netherlands and Belgium to help you. If you register with everyone, you can easily realize $ 500 extra income.

4. Cashback

Nowadays everyone regularly makes purchases via the internet. You are probably also a customer at Bol.com, Coolbue, Zalando or Wehkamp right? Then we have good news for you because you can earn money at these webshops and another 2000+ other webshops !

You can get free money back on all your purchases that you make. That is why it is also called cashback. You get up to 15% back on your total purchase amount for free, even if there are promotions or offers that do not matter.

You can read more about it on our special page about cashback . How much you can earn with it depends just on how much you shop online, but because you can actually order everything via the internet nowadays, this can add up! We think immediately all $ 1000 - a year without you even doing anything except be a free member of a cashback site .

5. Online savings programs

A savings program is a website where you can earn money with very simple things. But also very simple such as clicking on a link, reading an e-mail or liking a post on Facebook.

The fee is of course not very gigantic, usually 1 cent at a time, but because you can do so many of these types of simple actions at several of these types of websites at the same time, this can still add up quite quickly to a nice amount.

In addition, most savings programs now also function as a cashback site. $ 500 per month with the 10 best savings programs together is more than realistic.

6. Earn with Facebook and other social media

Social media is more than entertainment. You have free access to it and you can get in touch with billions of people all over the world! There must be money to be made with that, right? Absolutely.

We have written special articles about all social networks such as Facebook and Snapchat , but also how you can generate income with Youtube or Instagram and Linkedin for example.

You can also always read our general article about making money with social media . The income you can earn with it depends on the method you use, but can vary from a few hundred euros to a complete fortune!

7. Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways to earn money with your social media is affiliate marketing . This way is so valuable and interesting that we have dedicated a separate page to it.

In short, as an affiliate marketer you are promoting the products and services of another company , not your own. This is on a commission basis, so as soon as you sell something through your advertisements. This is often a percentage or a fixed amount.

The advantage is that you can fully focus on making good advertising, and you don't have to do anything about the sale itself. Think of shipping, packaging, production, customer service, aftercare, et cetera.

How much you can earn with this? Poe, that just depends on how successful you are, but there are people who have made it their job, started their own company or even became a millionaire!

8. Your own website or webshop

Affiliate marketing can therefore be done via social networks, but also via your own website. Think of a blog or even a webshop that links you to another webshop. Yet there are many more ways to make money with your website, and we discuss them all on the special page on this subject: making money with a website .

Think of selling advertising space, writing articles and much more. Having your own site is of course the ultimate dream for many internet entrepreneurs. But because many people try this, the chance of success is relatively limited. So you really have to know what you are doing and go for it.

9. Binary options

The newest way of investing is binary options. Anyone can do this! And the profit can be bizarre with an 85% return. This means that with $ 1000, you can just earn $ 850 per hour .

But it remains investing so there is certainly risk. But with our tips on binary options trading , you can turn the odds in your favor. It is therefore not a sandwich that people have become really rich with this!

10. Cryptocyrrency

Everyone knows the Bitcoin. But there are countless other types of this type of digital currency. And you can earn money with that. We describe two ways to earn with crypto coins that work best in our opinion. Many people find it a bit scary, but anyone can invest in cryptocurrency.

Which method do you choose?

So there are eight good ways anyone can make money over the internet. Some have more potential than others, that's right, but because they vary so much in the amount of income, risk and difficulty, it means that there is always a method that suits you. We first discussed four simple ways for you, and then another 4 with which you can bring in a lot of money. Now the choice is all yours which one to try!