10 x Extra Earnings: Online from Home

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earn extra money as a street artist?

Do you want to earn a little extra?

Extra money so you can spend more ?

At home, next to your job, study or household?

Which can!

We have 10 ways you can do that:

1. A paper route

No, don't do it, this is badly deserved and your night's sleep is important.

2. Become a street artist

Well, only an option if you play an instrument and it takes a lot of time.

Options that are serious:

3. Earning cashback

While we are writing this we are wondering: do you actually have to do something for this method or is it just free money ...?

Because earning cashback means that you get money back (very literally). You get this back on purchases at more than 2400 web shops, and yes all the big names you can think of, wherever you buy all your stuff now. Bol.com, Coolblue, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​you name it.

How much will you get back? Up to 15% on your total purchase amount, even if these are offers and promotions. That does not matter!

What do you have to do for this? Register for free at the best cashback site in the Netherlands (we strongly believe that this is Euroclix , but make your own choice from our Top 4 cashback sites ). At Euroclix you even get a sign-up bonus of $ 2.55. Participating not only costs nothing, it is also without obligation.

But how does it work then? Euroclix works together with thousands of web shops. If they refer you to those online stores and you buy something, they will receive compensation for it. And because they want to encourage this, they share that compensation with you as a reward. Win win!

And then? All you have to do to get the cashback is surf to the webshop via a special link that you can find on the site. Or you install the toolbar. This will notify you if you can get cashback at a web store. You don't have to memorize those 2400 web shops, and you never forget the cashback.

Your purchase will be automatically registered, your cashback will be deposited into your Euroclix account some time later and you can then transfer this back to your bank account. To participate in other things.

Bonus: at cashback sites you often also receive exclusive offers at the partner web shops.

4. Complete surveys for money

There are quite a few sites where you can participate in research for a fee. Simply complete surveys and questionnaires for a fee. Sometimes you are even allowed to test products or judge advertisements that have yet to be shown on TV. Quite fun!

It is important that you register yourself with the research panels that are the best. Who give the best compensation and can be trusted. That is why we have registered ourselves with all of them and, based on our own judgment, finally compiled a Top 10 with the best and reliable survey sites in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

How much can you earn with this method? With a little bit of good will, and all 10 panels together, just $ 500 per month!

5. Online savings program

There are sites where you can earn money with extremely simple actions. For example clicking emails or banners and links. And we really mean “click” and you have a reward. That is not very high of course, usually 1-2 cents, but if you do this often enough you earn quite well with it.

Especially because there are several savings programs, which often also have cashback options and even offer paid surveys.

Here too we have compiled a list of the best sites: These are the best savings programs in the Netherlands.

6. Earn from your social media such as Facebook.

We will write a bit shorter, otherwise it will be a very long article ...

With social media, anyone can reach billions of people around the world for free. Of course you can do something with this! Think of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or Snapchat.

Okay nice, but do you do that? We have written special articles about this for every social media that matters with the different methods and tips. So read more about earning money with social media . Or go straight to the specific articles about:

Affiliate marketing

Secretly this is our favorite. Affiliate marketing means that you advertise products and companies for a commission when you sell something. You do not have to produce anything yourself and you have no responsibility for matters such as shipping or customer service.

You are really just a middleman. You refer people to a site or product and get paid for it. Sometimes even before a click on your ad.

Fun fact: you can already start today, so what are you waiting for? Read how you can get started directly for 1600 companies via a special affiliate marketing network called Daisycon .

Becoming a member is free and without obligation, and there is plenty of choice: from (health) insurers to large providers of mobile telephony, TV and internet. But also all kinds of web shops, business services to energy suppliers.

8. Binary options

Wow that sounds scary? Do you have to be a financial expert , have years of experience as an investor on the stock exchange?

No, not! This is even easier than Bux and Plus500. But it is still investing so please read our Binary Options Investment Tips carefully. This way you will see that you can try out binary options for free.

The merit? A bizarre return of 85% and an even more bizarre profit of $ 850 per hour!

9. Own website

Oops making a website, that's pretty difficult right? No, piece of cake! We couldn't code a letter or number when we started building websites. But creating a blog is dead simple.

And even for web shops and comparison sites nowadays very easy packages are available where you only have to fill in the images and text. Read more about this in our special about earning money with a website , also for Dummies!

10. Cryptocurrency

This cannot be missed, right? Everyone has experienced the enormous flight of Bitcoin. And the ensuing massive collapse ...

Yet you can still earn money with these digital coins . Some even call it the currency of the future. Read our article about the 2 different ways in which you might get rich with cryptocurrency!


With the internet you can generate income in all kinds of ways. You probably thought ways 3 to 10 were better than getting up very early for a paper route or learning to play the guitar to go out on the street.

But unfortunately there are also many scammers online, so we have advice for you; which sites you should and should not use. We have tested for you ourselves.

You can do them all in your own time, just in between in a lost hour, or really seriously longer. Then the earnings are also greater.

All simple via your phone, tablet or laptop. From a few euros to a few hundred US dollars per month. Or if you really go for it, even a fortune!

And everyone can do it, whether you are a student, a full-time worker, or a house husband / housewife! No technical knowledge required.

We start easy, and build up the difficulty. You decide which method (s) you want to apply. Good luck!