10 Best Paid Survey Sites Reliable

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best paid survey sites NL and Belgium

Best survey sites in the Netherlands

These are the reliable survey sites in the Netherlands ( see below the Top 10 in Belgium ). If you register with multiple panels , you will receive more surveys and you will earn more money.

Top 10


1.PanelClix NL
  • Best panel in the Netherlands;
  • Highest rewards;
  • Pay out quickly to bank account;
  • Many surveys *
  • Sign-up bonus of $ 2.55 **
  • Over 16 years.
  • Good rewards for fun surveys;
  • Quite a lot of surveys;
  • Paying out cash via PayPal;
  • Over 16 years.
3. LifePoints NL
  • Was MySurvey / GlobalTestMarket;
  • Now better site and reward;
  • Earn PayPal credit or receipts;
  • Start with a 10-point sign-up bonus;
  • Over 16 years.
4. GFK Panel NL
  • Large panel in the Netherlands;
  • Earn several gift cards;
  • Sign-up bonus of 100 points;
  • From 18 years.
5. Opinion country
  • Lots of surveys to take;
  • Great merit;
  • Save for gift cards or cash;
  • From 18 years.
6. Toluna NL
  • Nice app for mobile;
  • Lots of research & good reimbursements;
  • Exchange points for cash or coupons;
  • Over 16 years.
7. I-Say NL
  • Good number of questionnaires;
  • Excellent reward per survey;
  • Earn gift cards or money (PayPal);
  • Over 16 years.
8. Panel wizard
  • Best compensation per question! (10 cents) ;
  • Unfortunately not many surveys per month;
  • Payment in cash;
  • Over 16 years.
9. Factsnapp
  • New sister of Panelwizard;
  • Also that high fee per question;
  • Only nice short studies;
  • Over 16 years.
10. Valuable Opinion
  • Great reward;
  • Good number of questionnaires;
  • Save for coupons;
  • Over 16 years.

* Panelclix is ​​a large panel. That is why they do not send all survey invitations by e-mail because then they are quickly full. You can log in yourself to see if a survey is open. This is often the case.

** At the highest exchange rate.

Best survey sites Belgium

These are the best paid surveys for Belgians, here too we recommend that you register with multiple sites for more earnings.

Top 10


1. PanelClix BE
  • Panel with best rewards;
  • Good service / quick payment;
  • Many studies available *;
  • Start bonus of $ 2.55 **
  • Over 16 years.
  • Lots of questionnaires to make;
  • Nice and simple portal & app;
  • Good earnings in cash through PayPal;
  • From 13 years old.
3. MediaPanel
  • Short questionnaires every day;
  • About TV you watch;
  • Earn money or coupons.
  • Over 16 years.
4. Toluna BE
  • Largest panel in Belgium;
  • High fees and many surveys;
  • Good app for mobile / tablet;
  • Over 16 years.
5. Online GFK BE
  • Only for men ...
  • from 16 - 34 years old;
  • Good earnings for sure, in vouchers;
6. Opinionworld
  • Most questionnaires to complete;
  • Great reward;
  • Pay out in both gifts and cash;
  • From 18 years.
7. LifePoints BE
  • Was called MySurvey / GlobalTestMarket;
  • New better website and compensation;
  • Earn money (PayPal) or gift cards;
  • Over 16 years.
8. I-Say BE
  • Sufficient number of surveys;
  • Pleasant reward;
  • Pay out in coupons or cash;
  • Over 16 years.
9. Mobrog BE
  • Cash out via PayPal;
  • Pay out from 5 US dollars
  • Enough research, excellent merit;
  • From 18 years.
10. Your Opinion
  • One of the most respected sites;
  • Good earnings (vouchers);
  • Enough surveys;
  • From 18 years.

* Panelclix is ​​a large panel. Not all studies will therefore be emailed to you as an invitation. But if you log in yourself to see if a survey is available, you can often participate immediately.

** At the highest exchange rate.

criteria survey sites reliable

Criteria for being the highest paid survey site


The most important requirement to be eligible in our Top 10 is that a site must be trustworthy. We think this is so important that we have a number of additional criteria for this that you can read further below.

Only if a site meets all these points will it qualify for our list, and only then will we look at the other points:

Amount of the reward

Ultimately, of course, you want to earn money or receive a different kind of reward, you don't do it for nothing. The smartest thing to do is to see how much money you get compared to the time you put into it. Nice if you get 2 US dollars for a survey, but if it then takes an hour to complete, it is still relatively little.

Then you better do a research 4 times for 50 cents that only takes 10 minutes! Then you earn a higher amount per hour and your efforts are better rewarded.

Type of rewards

Taking surveys for fun is one thing (it's quite fun), but in the end, you do it anyway to get some left over. That is why we are only talking about actually paid survey sites.

The websites pay out in different ways. The more options they offer, the better it meets the needs of the members as far as we are concerned. Nevertheless, paying out in cash or earning PayPal credit is more flexible because you can spend (or save) this everywhere, while you are still tied to the relevant webshop with a gift card or voucher.

We have therefore put the sites that offer both options higher in our top 10 and in any case the ones with money or PayPal credit higher than those that only pay out in receipts. There are also panels that only pay out in prizes and jackpots / lotteries, but we do not count those. You are therefore never assured of any earnings in advance.

Amount of studies available

A nice reward per question or survey is nice, but if there are almost never surveys to participate in it is still not useful. In short: there must be enough work for you so that you always have a certain income.

For example, you see that Panelwizard, the site with the highest reward per completed question, is not at 1 because they score slightly less on this point. A nice focal point for them!

NB: if you sign up to multiple survey sites you will earn more, so we definitely recommend this! If you are registered with all panels above, you can take into account that you always have something to do and can earn an additional $ 300 to $ 500 per month.

Well working site

It is nice if the website works well, is a bit modern and nice to use. This also indirectly says something about the health of the company behind the website.

A modern site with the latest technical possibilities indicates that the panel will not simply cease to exist, while a very old and no longer functioning portal can be a sign that they are actually not really interested in it anymore.

Incidentally, this point does not often occur with survey sites anymore, but especially with online savings programs.

Mobile / app

Especially now that we do more and more things on our phone and tablet, instead of on our laptop, PC / computer or desktop, it is nice if you can also fill in your surveys on this. Sit just a bit more relaxed on the couch, or you can also earn something quickly while on the train.

Most ideal is an app in which you can do everything, including participating in questionnaires and keeping your account. Good examples of great apps are BEENQ , Toluna and Panelwizard.

Target audiences

If you often hear one complaint about taking surveys for cash or coupons, it's this one: “I got an invitation for a survey and wanted to participate, but was kicked out of the questionnaire after a few minutes because I'm not in the target audience. fall ', and now I get no reward at all! ”

You can prevent it a bit by filling in your profile characteristics , but even then there are sites where this often goes wrong and that is quite frustrating. That is why this is an important feature for us.

Criteria for reliability

Openness about pay

It is important that you know in advance how much you can earn with a survey, and how long it will take. This way you can estimate whether you have enough time and whether you think the reward is worth participating.

We do not include sites that are not open about this or that create an image that is not fair / realistic in our list.

Assign reward instantly

Another thing is awarding the reward. After you have completed an investigation, we believe you should receive the reward immediately. Of course it can sometimes take a while because it must be checked whether you have participated fairly, but there are also sites where you will never hear anything about it again!

Keep balance correctly

Nothing is more annoying than when it suddenly appears that your earnings have disappeared or are not properly tracked in your account. Then you are working for free! We therefore keep a close eye on these complaints.

Paying out earnings

Finally, it is crucial that your earnings reach you properly. Whether that is on your bank account, PayPal or through a receipt or gift. Please note, rewards in the form of a gift or prize draw are usually the least economical option.

In addition, the speed of payment is also important. Especially with the number 1. Panelclix this is super arranged (it will be on your account within a few working days!)

Most abuses occur with payment in vouchers / gift vouchers, if they are sent by post. They just never seem to reach the bad sites.

PayPal is also a nice option because it works very quickly, and you can also spend the money online from your PayPal. Then it doesn't even have to go through your bank account.

Extensive review per site

If you want to know more about the best survey sites we have above in the top list for the Netherlands / Belgium, read the reviews we have written on each panel:

Bad / fake survey sites

Pay attention! Websites like panelchoice.nl, enquetevergelijk.nl , surveybee.nl , surveyswine.com, panelxl.nl, enquêteplein.nl or betaaldeonlineenquetes.nl (and more similar platforms) are not research that pay you myself for participating in research. These are just clever intermediaries that forward your data to the real survey sites because they get money for it.

Problem is, they don't necessarily work for the best survey sites, and moreover prefer to bring you to those who pay the most. And worse: you often get all kinds of other spam mails about other commercial matters that have nothing to do with earning money by completing surveys . That cannot be the intention. So it makes little sense to register there, because you can just see above which panels are good and you can register for them directly.

Then there are the sites that are so bad in quality that we want to warn against them. This concerns, for example:

If you have found another panel where you are considering joining that is not in the Top 10, first see if you can find our findings on our survey sites reviews page . Is it not listed? Let us know and we will dive in and write a new review with our experiences soon!

The call also applies the other way around: are you already a member of a panel and do you want to share your experiences? Then we would like to hear this so that we can learn from it ourselves. And maybe it should be a new good site, it will be in our top list in the future.

PayPal credit or money, does that matter?

This is a question we get more often, but in fact there is no difference between these options. At least not as far as one of the two is better. Rewards that are transferred in money to your bank account are easy if you don't have PayPal, but on the other hand, such an account is very nice. And what's more, it's free.

With your PayPal you can also pay at many web shops nowadays. Moreover, having it paid out to your PayPal is often faster than to your account. And from your PayPal it will also be returned to your bank within 2 working days (without costs), so you can still have it done.

At the bottom of the line, we therefore make no distinction between these options. They also make no difference whether and how high a particular survey site ends up in our top 10.

Gift certificates, coupons & vouchers?

Which coupons can you actually get from the different survey panels? You can find an overview of this in our article completing surveys for coupons . Frequently seen types are Bol.com coupons and vouchers for iTunes. But other web stores are also participating, such as Wehkamp, ​​Zalando and de Bijenkorf.