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become a respondent for online market research

Do you want to become a respondent ?

To earn some money?

By making paid surveys online?

Which can! You can start right now ...

Read our tips carefully, and you can earn $ 500 per month !

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Respondents wanted!

There are a lot of online research companies and survey panels that are desperate for respondents. This type of market research is becoming increasingly important for companies to continuously improve their products, services and marketing (advertisements).

Survey sites earn their money by having their members complete these types of questionnaires and surveys, but sometimes it also involves other forms of research such as testing products, viewing websites, reviewing advertisements or forum discussions.

The great thing is that you can register yourself for this today. Preferably with the 10 best survey panels in the Netherlands & Belgium . This way you can start earning money immediately. All you need is your laptop, tablet or phone to do the exams. And so the internet ...

It is important to keep in mind that the fee can differ per panel. One pays out in cash, to your bank account or PayPal, the other does this again with rewards in the form of gift cards or coupons.

There are even panels that do not give a fee, but where you participate in a prize draw. Then you have no guarantee of any earnings at all.

Participate for money

We assume that you mainly want to participate because of the fee, right, because this is a great way to earn extra money? The easiest thing is money, just cash that you can have transferred to your own bank account.

Good news is that most websites understand this and therefore offer it that way. Don't be alarmed if this transfer is done via PayPal, because from there you can still have it transferred to your bank for free. And you can also pay bills with it directly from PayPal or pay at web shops just as easily!

The reward you receive per research at these sites can vary greatly. So pay attention to this when registering. You can also find this information on our page about earning money by completing surveys .

Participate for gift vouchers / coupons

Rewards in the form of coupons seem less interesting to people, but believe us it is certainly not! You often get it for large web shops such as Bol.com or VVV coupons. This is just as good as money because you can buy many things with it that you do need anyway.

You will sometimes receive these vouchers by post, and sometimes you will receive them digitally by e-mail. Don't wait too long to use them as they may expire!

How online market research works

You can register for free and without obligation at all sites from the Top 10 compiled by us. This means that it costs you nothing and you have no obligations (you can decide for yourself whether you will participate in a study or not). With some you even get a sign-up bonus at registration!

After that, you often have to fill in a short list of profile characteristics first. Think of your gender and age, but often also more information about, for example, your family situation and lifestyle. They do this because they can send you more targeted surveys.

These are often targeted at specific target groups, and you do not want to receive a survey invitation where you actually do not fall into the target group. Then you often have to stop the research after a few questions and you will not receive any reward. A waste of your time . So always fill in the profile characteristics!

Once you have done this, you will automatically receive invitations to participate in surveys by email. Or via the app if there is one. The only exception is Panelclix , you have to log in there to see if studies are available.

Seems annoying, but this is because Panelclix is the best in the Netherlands and is so popular that they think it is fairer in this way to give everyone the same chance. They have so many members that not everyone can always participate. Each questionnaire is ready after a certain number of respondents.

With every invitation you can therefore know for yourself whether you are participating. But not participating is not a compensation of course! In the meantime, you save all your rewards up to a minimum amount (usually $ 10) and you can then have that paid out in cash or a voucher. You often receive this within a few days.

Reviews and experiences

There are a lot of websites trying to get a piece of the pie in this market. But unfortunately not all are equally reliable and the rewards are also very different. In order to be able to advise you properly, we have therefore personally tested all these panels and wrote an extensive review about them. We also include experiences and complaints that we receive from our visitors.

So if you already have a site / panel in mind, we recommend that you first check whether it is in our Top 10 paid research sites . If this is not the case, it is better to register yourself with those other ten first. If you still want to add this, please check whether we have written a review about it.

If the panel you want to join is not listed in our reviews, we would love to hear from you! Send us a message via the contact form, and we will quickly investigate :-)