10 x Earning money behind your PC / Computer

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earn money behind your pc / laptop

How can I make money at home behind my PC?

Is that your question?

We are going to answer them!

In a few minutes you will know the best ways to do this.

And you can get started right away!

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Earning money at home: online via the internet

First a brief introduction to the topic. Despite the fact that few people know it, nowadays it is really possible to generate income online from scratch . Earning money for free!

No, it is not that you do not have to do anything for that, because if there were ways we would not have told you that :-) Because then we will all be rich in a short time and then it is of no use to you ...

Seriously: with a little bit of good will you can bring in hundreds or even thousands of euros! Really a great feeling to see the first payment arrive in your bank account. Below we are going to share with you our favorite ten ways in 4 categories: easy, fast, lots and creative.

Earn easily

The advantage of these methods is that you don't need anything. No start-up capital or investment, no technical knowledge, and you don't have to take any risks.

1. Complete surveys for money

Our favorite method is of course number one! With this you just earn $ 500 per month. Just answer questions and fill in surveys, but sometimes also test products or review websites and videos, which is quite fun actually. Register with the Top 10 best survey sites in NL / BE .

2. Cashback at thousands of web shops

If you didn't know this yet ... you're going to be really happy now! We are going to tell you that you can always get a refund on all your orders at the largest online stores, and we will also tell you the truth.

In addition to offers, at web shops where you do not already make purchases such as Bol.com, Coolbue, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix and so on! Actually you just leave money now…. Free money! As much as $ 1000 per year.

We call this earning cashback. And all you need to do to do this is join a cashback site for free. You can read more about it + you will find the best cashback sites on our special page about making money with cashback .

Get-paid-to programs

We also call this savings programs. You get rewards here for extremely simple tasks you perform. Giving likes on Facebook, clicking on links and reading e-mails.

Fee per click is low, but you can do so many of these tasks that you still earn a good price, up to $ 300 per month. You also have to register with several of these types of websites. Of course you do that at the 10 best get-paid-to sites in NL .

To earn a lot

Okay, you're still reading. Are you still not satisfied with the thousand US dollars per month that you can earn with the above methods? Doesn't matter, because with the following 3 ways you can become a real internet millionaire!

Affiliate Marketing

Sounds like a very difficult term, but it is very easy to explain. As an affiliate marketer (also known as a publisher) you will work for companies to advertise their products. You do that via your social media, or your website, blog, vlog, you can know it all for yourself.

The point is, if you succeed, you get paid for it. For example, if you sell a product, but sometimes also if someone requests a no-obligation quote through your advertisement or signs up for a newsletter. And sometimes you even get paid if someone just clicks on your link or banner!

Sounds simple, but if you really want to score well with this, you should read our tips about affiliate marketing . We will immediately tell you how you can get started for more than 1,600 companies today.

5. Earning from social media

Everyone has social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and so on. All for free, and yet they give you the opportunity to suddenly reach millions of people around the world . Maybe billions!

Of course you can save something from this. And to put it mildly, you can become incredibly rich with this! Pewdiepie, Kim Kardashian, Enzo Knol… just to name a few examples.

In this article on making money with social networks , you will learn the best ways. You will also find links to articles that discuss methods of doing this with all individual social media. The possibilities are endless.

6. Your own website

The ULTIMATE dream of every true internet entrepreneur? Thought so! And nowadays easier to realize than people may fear. Because you can create a site in an instant, even your own webshop or comparison site will only take you an hour or so.

Really? Really. We give you more text and explanation on our page make money with your own website , because it is then again too much to explain everything in this article.

Earn quickly

Do you want money quickly, a lot in a short time? Then we have three terms for you:

7. CFD Trading

8. Binary options

9. Forex trading

Hey, did you forget something? Uhm… no. Sorry to break your heart, but there's no way to make money fast! Just like passive income or getting rich without doing anything. The above 3 options are ways of investing.

But investing means: A) that you must have initial capital, and B) that you must always take risks. Whether it is a little or a lot of risk, that does not fit in the category of making money, but in that of investing money .

Check this page for more information, but know what you are getting into. You can get very rich very quickly, or just like 95% of the people lose your money (according to research by the AFM).

For when you are creative

Is that you, a creative? Then we have this as a bonus tip for you:

10. Sell your creativity

Do you make cool images, photos, GIFs, video clips or other similar things? Can you save money! For example, sell drawings via snapchat , place advertisements in your Youtube videos or sell drawings via Pinterest .