10 x Earning money with your Phone

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make money with your phone

You can earn money on your phone (mobile / smartphone).

At home or on the road in the train, bus stop, or when you are walking / hiking. Just not in the car if you are driving please ;-)

You only need the internet, because everything is possible online! You don't even have to download an app.

We discuss 10 best ways to do that.

On this page:

1. Complete surveys for money

The most popular way of earning online is currently taking surveys for money. Cash, or coupons. Many people do this because it is nice and easy, but you still get good earnings with it.

This can amount to $ 500 per month , especially if you register yourself with the 10 most reliable survey sites in NL / BE . They pay the best reward and some also have a super good app. But you can also do this on your phone without an app.

2. Always cashback

Yes, always - because you can get a cashback discount (money back) on every order you place at virtually every webshop , and it is very simple too! You just need to sign up with a free cash back site. We explain exactly how it works on our page about earning cashback .

This quickly amounts to $ 1000 per year without doing anything! The cashback increases to 15% on top of the offers and promotions. And this at stores such as Bol.com, Coolbue, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix and many more!

3. Get-paid-to

In Dutch we call this online savings programs. In English they are called get-paid-to-websites because you literally "get paid" for very simple things. Reading emails, clicking on links, giving likes on Facebook and so on.

There are quite a few such sites so that you can still earn good money with them: up to $ 500 per month , even though the reward for such a click is only pennies. Here you will find the best get-paid-to sites .

Affiliate Marketing

Here the methods get a bit more difficult… but you can also earn more with them! Affiliate marketing means that you are going to advertise the products of other companies. As a sort of independent marketer, and you get paid on a commission basis per sale. But often also per lead or even for every click on your ad!

You can post it anywhere, such as on social media or your website / blog. You can read how this works exactly, and how you can start immediately today for 1600 large companies throughout Europe such as Unibet and Heineken on our page about becoming an affiliate marketer .

5. Social Media

You have multiple social media accounts right? Billions of other people in the world too, so you can reach them all for free! There must be something to be earned there, right? Right! We have a number of methods for you that are guaranteed to work.

Affiliate marketing and more proven ways. Read more about making money with social networks . You will also find specific articles for the individual networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat, to name a small selection.

6. Your own website

A website continues to be the pinnacle of the internet, especially because you could later sell it for an insane amount of money if you are successful. Thanks to Marktplaats.nl and Drukwerkdeal.nl, those founders were suddenly multi-millionaires!

But also having the site for that already yields tons of money. We teach you the best ways to make money with a website . Nowadays you don't even have to be technical to create a site!

7. Create apps

If you are technical you could go a step further by developing apps. You can then offer this via app stores for download and that way you keep selling. All you so well have to do is to develop.

And of course you have to have a very good idea to come up with something that people really want to have. Nice examples are Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. But an Italian 17-year-old nerd also did well by selling his app idea for US $ 17 million to Yahoo!

In addition to offering your app paid for or selling it to a large company, you can also show advertisements in your app, which can then be downloaded for free, for which companies pay you. Then your app will probably be used more often.

Last option is to have a free app but offer paid upgrades, for example certain premiums in games that make you better and so on.

8. Invest online

Investing on the stock exchange is now very accessible via the internet. There are plenty of online brokers that offer this, including handy apps to keep track of everything. Please note that this is mainly a long-term way to make a profit and that you do not earn directly from it. In that respect, Trading (next method) is a better option .

9. Trading

This is a smart form of investing, where you do not have to buy the shares yourself but bet on profit / loss. Too much to explain now, but you can make money 30 times faster than with normal stocks. But you can also apply it to Forex, Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and much more. Read more about it . Please note that investing continues and there is therefore risk, and you can also lose money.

10. Old phone (sell?)

If you really don't remember, you can always sell your phone, there are quite a few sites for that. But don't do this if your mobile is still working properly, because it is much cheaper to take a SIM only subscription than a normal subscription including a smartphone . Saves you hundreds of euros!

Plus, you must have a phone to use the above 9 other ways… good luck!