10 x Easy Earning Money from your Lazy Chair

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earn money from the comfort of your home

Do you want to earn money from the comfort of your home ?

Funnily enough, that is quite easy too!

How, we will of course explain that to you in this article with a top 10 ways, divided into 4 categories.

Is only a few minutes of reading :-)

In this article:

Earning money easily

1. Complete surveys for money

Our favorite and for good reason. This is the best way to make money online. You get a good compensation for it, always know before you start with a questionnaire / survey what you will receive as a reward and because there are quite a lot of good survey sites you can also do so many surveys that you can just get $ 500 per month can earn with it.

So what are those good sites? We have tested all online panels for you and this has resulted in a list of the best paid survey sites (Netherlands & Belgium). Sign up with several of these to also bring in more income, preferably with all of them!

2. Always cashback

Wait, do we mean here that you can literally always get free money back on all your purchases ?! Yes, we mean that! By registering with a cashback site free of charge and without obligation, you can get this, and on top of all current offers and promotions too!

It is best to register at Euroclix.nl , which is the best. You immediately receive a sign-up bonus of $ 2.55 and then up to 15% discount / cashback at more than 2,400 online stores, including all major shops such as Bol.com, Coolblue, Zalando, Wehkamp, ​​Bonprix and so on. In short, you can get free money back on the purchases at stores where you already make them. You just leave free money if you don't sign up! Up to $ 1000 per year ...

Get-paid-to sites

In Dutch we actually call this online savings programs, but get-paid-to sites actually cover the load much better. That is why they are called that way in other countries.

You get paid at these sites for doing very simple actions. As simple as clicking / reading advertising emails, clicking on links and banners, or giving likes on social media. This is of course super easy!

Of course, the fee is not very high per click, think of a reward of 1 to 2 cents, but because there are several of these types of sites that offer many of these types of paid actions, you can still make a nice profit in total!

Look here for the best savings programs in the Netherlands. With the Top 8 together (you mainly register at multiple sites), you just earn $ 500 per month. Especially since these sites also offer paid surveys and cashback options.

To earn a lot of money

Affiliate Marketing

This is our favorite in this category. It means that you as an affiliate marketer (also called a publisher) will advertise products from other companies. You can do this via any online channel that you want. Think of social media, email, YouTube, your own blog, vlog, website, webshop and so on.

And the moment you are successful, you will be paid for it. Success is usually a sale of the product, but some companies also reimburse you per lead (subscription to newsletter or request for a quote) or even per click on your ad! To make it even crazier, there are even companies that measure how often your ads have been viewed and are willing to pay for it, even if people don't click. Can you see how easy it is to earn and how much you can score with it.

But how do you get companies that want to work with you? There are special networks for this such as Daisycon , where you can register for free and get started today for large companies such as web shops, energy suppliers, providers of TV, internet and (mobile) calling, insurance companies and so on. They even have tools for you to build your own comparison sites in 5 minutes!

On our page about affiliate marketing you can read more about the subject and we will give you all kinds of tips on how to tackle this. Because you understand that you have not arranged this in an evening. To be truly successful, you actually have to become an entrepreneur. But with this method a lot of people have already come to the point where they could make their job, or even become rich.

5. Social media

Okay, think about this: social media is free, anyone can sign up. You are probably already a member of several of these networks. Did you realize that you are now in contact with billions of people all over the world right now? That you can reach them all with one simple message?

Of course you can save money on this! As with affiliate marketing, but there are even more ways. And by applying them at the same time you can really generate a lot of income. Read more about earning money with social media , where you can also find more information about all specific social networks such as earning money with Youtube or earning with Facebook for example.

You can also find tips on how to get followers, for example, because that is a major factor that influences whether and how much success you will actually achieve.

6. Your own website

Isn't your own website the dream of every real internet entrepreneur? Well ours, which is why we started it ;-)

Anyway, with a site you can make money in all kinds of ways, and the nice thing is that you can know what kind of site it is all by yourself. And what you are going to write about on your site. It is your own shop. We give you tips on our page make money with a website .

What to start with, how to get more visitors, and how you can make money from those visitors. There are several ways to do this, but it also depends a bit on your type of site which works best.


7. Crypto

Cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrencies are best known for Bitcoin. But there are more types such as the Ripple and Ethereum. And thousands of others. Once started as a way to exchange money without banks, it is now a huge market for investors.

On our page about making money with cryptocurrency you will find the two best ways to get started with this digital currency yourself.

8. CFD

This is the abbreviation for contracts-for-difference. Sounds tricky, but it's very easy! It makes investing more accessible to more people and can make you profit 30 times faster than with normal stocks. Or that you lose quickly… so you should read our tips about CFD trading .

Save money

Saving money is actually even more lazy than earning, because by ensuring that you spend less, you also have more left over! We have ways for you in which you do not have to leave anything but cut back on your fixed costs, for example. That way, you constantly have more money for other things.

9. Economy test

In our free and convenient save test to get there in 15 short yes / no questions after how much you can save more. That happens, but saves you a lot!

10. All saving tips

You can also go through all of our advice yourself. In this overview with all saving tips you will find all the ways per category. Handy if you already have an idea of ​​what costs you want or can reduce. In total you can save more than $ 10,000 per year!